Dolce Aroma Coffee Bar

233 N Elm St, Greensboro
(336) 272-2844

Recent Reviews

Joe Smith

All other "coffee bars/shops" are put to shame by this wonderful establishment...

Megan McCullough

Stayed and did chemistry homework and the atmosphere was great and the coffee tasted great!

Cristina T.

The best double espresso and baklava I think I've ever had. Visiting from NYC for a meeting, I popped in to grab a coffee. The man in front convinced me to always try the home made baklava made from the owner -- and boy am I happy he did! It was absolutely delicious. The coffee was also exceptional. Real coffee, real flavor. I would love to visit here again before leaving Greensboro. So good!!

ShaKeta Berrie

Great drinks and even better customer service. Downtown Greensboro’s coffee secret is out!

Crystal T.

If you aren't paying attention you'd never know this place existed! It's pretty small (in a parking garage) but the owner is very nice and super warm. Their menu has a bunch of coffee and latte options as well as smoothies. The prices are on par with local shops nearby and overall it is a good place to stop by a get a buzz.

Richard Wilmoth

Rude owners. No wifi. Great coffee though

Kaitlyn Hinds

Amazing coffee and pastries. The owner is very sweet and the atmosphere is very cozy.


I have only ever had the frozen Chai tea but it is the best out of all the coffee places downtown. Its a short walk from where I work and is always a treat! Love it!

Evil Twin

Cozy place!!

David Craft

Lovely place with a wonderful caring owner. Don’t be in a hurry.

Heather Ramirez

The little lady running the place was so lovely! It’s a cosy little spot, and the music was beautiful... I’m definitely going back!

Max Lloyd

Local, family owned and run. Small place located on first floor of parking garage across Elm St. from Center City Park. Feels like a little corner of home. Baklava and other desserts are excellent.

Ahrue Luster

I paid 4.90 for a cappuccino with four shots. This is the most I’ve ever paid for a cappuccino that taste this bad.

Cristin Nerona

Super cute and friendly place!

Hans Rumble

Quaint, lovely little coffee shop. People are very nice. Has tasty treats too and I'm looking forward to trying whole bean local Moka Java Blend that was available for purchase as well.I'm almost always a straight-laced, black coffee drinker. All the options are here, but I stayed with old faithful. Enjoyed my cup there with comfortable seating getting a little work done after this essay about one of my favorite coffee stops.

Mercedes S

Best cappuccino I've ever had. Great service!

Lydia Hairston

Lilli is amazing! Every handcrafted coffee has been spot on! Her handmade baklava is even more amazing. I go whenever I can to get a superbly made espresso drink and a little slice of heaven.

Darien Norman

Did not have the desserts that we saw in a magazine ... But it probably was good for coffee ... I did not get that ...

Judith Reichard

Great variety of coffees.

Katie Ross

Sweet little coffee shop with unique flavors! Service was great and even let me taste before I paid to make sure it was to my liking! I had the pistachio mocha latte and it was great!

Katie R.

Awesome coffee place with unique flavors! I got a pistachio mocha iced latte and it was great! Service was very sweet and even let me taste it to make sure it was to my liking before I paid.

Shanikia Sturdivant

She’s very nice and sweet. The coffee is awesome

Samantha Combs

The loveliest lady running the coffee shop. She wanted nothing more then for her customers to enjoy their entire experience. She gave my siblings and I a little lemon pie for free while we were waiting. Coffee was delicious, different syrups than you would get from your average coffee shop. The beautiful writing she puts on top of the drinks is just the icing on the cake!

Sammi See

The loveliest lady running the coffee shop. She wanted nothing more then for her customers to enjoy their entire experience. She gave my siblings and I a little lemon pie for free while we were waiting. Coffee was delicious, different syrups than you would get from your average coffee shop. The beautiful writing she puts on top of the drinks is just the icing on the cake!

Pat Burrell

This is my go to place when I want a real cup of coffee. Other flavors are available as well. And the prices are reasonable too.

Rich Cisney

Very small and very dark. A great place for a respite with a cup of long as nobody else is there.


Just prior to departing after a quick trip to Greensboro, we found this little gem, met the wonderful proprietor and had some great coffee. Whenever I’m in the right place sone cool coincidences happen. That happened here in multiples. The atmosphere is genuine and imperfect which gives it a more exotic or family feel. Definitely a long way from corporate, mainstream Starbucks and their competitors.

Tammy Case

Ohhhh Myyyy.....

Kris Ferris

One of my favorite coffee shops!


Discovered this place during a weekend stay in Greensboro. Coffee is as good as I've ever had (I drink a quad espresso with a bit of steamed milk). Lily, the proprietor, is an absolute delight. Go get a coffee, some baklava, and meet her. You will love the coffee and the experience. And you will thank me. (PS Best. Baklava. Ever.)

Sade Mccain

Love this little spot. Zucchini bread is wonderful.

Kim Cuny

Friendly barista and great drinks

Angela Bibler

This cafe is a real hidden gem. They have delicious pastries and even more delicious coffee. The owner made me feel at home and I felt at ease inside this little treasure. I hope to visit again very soon.

Glen Barnes

Excellent offerings of high quality....very nice proprietors. Cozy and inviting. Will definitely come back.

Zoe A.

My friend and I have been on the search for a perfect coffee shop in Greensboro and I think we hit the jackpot with this one! As soon as we walked through the doors into the quaint, small, mahogany walled storefront- we were greeted with a smile! There are many options presented, whether it is coffee, knick-knacks or even food. My friend had a baklava and said it was rich, full of flavor and the perfect size. We both got an iced vanilla latte and noticed two flavors were mixed (which I think is the trick)! The lattes taste like coffee and the flavor compared to other shops that taste of just milk and ice. We highly recommend!!!

Kalle Davis

Every time I have been in here I have gotten some of the best coffee I’ve ever had and a personal touch on each one. Attention to the little things!

Art Hollis

Great coffee and service. We love this place!

April Moreno

Delicious frozen coffee and super smooth! warm and calm vibes from this place :)

Anne T.

I've been coming to Greensboro for work almost 2 years and finally stopped at this little cafe across the street today and all I can say is "why did I not discover you sooner?" Excellent vanilla latte!

Sutton M.

Not sure all the hype on this place. I was looking for a coffee joint near my office and stopped in here as it is very close. Maybe I'm just a snobby "bespoke" coffee drinker but the coffee that I got was not very good. The coffee from Great coffee shops is far better tasting than I can make at home. This was not it. My black coffee was very acidic and tasted like it came out of a Folgers pot. I tried to taste it several more times but it kept getting worse. The only non dairy milk that they have is soy. When I went to pay for my coffee the (who I'm guessing was the owner) seemed very agitated that I didn't have cash to pay...and they add a $.25 charge for credit card.... Really?? What is this 1995? Note to the lady working, no one carries cash anymore. Time to move to 2018.