Big Burger Spot

3750 Battleground Ave, Greensboro
(336) 617-3777

Recent Reviews

Steven K.

I gave it 2 stars because the burgers are great. However, when I went there last, one of the girls working there was very sick with a cold, and she was working the register. Normally this would not be horrible for some but the register is in the kitchen. When I brought it up, everyone in the vicinity who worked there (everyone including the manager) stuck up for her working there. That's there choice, but I will never eat anywhere where a sick person is allowed in the kitchen.

Peggy B.

Finally found my burger joint since moving here last year. This place offers restaurant quality burgers/turkey/impossible in a tiny little package. don't be put off by the outside. The chef took time to describe what rare and medium rare mean, and mine was cooked perfectly! As other reviews state, garlic fries are to die for. My only reservation is the shake. Love the flavor variety, and straws! However, my Brownie shake was like a cup of yummy milk with too much brownie in the bottom. If the ice cream to brownie ratio is changed, I may try again ;)

John A

Great food, reasonable prices, its clean, good variety of burgers and friendly people - what more can you ask for.

Mark Dean

Fast service but wrong food. I ordered a mushroom swiss for my wife add only onion, lettuce, and mayo. I told them NO TOMATO AS SHE IS ALLERGIC. WE GOT HOME AND IT HAD TOMATO ON IT! Wasted 10 bucks on a burger she cannot eat. Great.

Chris Hunt

This place is great. You can eat inside or out. Everything is made to order. You can pick some good classics or custom make yours the way you want it. Their milkshakes are great and come with fat straws. I've had 3 different burgers and no complaints! The cooks are also fun to talk to. Well be going back alot!

Terri B.

Awesome food. Had the bacon pimento burger and fries. Will go back. The brisket sandwich, Greek salad and peanut chicken all looked good. Good fries. Huge portion, great prices, friendly staff

Karen M.

Best burger I've had in ages - I had the "Big"...note to self, I'll do the size down next time as I stuffed myself since it was so incredibly delicious- I had the Lonestar which has their in house smoked TX brisket chopped on it, fried onions and pepper jack cheese and I asked for the jalapeño relish on the side with a side of pesto garlic aioli fries. I was in full feast mode so no pictures but they wouldn't do the food justice - the burger allowed all the various flavors to come through - just perfect! And the fries (almost size) were plentiful and crunchy. Fill up your tanks at this spot - gas in car - burger in belly....mmmmm - my new cheat day spot!

Irena Huang

Delicious burgers!! Affordable price tag and adorable pet park and mural outside. If you want your pet painted, a large portion of the cost goes towards a local animal group!! How wonderful :)

Keshia Hamoud

These are THE BEST burgers! My daughter rarely likes anything but has asked to go The Burger Spot a couple of times this month. That says a lot. The staff are friendly and get the food out as quick as possible for made-to-order burgers.

Joseph Ordower

Went there a few weeks ago for the first time, and was blown away by the selection, quality, and service. Kamal, Jon, Peter, Hailey, and Claudia were great. The food was fantastic, and the entire atmosphere was casual, and fun. One of the best surprises was the mini dog park they have next to the place. Eat outside with your dog, and spoil them with a fry or two. If you're in Greensboro NC, stop in for one of the best burgers, and some of the best fries ever!

Julio Graham

Literally every burger here is amazing. And so are the sandwiches. And onion rings. Even salads. Switched it up and just got a pimento cheese bacon hotdog as a snack, and it was seriously wonderful. Bacon wrapped dog, topped with a mountain or gloriously sharp pimento cheese and EVEN MORE bacon. I only regret not getting more than one.

Elsongo Badnote

Consistently my favorite burger place regardless of the location. Their service has always been great with the one exception being that time they put mustard on my burger when I said please don't. But seriously, that's the worst thing that's ever happened to me there, and I go there quite a bit. They can get quite busy, but when you make burgers as good as they do, it's kind of expected; when it's a bit slower, the staff will make sure you are enjoying your meal, and with the grill right where it is, the folks cooking the food will inquire as well. The actual restaurant is quite clean, except when they're dealing with a rush (even then, the staff is always quick to get things tidied up once the opportunity presents itself). In closing, if you haven't been to this place before, make sure you try the cookies! They're the second best cookies I've had in the Greensboro area, and that's a pretty high bar!

