Cook Out

5406 Sapp Rd, Greensboro
(336) 617-5861

Recent Reviews

Tammie Williams

The best i love this place when i come home that's my first stop

Joan Reeder

Associate taking our order was very patient! We got hamburger, chicken quesadilla, fries, cheese bites, and shakes. Very good, hot and tasty!

Ahmed Gamal

Food always more fresh than the one on gate city blvd

Ashley Geise

I was a little worried with the long line, but I was impressed with how efficient they were. I got in and out quickly, my order was correct, and they included all the condiments and utensils.

Kenny Webster

Great food fast! The tray has enough food for 2 at an awesome price.

Cheryl O.

Great fast food. Stopped in while shopping. Everything was fresh and hot. I tried the BBQ. Totally different than what I'm used to. Smoked meat, slaw and hit sauce. Nice change from a Burger. Ordered milkshakes and a Coke float. Ate in the parking lot due to Covid. So we didn't have to wait to go back through the line for more cheese bites! I'm in love!

Leah G.

When you pull in the smell that wakes over you just brings out the best memories of cookouts festivals and fairs. The service was nice the lines were long the prices are good. Ordered a BBQ trays with two sides. Thought I was going to get actual BBQ but it was just a sandwich with some coleslaw on a soggy roll. The cheese bites for out-of-this-world amazing but the drink I ask for with no ice came full of ice and my side of Chile was one scoop of burnt barf. I think maybe next time I'll go to Steak and Shake

Quay Sheppard

Very slow and your order will be wrong no matter the time of day! Very unprofessional never will come back here after several visits nothing has improved. I’m looking for the service people get in some of these views I don’t think it’s real because it’s so unprofessional

Ronda Baker

Cookout in Greensboro North Carolina was good. Very crowded after a concert, but the food was tasty. I highly recommend this restaurant

Johanna Evans

Great food and quick service. I liked that they had two menus so that while the person in front of you is ordering you can look at the menu too.

Eric L.

Slowest cookout in greensboro. Been here 2 days in a row and it's taken 45 minutes to get food both times. Will be going to a different one, hopefully they're quicker

Miss Davis

Food came out fresh and tasted great! Compared to other locations....

Jefferson Assuam

We stop by to eat here. After receiving food to dine in we notice EVERY table was dirty so I ask one of the ladies if we could get a table clean. Time goes by and no one comes to clean ANY table. So I wipe the table myself. While we sat and ate we notice no one came once to wipe tables so I notice a guy and ask if he was a manager. I explain the situation and of course someone came to wipe tables. By this time we were done eating. There were 2 ladies at the front and at least one could have clean the tables because it wasn't busy instead she ignored what I ask. Managers really need to educate employees on customer service. This was our first and last time eating in.

James Brown

I've been going to this cook out since I was in high school. I love their burgers and milk shakes. The line is sometimes long but it moves fast. I feel a lot safer at this location compared to the other locations in Greensboro.

Amy U.

This is definitely one of the best Cookout restaurants in the Triad; mainly because you can actually dine in, kick back and relax! The only other options to dine in locally is High Point on N Main and Asheboro. Love the cozy, rustic interior and the dining room is clean and spacious; can easily accommodate small or larger groups. My usual order: Out West Burger (with cheese & bacon), double cheese fries and a milkshake (usually the flavor changes per visit but my favorites are chocolate banana, cherry cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake, chocolate cherry and Oreo). Their cole slaw is good too; sometimes I get that as a side but I do love my double order of cheese fries! You can't go wrong with their chicken wraps, crispy chicken sandwiches, chili cheese dog, quesadilla or a corn dog. Service is pretty average from restaurant to restaurant; never bad, never outstanding. Cookout is usually great with custom order specifications but always remember to check your order before you pull out of the drive thru! I will happily continue to come to this particular Cookout; I would love a shake right now! Thank you!

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