Embur Fire Fusion

107 Smyres Pl, Greensboro
(336) 541-8442

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Avery W.

The lomo saltado here tasted just like being back in Peru! The fries were perfectly crispy and the chica morada was great also. My mom got the white meat pollo a la brassa and was impressed with that.Really interesting menu with the Italian/Peruvian fusion! I think I'll try the pizza next time.

Lina Carvajal

Excellent food! Great service.

Ayman Bourara

Placed a family order to go after wanting to try it for the first time. Our order was ready in a timely fashion and the service was very friendly. The food was delicious ! The tallarin saltado was a favorite. Will definitely be recommending and going back.

Lolo V.

Today I visited Embur based on a recommendation by some Peruvian friends. I always look forward to check out places that are recommended. I went to this place with wife and kids. We ordered yuca frita, pollo a la brasa, lomo saltado, churrasco and ceviche de pescado. We also ordered chicha and pisco sour. Being our first time here, we really wanted to try things out. Let's start with the service, from the moment you walk in you are treated with respect and big smile. They were very accommodated by the fact that I had two little energetic kids. Yuca frita first came out and it was the most perfect "crocante" Yuca frita that ever had in my entire life (including Peru!) my kids never had Yuca frita and they loved it. We then order 1/4 of pollo a la brasa and it was fresh, delicious and amazing. My two kids are that up really fast and asked for more. We ordered ceviche and they used halibut. It was the most refreshing ceviche, it was delicious. Then we ordered lomo saltad that comes with fries and rice and the rice was so good that you could eat it alone. Lomo saltado was flavorous and just too amazing. My churrasco "medium term" was just from another planet. I couldn't believe that just about everything was too perfect. Chicha was homemade and perfect for my kids. I ordered a pisco sour and it was also on point. This restaurant is pretty much what you get as far as top quality food in Lima. Thank you Jorge and staff for great service and food! Will definitely come back more and more!

Elexa R.

We had such a phenomenal experience at Embur, from the service to the food - everything was perfect! The cocktails were amazing too! We had empanadas, pizza, veal and the rotisserie chicken and even took a pizza to go it was so good. If you haven't check this place out - highly recommend!

Cristina N.

Finally a Latin American restaurant in Greensboro that is worth going back to again and again! Growing up in Miami, FL I really missed this type of food, the seafood with flavorful rice, maduros, flan and dulce de leche. It doesn't get much better than that.

Jennifer K.

This is my new favorite haunt. When my husband and I have a hankering for eats, one of us always says, wanna go to Embur? And the other emphatically replies SURE!! The food at this place is so fresh, so good! They use a stone oven for all their breads, which is made fresh to order. The offer an appetizer called "formarina", similar to Mediterranean style naan that is made on the stone and served with herb infused olive oils - one is rosemary and garlic and the other is a Peruvian hot pepper that you can smell as soon as it is poured for you. It tastes out of this world, and while too spicy for my system, my husband just craves it. As a vegan, there are plenty of options to choose from, and my favorites are all over the menu. There is a side of yuca fries, that are so crisp on the outside and just right soft on the inside. They make an excellent appetizer to share for two. The side of sautéed Peruvian veggies and an order of their black beans and rice are my favorite order for dinner. There is something about the flavor of these combinations and the spices used that make this so appetizing, I can't stop eating it. I love it so much, I end up buying an extra container to bring home for the next day. My husband makes requests of the chef all the time and he always obliges, typically for the formarina served with a white sauce, caramelized onions and sausage like a pizza and he ends up buying two to bring one home. The place is VERY clean. We brought my parents yesterday for Fathers Day, and my very picky mother was really impressed. It is very modern but still pulls off homey because it is small. It is tucked away and surrounded by trees and greenery which feels like a little retreat. You need to go!

Frank Slate Brooks

Best pizza in town! Great service!

Alejandra Reyes

Love this place, great food, awesome people. Just become my favorite restaurant in town

Lauren Raker

Wow! We got takeout from Embur today and it was absolutely incredible! My husband had the Arroz Chaufa and I had the avocado salad with rotisserie chicken. We also had the bread with chili oil. It’s rare to find spice like that in restaurants but the heat was present! Yum! Everything was so fresh and delicious, it felt like eating a home cooked meal. You can always tell when mozzarella is homemade and this was next level. It was one of the best salads I’ve ever had! I’m not sure if it’s the best or worst thing ever that they are so close to our house!! There goes our wallets and waistlines!

Steve Stoecklein

Just got a pizza from this place. It was under cooked had a "wet middle" and the ingredients were poorly distributed. The tomato sauce seemed canned. The whole order was weak and this place sucked. I should have had a clue Italian and Peruvian and neither of them done well.


We ordered their whole chicken with black beans and rice. They delivered in a cold rain for which we were grateful. Food was tasty, the beans and rice reminded us of our time in Costa Rica. We would order from them again.

Yudys Barreto

Friendly staff and the best flan ever....But they don't have a designated area to wait for your table. Totally recommend ?

John D.

My wife is from Chile, so she knows south American food. This place is legit. Everything we ordered was authentic and delicious. Our server, Jill, was friendly and attentive. The head chef made our Pisco sour and it was perfect. He also made us another cocktail for free. The decor and ambience are great. Only suggestion would be to get more independent beers on tap. Wicked Weed and Stella are owned by AB InBev.

Calvin Sutton

I've got to say I was really excited about Embur Fire Fusion as I've heard great things about both their food and atmosphere! My wife and I recently met some friends here on a Saturday for dinner. Our group (of four) had to wait about 45 minutes for a table as it was packed and they weren't taking reservations. However, we were able to get a spot at the bar and wait for our table there while having a drink which worked out nicely. While they were extremely busy (which I take as a great sign) the staff worked very well to accommodate our group.

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