Ian H.

This is my go to burger place in the Triad. Not only do they get your food promptly but they actually cook it how you ask for it (medium rare for the win). Personal favorite is the Lonestar with the jalapeño relish. Most everything on their menu is very tasty. The atmosphere is a typical burger joint (to be expected). My one complaint would be how small the cups are for soft drinks but ultimately it doesn't take away at all from the experience.


This location is just a little burger joint. You order at a window and they call your name for food pickup. . . The burgers are great. You can choose from complex gourmet-style burgers or you can just get a simple cheeseburger. I really like the turkey burger - it has flavor and it is juicy. My whole family likes the buns - they are light and fluffy. . . The prices are affordable, and our family ate there for not much more than we would have spent at a chain fast food place. . . The service is prompt and friendly. Seems like most of the staff has been there for a long time, and this says something about the quality. . . I highly recommend for a tasty and quick quality burger.


First tip - if you're not big eaters or can't take a lot of grease - only order one burger or sandwich and one side of one of the many varieties of fries for two of you. Second tip - if you're going for the burger don't opt for one of the fancy ones - just get the plain burger and add all the condiments you want to it. There must be a dozen or more things you can put on your burger for free including grilled onions and mushrooms, barbecue sauce, lettuce and tomato, etc. Third tip - if you like tropical fruit don't miss the pineapple milkshake, full of crushed pineapple. Fourth tip - if you like fried onion rings, these are great. They're small slivers of onions with very crunchy breading - not like the big onions that slide right out of the breading when you take a bite. This place is small and doesn't have a lot of seating. You order at the window, take a seat and wait for your name to be called, then bus your own table when you're done. And the restaurant is easy to miss as there are no high-rise or road-side signs - just the one on the building. It's in the same small plaza as the Exon gas station.

Meredith Graham

My family recently visited the Big Burger Spot for lunch and we were so impressed by the great service and delicious food. They have options to satisfy all tastes - meaty burgers and huge wings for the meat eaters, black bean burgers with avocado and fresh salads for the vegetarians. Our burgers were cooked to order and the service was prompt. We will definitely be back again.

Mia Su Cary

Delicious black bean burger and Cajun french fries. The outdoor pet-friendly area with wall murals of local pets seals the deal. Hubs enjoyed his Greek salad too.

Lynda Engler

Good service, great variety, fun combos, but a bit pricey. $21 plus tip for 2 burgers, 2 fountain drinks and a fry we split is a little more than expected. Great food though.

Mattie Worth

Good burger Joint. I had the smokehouse burger with a chocolate peanut butter shake. It was a pleasant lunch. The burger would have been better if there had been eastern Carolina BBQ sauce on the pulled pork, a little vinegar to stand out from the sweet of the crispy onions and cheddar cheese. I think the shake got brownie dropped it which was not expecting but not bad and I finished it

Emily Phillips

In a town that has no shortage of burger joints, Big Burger Spot distinguishes itself. They offer a wide variety of burger toppings, and their fries are always hot and crispy. If the weather's nice, their patio area can't be beat, and best of all - it's child and dog friendly. Highly recommend!

Christopher Tweel

Great atmosphere. You wouldn't expect a place this good to sit beside an Exxon, but come by and you will be pleased you did.The staff know their burgers and are fast and kind -- the perfect combo for a burger joint! The food is fresh, expertly cooked and delicious.

Anna Padilla

Employees are super nice! Awesome food and menu options. One of the best burger joints in town. Don't need to be fancy here for great food.

wayne johnson

I had used Big Burger Spot for catering a work lunch. Great food. Great on time delivery and a great, all-inclusive price. Will be using them again.

C M.

This place was amazing! I cannot believe the number of times I have driven past it and not realized it was there. The burgers are so well grilled and taste incredible. The kids hotdog meal was great for our toddler with more than enough food, and a perfectly grilled hotdog. I highly recommend them; so far I'm considering them the best burger in Greensboro. Looking forward to the Kernersville location to finally open!

Trina N.

Great burgers and fries was delicious. We will eat here again and again. Great for take out when you just want to stay in and put your feet up and watch GOT.

Tom E.

