Bad Daddys Burger Bar

4522 W Wendover Ave Ste 101, Greensboro
(336) 323-2666

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E. McN.

The food was good, but the service was not. The bartender seemed to be moving at a slow pace and although the server tried to accommodate us and expedite things more, it seemed like the staff needed more training overall. From now on I will be ordering take out.

Mark Brodycz

they never disappoint. fast service great food and large burgers can't go wrong at Bad Daddys

Regina Dorton Chahal

Tasty and reasonably affordable .. If a $12.00 burger & $3.00 Cola

Steve Jones

great burgers great staff cold beer

Stuart R.

Love the atmosphere, gets busy so you need to pick your time or be ready to wait. Good service, Freindly and fairly quick. Working our way through the burgers, haven't tried the non-burgers but the burgers so far are great.

Juan Laureano Jr.

My son and I ate there this past weekend and we loved it! Easily one of the top 3 burgers I've ever eaten! The burger was creative, cooked right, and tasty. My son also loved his burger. Never been to a Bad daddy's Burger Bar before, but I'm a fan now.


This place is don't know? to cook the KIDS burgers well done??‍♂️ you all. But ??cook the fries well done??‍♂️??‍♂️. How that work?? So that was a big downer in going here. If you go here just be aware of this. Service was ok. Wasn't really that impressed with the server we had (party of 7). I know one thing... I will not spent my money here anymore.

Dewan Byers

The burgers are good but I think it's to pricey for burgers. 15-$20 for a burger and fries. But was clean and had a nice vibe. U may not feel how I feel on prices single father of four. Our food hit right at $100..

Rebecca R.

When we got here they said it would be a 20 min wait, even though they had SO MANY tables open. We waited and got seated, our waiter was really awesome and got our drinks and appetizers out right away. We waited almost an hour for our entrees (5 people, all ordered burgers). The manager (blonde woman), brought out our food and said she would "take care of our order" since it took so long, which was very nice. When we got ready to leave the waiter brought our ticket and we said the manager told us she was going to take care of our meals. The manager came out and said she never said she was going to cover our appetizer and drinks (was not clear on that at all). We said that's ok we will definitely pay for those. She then tells us the waiter has already paid for it and that now she owes him money. She tried to make us guilt pay him and her extra because THEY messed up and SHE told us she would comp our food. She then goes on a long rant about how the kitchen got in 20 to go orders and they couldn't keep up. The waiter was awesome, but that manager has no idea what she's doing or how to a handle a restaurant. She also has NO IDEA how to speak to customers. We left the waiter a substantial tip and got out of there!! Will not be back to this location because elf this woman.

Erin Tyndall

Food is good but they seem a bit over priced. First time I went there I had the best fried pickles ever. The second time, I couldn't eat them they were so salty. So it's a hit and a miss

Suzie B.

This is, hands down, my favorite restaurant in Greensboro for burgers. The philly with some Bad Daddy's sauce is chef kiss . The service here is also always on point. Staff is very attentive and friendly!

Clark Rowe

One of the few places in Greensboro that will accurately serve your burger medium rare (most places seem shoot for medium-medium well no matter what temperature you ask for). The sides are great, we love the gigantic onion rings. Most of the portions are enormous. I've tried several of the signature burger options from the menu and I have never been able to actually eat the entire thing in one sitting. Especially the bacon cheeseburger with SEVERAL rashers of deep fried bacon, I have to eat that burger with a fork and knife. Great tap selection for beer. The patio seating can be enclosed and heated though it can still be very cold if there is too much wind.


This is laughable. There are 6 people at the bar and I've been staring at an empty bottle for 10 minutes. The bartender is the worst I've ever seen, and I have 10 years behind a bar myself. I'm ordering a draught next round just because it's larger so there's less time for the bartender to ignore me. Now my appetizer is cold as I'm waiting for a Yuengling bottle. This place is a joke. The one in Winston is great. Go there.

Alisha J.

So glad #Yelp sent us in the direction of this little place! We have been longing to try this for a while, but never had the perfect opportunity. Until today, that is. When we walked in behind another couple, they were offered masks since they didn't have theirs. to the staff for that! We were greeted warmly and led directly to a big booth! Our waiter introduced himself and grabbed our drink order, delivering them to us within 5 minutes of us walking through the door! Excellent service! Food was delish! I got my steakhouse burger without the bun, and it was cooked perfectly! A-1 sauce made this burger even better. Dining area was clean and I really liked to atmosphere for a middle of the week lunch. Bathroom was nice and clean too, which is an added plus! Definitely have to go back!

Amy R

Went for our first time. It was a nice, clean with a friendly staff. Burgers were fantastic. So we're the shakes.

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