B. Christopher's

201 N Elm St, Greensboro
(336) 274-5900

Recent Reviews

Bruce Mattheus

Excellent steak. Would definately return.

Cameron Denny

This place is great! Delicious food, great service. Perfect location for downtown shopping. The manager, Jason, is really professional.

Kelly R.

Fabulous service - the chef came out to ask how our food was. Who does that anymore? Truly superiors experience. Just hope it stays - as it wasn't overly crowded on a Saturday night. The steak for two was incredible! Highly recommend this place for date night!

Craig R.

My wife and I went to B. Christophers last Saturday for date night. What an unbelievable experience. The service and food were outstanding. Our waitress was very knowledgeable and provided us with fantastic service. The restaurant was not too busy which provided us with the opportunity to have great conversation. My wife and I shared the Côte de Boeuf. We ordered it medium rare and it came out perfectly. Her butternut squash soup was very tasty. My Caesar salad was very good, too. They grill the romaine lettuce which is a nice tough. It gives it a subtle smoky flavor The dressing tasted homemade. I highly recommend the duck fat fries. The best part of the night was the apple tart. Just when we couldn't ask for anything else, the chef came out to ask how our dinner was. Other fine dining restaurants should take note regarding B. Christopher's execution. It really was a perfect night. We were not disappointed!

chad alston

This place was great. The setting was private and impressive. Our server was extremely knowledgeable and professional. The food was beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend this for any occasion. I have always had reservations about trying duck and having it here for the first time was excellent to say the least.

k man

Our waiter Jason was excellent.?????

Rick Nobers

Have reminisced in my mind of the Burlington location back in the day but have been to this location three times now. The downtown Greensboro location is sleek, maybe stylish to upscale-ish. Location on Elm is excellent. Nice warm bar area. I do like how it never seems busy and the number of reviews on Google, Yelp, Zomato, etc may be indicative of that.

Grady W.

Excellent food and service. Had their surf and turf special and it was delicious. Would definitely go here again.

Barbara Donnelly

The meal was wonderful. Ravioli and calamari were fresh and delicious. The steaks melt in your mouth. Corn creme brulee is a unique recipe. The flourless chocolate cake was decadent. Wish the creme brulee dessert was warm. Bottom line this restaurant is not to be missed. Very good service.

Steve Sagraves

If you like Ruth Chris try B. Christopher's!

Joseph S.

Just had another great dinner at B Christopher's. Started with Oysters Rockefeller which had an excellent presentation next was Cesar Salad with a twist the lettuce is smoked. Get the Cesar Salad the smoked taste added to the salad. Our entree was a made for two Chateaubriand Steak which was cooked to perfection and tasted delightful. For desert Creme Brûlée which topped the meal. Parking was easy, the meal was great If you are looking for a non chain steak go to B Christopher's.

Reggie Strange

B Christopher's probably doesn't get quite the respect it should in Greensboro, a city heavily burdened with chain restaurants of every imaginable venue. This is a solid, locally owned and operated steakhouse with food and service that compares very favorably with the big boy chains, Ruth's Christ and Flemings, and at a price that is consistently below those two!

Brad Gulla

Been here a few times. Always great food and great service!

Adrienne Denise Legrand

Great food and service, highly recommend!

Terrance S.

The only reason I'm giving two stars is because we had a waitress that was very friendly and attentive. Now, I came here for a celebration for my birthday, with my girlfriend, mother, and friends . I was very excited to try this local steakhouse for the first time. B Christopher's has a decent wine list and one of the best parts about the dinner was our bottle of wine. Our table ordered two appetizers . A crab cake and oysters . The crab cake was just Ok , borderline mushy, almost like it could have been microwaved not alot of flavor there . The oysters were pretty tasty . But it's hard to mess that up .... For our main entrees, between the table, there was two orders of steaks and three orders of salmon . The cook on the salmon was OK, the skin was crispy. It was becoming borderline dry and overcooked . However, the flavor wasn't there at all . It was very bland and tasteless . Finally , the reason we came here , my brithday and my love for steak . I ordered the Delmonico Bone in Ribeye, proably my favorite cut . My friends ordered a special double bone in Ribeye cut for themselves . They ordered their steak medium and it came out medium rare . My steak on the other hand came out medium (at best) . I sent the my first steak back , on top of also sending one of my sides back (cold french fries ) . My second steak then came back out RAW. I then asked to speak to a manager who agreed that my steak was indeed raw . However, they felt that the lighting in the dinning room was off and my first steak was cooked a medium rare . I know what the cook of a medium rare steak looks like and feels like and my friend right next me had a medium rare steak; to compare . The manager apologized and insured me that they would bring out another steak and the meal would be taken care of . However , after about 20 mins or so go by, our waitress comes and delivers our checks . At this point , we could only assume that my steak was never coming . I didn't even bother to question it . My steak was off the bill and I just wanted to leave at that point . On top of serving overall underwhelming and bland food ,I really expected more from a "steakhouse " in terms of serving a proper cook on a steak . To be charging their kind of prices and serve overcooked and undercooked meat is unacceptable. I really wanted to love B Christopher's, as I love supporting local places . However , I was much better off just going to another chain steakhouse restaurant, where I know what kind of quality I can expect . I will be doing just that tonight. At Ruth's Chris , where I will have a redo of my Birthday celebration dinner . - Terrance