Great, really great, food IF you get what you order. I've had multiple issues with the accuracy of phone orders. Check your order closely before you leave.

Jennifer Aceves

Their food is always delicious and the staff is friendly. Sometimes you have to wait a bit for your food, but only because it's usually busy, not because they are slow. I love their burgers but my favorite is the Southern Peanut Chicken Pita. Not as heavy as a burger but so delicious!


The burgers are the best my family and I have had in Greensboro!! service is excellent. they have the best people taking call in orders I have ever experienced. they get your order right every time and you don't have to keep repeating yourself like other places. Decently priced as well. if your are looking for a great burger this this the place!

Michael C.

My wife and I have been looking for a burger joint that we can call our own, WE'VE FOUND IT! Definitely great food and decent price! Tastes great! Go try it, you won't be sorry!


I got the double bacon and cheese burger, The bacon was very crispy and good, Overall the burger was fine. The kid got a corn dog and he just took one bite. I took a bite and we never ate any more of it.

Kendall H.

The parking sucks balls but this place is so fantastic it doesn't even matter. The burgers are great, the brisket is even better...and there is something dirty and delicious about those Parmesan fries.

Matthew M.

This is a unique burger spot. When I told someone it was great they asked what determines a good burger. A big factor for me is how much of a mess the burger turns into and you continue to eat it like an animal. Amount of napkins and looking around to confirm that you dont know anyone there.

Stephen Brown

First time to eat here and I was impressed. Doesn't look like much from the outside but the inside has a nice, inviting atmosphere. Place was clean and organized. Employees were polite and friendly. Prices were higher than I expected but burgers live up to the name "big" burger spot. Appear to have 3 sizes of burgers available. I had the smallest, which was plenty for a lunch portion, without needing a side. Carolina burger was big and juicy like it should be. Best burger I've had in a while. Big franchise joints can't compete with this place.

Kenneth Lewis

We ate dinner here tonight, I had the steak special which was very good, my husband had the shrimp and grits and he absolutely loved the dish. We will go back for the shrimp and grits alone. Service was great and everyone was friendly. My only negative would be it was very cold in the restaurant but it is winter and since they don't have a foyer to help block out some of the air not much they can do. We will wait till warmer weather for our next visit.

Dave H.

This was a good spot that had a lot of positives. The biggest problems that I had were the location and the parking. It was very limited and a tight space. As far as the food goes, no reservations at all. Just needs a bigger venue that it can grow in.

Dave L.

We were a bit reluctant when we saw this in a gas station parking lot, but the saying is definately true here...dont judge a look by its cover. They had so many burger options it was hard to choose...after i made my decision, i saw at least 5 more I wish I ordered. The burgers were great...fries amazing...cheese sauce was tasty. The chef(maybe owner) was having fun and teaching his team how to deliver great food and service. I don't know if this is hidden, but its definitely a gem. Bravo!

Daniel M.

This place is awesome, one of the best if not the best burger in Greensboro. Their grill is soo well seasoned it's not even funny. Doesn't matter what toppings you get on it because the burger patty is so well cooked. Has a Smokey charred taste ya just can't beat. Well done Big Burger Spot. Everything is cooked to order so you'll wait about 10 min to get your food. Worth it.

Dana L.

Best burgers I have ever had next to a gas station! In all seriousness, the burgers are amazing. Delicious beef and toppings. Fries are pretty good too. It's a little pricey but worth it. Lots of burger "spots" in GSO but this is one of the best!

Doha M.

I come in here a lot when I'm sad and I leave extremely happy. This place is 100% my guilty pleasure when I'm in Greensboro. The fries are absolutely to die for and I love the different variations. It's connected to a gas station which can be offputting to someone who's not used to coming to hole in the wall type places. However don't be discouraged because the staff is so kind and they always make my food exactly how I want it. burgers are priced really well and I've tried three or four different burgers.

Christopher L.

Do yourself a favor and stop in for a burger here. I just ate the best tasting patty melt I've ever had. It tasted like it was grilled on a very seasoned grill. I don't know how else to describe it. I've never been to a burger spot that had a fry menu almost the same length as the burger menu! The staff was super friendly and easy going. Yeah, it shares a parking lot with a gas station, but don't let that discourage you.