Hursey's Bar-B-Q

1234 S Main St, Graham
(336) 570-3838

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Hope H.

Staff is friendly and efficient. 2 of us split the BBQ plate with pork ribs, pulled pork, fried chicken and Brunswick stew. The fried chicken was by far the best item on the table, though the pulled pork was tender. The BBQ sauce was a little sweet and a little vinegary. It reminded us of Chinese duck sauce mixed with a hit of bbq sauce flavor. Overall the food was ok, but I will continue to try other local spots. The restaurant itself smelled a bit musty, but that may have just been all the wood furniture and booths. It was clean, just had a strong odor to the place.

Robert Swiggett

It's been a stable in Burlington for as long as I can remember it's a place where barbecue is a art form with another couple of stores they've added it's an easy convenient commute to the one that's closest for you it's a staple for Burlington if you ever want to go on the best barbecue in the state Huey's is one of the list is on the list


When you have a restaurant built on family values then you get place that treats you like their own. That's exactly what Hursey's does from the min you walk in to the minute you leave, not to mention the amazing food they serve.

Keith Foster

Nice place to eat and friendly service. Would recommend to all my friends and family

Tammy jones

Great barbecue Customer service is the worst they act like they dont care at all !!! The food is great but not worth the people you have to deal with to get ... GO TO SMITHFIELD BBQ JUST AS GOOD WITH NO ATTITUDE...IT WANT TAKE BUT ONE TRIP TO HURSEY IN GRAHAM AND YOU WILL CHANGE ALSO GOOD LUCK


Don’t waste your time at this location.They cannot handle any type of crowd or busy time of day.I stopped in for lunch with my kids and it took over 35 mins to get a small order thru the drive thru (3 items). It was so bad I had to call the store 2 times from the drive thru lane to see if they had forgotten about us. When I spoke to them, they didn’t care and didn’t offer a discount or anything for the excessive wait. Just a poor annoyed "I am sorry" that sounded like my 2 year old, not a store manager. I was also just given excuses of "the restaurant is busy and we lost your ticket" by the 2 other people I talked to but at least they were polite and pleasant to talk to.This is not the first time I have had this issue and this is the 3rd strike for me. Each time I have had an issue and spoken to a manager, I was treated poorly and rudely. I understand they might be stressed out by their job but if they are a manager, they need to focus on customer service. They are supposed to fix the problem or offer solutions, not make it worse.The food is not worth the bad attitude by the manager or the poor and even slower service. This use to be the go to spot in Graham but these days the best advice I can say is "Keep driving!!!!!!!"

Judy Overbey

Good food here nice people wait on you.Manner able. Folks.

Charles Lucas

Was my first time going to Hursey's. I got the BBQ chopped plate and it was very tasty. Went through the drive through and it was quick and easy.

Angela Brame

My favorite place to eat. I think I could eat here everyday. Food is always Hot and good. Would give 10 stars if it would let me. Lol

Beverly Harrington Falls

North Carolina is renowned for its pork barbecue. Hursey's is consistently good, and they offer a full menu of other options, including chicken, Brunswick Stew, burgers, desserts, and beverages. I go out of my way to visit any one of their restaurants, especially in the Burlington area.


My husband and I have been here a few times, we always made a point to go there when we would come from Michigan to North Carolina to visit his sister. The pork is really good but what really kept us coming back were their hushpuppies. There are the best hushpuppies either of us have ever eaten. Service was always good, friendly and attentive.

Dustin M.

Stopped in tonight after helping a friend work on their new home in area. We walked in as a party of five and were the only patrons inside. A few tables were seated shortly after. Hostess was a pleasure! Very kind and sweet young lady. We starred with drinks and my sweet tea was delicious. Our food arrived about ten minutes later. I had the large chopped bbq plate. The bbq was tasty. The okra was top notch. Both the hush puppies and the french fries seemed as they had been under a heat lamp since lunch. Very firm to say the least. This could result from business being so slow tonight in which the waitress said was very unusual. I ended my meal with banana pudding, it was mediocre to say the least. We will go back and give them another shot when they are more busy when hopefully all the items on the plate will be fresh. This restaurant has ample amounts of parking. Clean. Lots of wood decor to give it a cabin feel. They also have a drive through here for your convenience as well.

Dianna O.

I love their food and usually the service, but today I ordered 2 orders of pig tail fries. They were placed all together in one lump in a Styrofoam box. My order has to go to two different houses. I wound up not having fries because I didn't want to scoop fries out of the box that was going to my elderly neighbor. If I ordered 2 orders why did I just get one giant box of fries? I don't work there, why do I have to determine how many fries belongs in an order when I asked for 2 separate orders?

Brian Meadows

Great food friendly staff couldn't ask for much more !!!

Janet Melton

Always great food..good service and you don't have to waitand the place is clean every time l have ever went there..waitresses are very nice!

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