Tantaneia R.

The staff was nice, accommodating and knowledgeable. However, while beautifully plated, the food was bland and underwhelming. It took several squeezes of lemon slices for the salmon to have any flavor. A side order of shoestring french fries was cold and seemingly old by the time it reached the table. The Delmonico was ordered "medium rare" and arrived to the table "medium to medium well" it was sent back and return "blue." The staff apologized and removed the item from the bill but the damage was already done. We'd gone to B Christoper's to celebrate a birthday and the man of the hour had nothing to eat. After a $300 tab, 6 unsatisfied customers and 1 hungry birthday man, we decided to walk down elm street for wings. On a lighter note, the wine was amazing and appropriately priced and the bread was warm, fresh and absolutely delicious.

Chelsey Wall

Absolutely amazing food! Ordered the scallops risotto, with red wine & finished off with a fantastic dessert. We will absolutely be back!

Kathleen Moncla

Excellent steak, salad & potatoes - great customer service too. We came here for the first time tonight to celebrate our anniversary & we're glad we didâ?¼?

Heidi Brown

american food and the feeling at this spot is excellent. the bill was good for what you get.

Bmow Lawncare

Great food and service ..

Linda Mundy

It was okay. Food portion was fine, but the value of $150.00 was not worth it AT ALL. You're really paying for atmosphere.

Keith B.

The food was average, the restaurant offers little to no ambience. The staff was great, service was perfect. The host and server were awesome.

Pat Gibbons

Excellent dinner. Nathan, our waiter and Kirby, the chef beyond our expectations. Our first time at B. Christopher's but based on our experience we will return!

Benjamin D

The three of us had a great meal here Friday night. For starters, lobster bisque was excellent, crab cakes were very good even if not the best ever as one other reviewer has proclaimed. The two of us who had crab cakes were curious why the menu lists â??crab cakesâ? plural but only one crab cake actually is served. Three sides- mashed potatoes, spinach and mushrooms were really good and our two steaks both filet mignon were outstanding, as good as any steak I have had, certainly in Greensboro. We will definitely return.

Kayde P.

Meh. The steak was good, the brussels with bacon was good, the service was OK, the atmosphere just didn't really do it for us. We were expecting it to feel a little more upscale or to at least have a little personality. It was just very flatlined.

Joe Dunn

We were very disappointed with the quality of the entire meal including the steak. $150 was definitely not worth it. Cube steak on a foreman grill would have been better than filet on the bone. Tuna was par for the course.


Great location in Greensboro. Seemed to be located in the Business area of the city. Free parking. Awesome menu. Great wait staff.


Went to this restaurant with a group of 11. The food was excellent. The food was cooked as requested and everything tasted great. Since we were family we ordered a bunch of desserts to pass around and sample. They accommodated us with fantastic tasting desserts. Wish I could give it more than 5 stars.

Alana Martin

Went to B. Christopher's for a rare date night. The 4 of us enjoyed very good service from the staff. The cocktail menu is not as robust as other similar restaurants but if you want a nice glass of wine it works. My sister-in-law law enjoyed the French Onion soup, and the appetizers were delicious. Overall good meal, ambiance and service.

Patrick Lee

Visited here as a graduation present. Go in knowing you'll pay over $50 for your entire plate and get the service and quality that accompany's that price. I didn't expect their special to be $98 and I now regret not getting it. Definitely put the extra money towards a limited special because I ordered from their standard menu and it was fantastic. Brenna, our server, was wonderful; she gave thought out suggestions and described the food exactly as it came out of the kitchen with each ingredient.

