Caribbean Hut

2924 E Franklin Blvd, Gastonia
(704) 864-8134

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Yuta S.

Food was bursting with flavor with a nice accent of spice in the jerk chicken. Oxtail is very good and so is jerk chicken. Rice and beans go very well with both of the meats. Customer service was exceptional. Portions are large and worth the price. Would recommend if you are hungry.

Ricardo W.

Food was delicious but I feel I would've appreciated more if it wasn't delivered. All in all it was a great meal.

Steve S.

I didn't like the food or the restaurant's cleanliness. Their curry chicken was mostly bones with very little meat. The heat level of the curry was zero. I did like their plantains. They were the star of the meal.

Divinus Oculus (Danielle)

I lived in St.Thomas USVI, and this brings me back to island food! This is amazing and well worth the trip and prices. If you're looking for a cheaper meal get the chicken but if you want to treat yourself go for the goat! The mixed veggies are so good your kids won't fight against eating them! The employees are kind and helpful. It was a great experience all around and I'll definitely be coming back!

Howard D

Decent Lunch Prices. Ordered the Jerk Chicken W/ Rice and CollardsThe Jerk Chicken meal was pretty good. It's bone-in for the folks who don't know this type food. Guy serving us was very polite and made out order in great time.Atmosphere isn't very inviting but location is very close to much of the heavier shopping areas of Gastonia.

Ke D.

Young guy at the register was rude they didn't have what we initially wanted then we picked something else and it wasn't that good

Alethea A.

I have frequented Caribbean Hut at 2 of the Charlotte locations. Yesterday I read the reviews for this location since it's the closest and was a bit skeptical. However to my surprise the oxtails did exactly what they needed to do. Delicious. I was happy to get my fix and I will be returning soon for the curry shrimp! Plus the cooks rendition of Bob Marley's One Love made me smile.

Queen Peaches

Ordered a jerk chicken sandwich with a side of rice & peas & a mistic to drink for lunch today. Figured that would be simple enough. My entire meal other than the bottled juice absolutely sucked. The sandwich was thrown together & I added cheese…. Would have never thought they would put shredded, salad cheese on a sandwich. I also don’t know what part of the chicken I was given but sadly I couldn’t even consume it. Hard flat pieces of bone (I think/I hope, who knows) got entangled in my mouth as I tried to chew & eat. I had to keep stopping to pull them out my mouth & all in all, I couldn’t finish. The rice & peas was completely tasteless & lacked flavor. No seasonings & not even a drop of coconut milk was made with it. I’ll never return to this place. That was really the most disgusting & unauthentic Jamaican food I’ve ever tasted.

Carole Miller

This food was truly authentic and delicious. We ordered the curry chicken and goat meat combo and the oxtail combo with curry goat. Sides of collards, cabbage, plaintains and yellow rice and rice with vegetables. Big portions. The only thing to be concerned about is the cost of the oxtail and goat meat which can be very expensive. I would suggest asking for the price before you put the order in as it changes on the market. Don't let the décor which is a little drab throw you off from this delicious feast.

Ria Rbts

Food is great, always come here but today got 2 oxtail which is sold in large plates only, got 5piece of oxtails. For $24 plus dollars nah I will past going forward

Kirven S.

Really good food and enormous portions! Not only good food but great value too!

Michelle K.

The food was on point! I got the jerk chicken, with beans and rice and greens. You get a lot of food which is the best part. The food was so good I wanted to come back the next day to get more. I will be back for more.

M P.

Tried it for the first time last week, very pleased! The split pea roti is a childhood favorite. The jerk chicken brought memories of vacation in Jamaica. Out of all the Jamaican places I’ve tried in the area, their jerk chicken is so far the most authentic - tastes just like the one I ate in Montego Bay.Will definitely be coming back!

Secilia M.

Portions sizes are huge. Jerk chicken is awesome. Would definitely recommend this place.

Tonya Taylor

Very nice staff, fast and attentive and the food is AHMAZING!!! I got Curry Chicken & Goat, a side of Mac and Cheese and Cabbage. Ridiculously good!

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