Taco Bell

5530 NC-42, Garner
(919) 773-2440

Recent Reviews

Tina Lundvall

No butter available for biscuits, no salt available period. Window cashier rather hateful about it when questioned. Very disappointed.

Natalie S.

Terrible customer service dirty drive thru windows. Made order and I can't even explain what this was that I received.Neeeever going back. Can I take back my 1 star??

b broadwell

The worker at the takeout window did not have on a mask. I had ordered on the app and ordered sauce with a $20 order I got zero sauce packets. I contacted Taco Bell about this twice within the last week and a half and still have not heard back from them.

Tommy Davis

Hot wings not done people in store laughing because people in front of us didn't get there have gallon of tea and said o well food just overall not good

Maria Cooke

Very quick, nice, and pleasant service literally waited less then 5min from ordering to receiving my food hot and fresh with plenty of sauce for all of it! Made this pregnant lady with super cravings incredibly happy???

Christine Marsala

Time and time again the food is incorrect, and typically missing parts of the order. We've lived near this location for 2 years and 99% of the time have this same issue. Unfortunately we won't be returning. I hope this reaches the right audience and they take action to better train their employees to thoroughly check the orders before they send them out. Wishful thinking.

Cody Corbett

Worst KFC/ Taco bell around town!! Always get my order wrong! My wife and I just got back home and we were literally missing a whole meal... I can understand missing a side or something i mean that happens but a whole meal!? Come on people! And the manager DIDNT even apologize!!!!!!


Honestly wish i could give 0 stars. It seems as though every time i come to this particular location they either A) don't have what your ordering B) is closed 2 hours before EVERY OTHER taco bell in the state or C) flat out gets the order completely wrong There is no equal median with this location either they need new managment new ownership or something. Like i get it, its fast food, and half to majority of them have little to no useful skills, but why can't anything be correct with this location?Also, to the manager on duty on date 7/9/20 we saw your glare what do you expect when i wait 15 minutes to get through the drive-thru, pay for my food and you then tell me you're out of BEEF ?‍♂️?‍♂️ #shutitdown

kyle fritsche

Always incredibly slow. Food is right most of the time. What you expect from a kfcbell

Kay Wallace

In drive thru 15 minutes and at 8:55 the manager sends out a teenager to tell us the truck in FRONT of us and AT the speaker, will be the last person they are serving today. SEEK help. Like employees. No reason for people in line to not make it thru bc YOUR drive thru is this backed up. Come on now. Former fast food worker and mom was Hardee's manager for years. Do better.

Billie Chattell

After getting food today after eating it i got sick idk what was in food but made me sick never again will i get food from here

Christopher Hiser

Food is good as any other taco bell. They need to figure out a way to speed up all taco bell drive throughs. I feel like I sit in their lines more often and longer than other fast food chains.

Shannon D

This location is awful. I honestly don’t know how it’s not shut down.

Dre R.

Little pricey but good food . Quick too ,nice see that they Respect Hispanic customers

Beth D

Don't waste your time, or money, going to the Garner location on 42. Their ability to prepare you a good quality product of which you paid for is pathetic. Ordered two burrito Supremes and I had a dry tortilla to eat. Barely anything in it to fill it enough from going flat. No more chances Taco Bell!

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