Jim Burn

Incredible service from our waitress Brenna! And the food was amazing, as well.

Gaylan Wright

Nice park for families or going alone. Small and well kept

Shawn K.

We arrived in Greensboro fairly late and hungry. The hotel staff recommended B Christopher's. We walked in after 9pm...they close at 10pm. Initially the host seemed hesitant to seat us. He asked us to wait a moment, went to speak to a couple of gentlemen (other employees) and then seated us. Regardless of the awkward greeting, we were very pleased with the food and especially the service! Our table had the Seared Ahi, Rib Eye and Pork Chop. I had the Petite Filet topped with a generous amount of crab, our server recommended it. The food came out fairly quickly (we were the only ones dining) was perfectly prepared (medium-rare), and by the empty plates when we were done...delicious. I chose sautéed mushrooms and asparagus as my side dish. It was well seasoned and the mushrooms still firm, the asparagus crisp, neither were over cooked or soggy. However we were more impressed with the service. I regret I can't recall our server's name but he was friendly, funny, efficient and very attentive. While we were dining one of the gentlemen from when we first walked in came to the table to ask if we were enjoying the food. I suspect he was the chef. We replied it was delicious! Considering the late hour...the food and service was excellent! It is too often "last minute patrons" can receive subpar service but that was not the case here. I highly recommend B Christopher's for a great meal and great service.


Leading with the best, the 10oz filet mignon was the best steak I can remember having, and I am not young. Perfect medium rare, tender, and awesome rich flavor. I didn't intend to use the cabernet mushroom sauce, but even that was great--subtle enough not to overpower that wonderful steak. Also, our server exhibited the perfect blend of being attentive but not intrusive. The wine selections were thoughtful, and a few reasonably priced by the glass choices were appreciated. Finally, nice touch that I received (gratis) some very tasty beignets to complete my birthday celebration.The slightly less than perfect aspects of our experience, unfortunately all suffered by my wife, were a rather thin lobster 'bisque' and a delicious but lukewarm (at best) goat cheese, tomato, and spinach turnover with a balsamic glaze and corn & tomato relish. Yum, right? We did notice a large party in the room next to us, so perhaps everything hit the kitchen at once, although our food was served within a very reasonable time after we ordered.To end on a good note, the atmosphere is great--casual, classy, and comfortable--and with a best-ever steak included in the mix, this restaurant is VERY fairly priced. We came in at under $100 notwithstanding two glasses of wine each.

Ben Allison

They donâ??t know how to cook a steak, 3 out of 4 that we ordered were nowhere near the temperature that was ordered. In their efforts to fix their mistake they made 3 more steaks, again none we prepared correctly. As a steakhouse thatâ??s embarrassing. I couldâ??ve cooked a better one on a George Foreman grill, also you can make better garlic mashed potatoes in the microwave (which is where I suspect the entire meal was cooked). This place is a complete and total embarrassment, donâ??t waste the time or money!

Jon Allison

3/4 of steaks sent back and not cooked to temp. Nice servers cannot make up for the fact that basic food prep failed. Save your $$.

Jon A

Servers were nice. 3/4 steaks were not cooked properly. Sent back. One and done. Not worth the price when they cannot do the basics.

Jon A.

3/4 of steaks presented to our table were not cooked to requested temperature. If you want to be a higher end steak place you cannot make these kinds of basic mistakes.

Lars V.

HANDS DOWN .. Best Steak House!! After many years of visiting High Point Market every 6 months and going to Chop House, Green Valley Grill and Bistro Works I did a Yelp search and found this gem. The food was beyond delicious (had the pear salad and chateaubriand along with some outstanding sides such as corn brûlée (oh yeah), roasted Brussel sprouts, crispy thin onion strips (mouth watering to say the least) .. The wine list greatly compliments the food menu and Mr. Bobby was the icing. We actually had to come back for a second visit in 3 days just to see if they could deliver twice .. BULLSEYE Not sure how this place isn't getting all 5 Stars. Bon Appetite **JUST WENT BACK FOR APRIL MARKET AND HAD TO GO BACK TO SEE BOBBY TWICE IN 5 DAYS ... ADDICTIVE **

Jeff Glass

A classic American steakhouse with one of our favorites on the menu, Chateaubriand. Cooked to perfection and enhanced by the outstanding service our waiter Bobby gave to us. Plus his wine suggestion went perfectly with the meal. To top off the evening, it was a pleasant surprise receiving the check. It went from a good value to a great value.