Bad Daddys Burger Bar

4522 W Wendover Ave Ste 101, Greensboro
(336) 323-2666

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Christina Royster

This has been my go to place for burger until tonight. Asked for one burger well done and one medium well (some pink). Both burgers are practically raw

Karl K.

The next craft burger joint on my list is Bad Daddy's Burger Bar.Please check out my most recent reviews for more information on how this odyssey got started and where it is going. Bottom line:BDBB makes an outstanding burger, second only to Porterhouse Burger Company.In all three of my visits I have "built my own" burger. All have been excellent--fresh, hot, and juicy.This place most assuredly has five star potential, but I'm going with four stars for several reasons.First, there has been some inconsistency in the level of doneness for medium.Secondly, on my most recent visit, my fries were very gibletty (my new word--everyone else makes up new words so I am, too. Actually I've done that for a long time, but I digress). I clearly got the bottom of the bag.Thirdly, the servers have been a little inconsistent--I had one who was ebullient and engaging and two others who leaned more aloof.In summary, BDBB is worthy of being on anyone's list of top burger joints.

Becky Apple

Great food and ability to eat outside.

Becky D.

Just okay. Had grilled chicken sandwich and it was completely flavorless. Tots were find. Service was okay.

Kim Archer Amerman

Great options for burgers- and the salads look fantastic! The house-made chips were a nice change.

Danita Washington

This place is AWESOME!!!! They’re milkshakes are delicious and I love that they leave the container they make the milkshake in so you get all of your monies worth. They have some great sandwiches and burgers and great vegan and vegetarian options as well.

Robert J.

I very much enjoyed the atmosphere and service. I had the fried buffalo chicken sandwich and it was the bomb. Also the truffle Parmesan fries topped off my meal which I might be returning later this week for one of there turkey burgers :)

Keeyhla R.

Visited on may 27th for 2 pick up orders during covid 19. My cousins truffle fries were HORRIBLE, so we asked them to be recooked and they came out slightly better. They still were no as good as the first location I visited, but the burgers were still Amazing. I hope that they are able to survive & thrive after coronavirus and begin expanding to VA.

Gregory H.

Horrible service, went at 2 in the afternoon wait was 20 to 30 minutes which is normal, waited 40 then wait 10 for drinks, got simple salad order wrong, had to ask for more drinks more than once, had to ask for a kids cup with a lid for a 18 month old child, had to ask for more straws, had to ask for ketchup for kids meals, there for almost 2 hours for a salad, burger and 2 kids chicken nuggets. Would not recommend to anyone, food did not even taste good and it was $37.

Quinn Carlisle

If I could give 0 stars, I would. We are very understanding customers; however, we sat outside in the cold for 45 minutes with only seeing our waitress 1 time and the restaurant at less than 50% capacity. Another waitress took our drink orders and was very apologetic for the delay, but our waitress finally came and did not apologize for the delay and was instead short-tempered when taking our order. When we said we would like to pay for our drinks and leave after the 45 minute wait, the waitress did not apologize for the wait and instead was very rude and made it clear that we were at the bottom of her list for service. This experience was absolutely unacceptable and this waitress should be sent back to training to learn customer service immediately.

Tarayjah Hoey-Gordon

I officially have my family addicted to Bad Daddys. Great customer service even if something is missing from your order they are quick to make it right. We have ordered from here multiple times during the "peak" craziness of COVID and ordering was quick and simple. Thank you all!

Theresa L.

Bummer. My food was delivered an hour late and was freezing cold. I ordered a banana pudding and was drooling to eat it but it was in the bag when my food was receivered. What a let down.

nick Armstrong

Burger was good, customer service great, fries were salt mountain. Very pricey for what you get. A $5 milkshake shouldn't be in a child's size cup.... Probably won't go back if prices are the same honestly... Food was good but it wasn't $80 for 4 burgers,4 fries and 4 shakes good ✌️

Rebbeca G.

Even though we are In quarantine I was still craving a burger so I decided why not go buy a burger at bad daddy's burger bar! Let me tell you it was amazing the bad Daddys sauce is very good and I recommend it for the burger and fries

Ernestine Prater

Nice enough but the burger patty should be a little seasoned it was kinda bland but okay I think Winston Salem was definitely better flavored.

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