Europa Bar & Cafe

200 N Davie St #15, Greensboro
(336) 389-1010

Recent Reviews

Kate M.

Super friendly staff, delicious mussels, and a great wine suggestion! The patio is also lovely. We'll definitely be back.

Nicole J

I have tried to give this place several chances, but this last time is my final review of meh. I ordered a burger medium but it came out bloody. If it were mine, then I would have eaten it, but not my kids. Sent it back apologetically and it came back black and dry, not even edible. The servers were not friendly and the food took forever for 50% capacity, kinda shocking. I will not be surprised if you guys don’t survive after the pandemic for much longer.

Elsie Moss-Vasquez

Always amazing ?! I come here most Thursdays while my daughter has art classes in the building and their food and hospitality are always excellent. They have a beautiful patio to enjoy outside and it's a wonderful place to enjoy a stroll around Lebeaur park after dinner!

Amar B.

This is a small and cozy bar right in the middle of downtown, next to Lebauer Park..they have a good outdoor space for seating with heaters.
We went there on a Sunday night and it was
not very crowded.
The beers menu is pretty limited, but they have good cocktails.
We ordered garlic lime shrimp and mezze plate for appetizers and they were decent.
For main course, we tried the gyro sandwich, chicken tomato basil sandwich, and Europa burger; and no one was disappointed with them.Especially the Europa burger was very well made and the beef patty was juicy and tasteful.

Our server, Mel, was friendly and took good care of us. She even gave a couple drinks on the house for the wait and a misunderstanding in the order. Overall good customer service.

Farhan Ghanty

Best place to eat in Greensboro and really friendly owner and employees.

Wes Gilbert

Love this place! Staff is lovely and so is the food!

Devon E.

One of my favorite local restaurants in Greensboro. The food is always delicious, and I love the atmosphere of this kind of French inspired bistro. They reduced their menu since reopening post COVID shutdowns, a few things I liked are gone but luckily my top staples remained.

Highly recommend the Europa Crab Dip for an appetizer, Ensalada del Mar with tuna for a yummy and filling salad, the Chicken Tomato Basil sandwich, and basically all the Mussels! I love their mussels. They used to have a Tuesday night special where you get $1 off mussels and a included beer or glass of wine. The best deal in Greensboro. I hope that comes back some day but happy to keep ordering their mussels stand alone in the meantime.

I know many are weary of mussels, but seriously give them a try here. You will become a convert like me. You get such a huge serving for a very reasonable cost. I like things a little spicy so my go-to is the Mussels-Fra Diavlo (white wine, garlic, marinara, red pepper flakes) with choice of baguette or fries. You can also swap for a side salad for a slight upcharge. Such a tasty dish, and overall healthy. I typically go for the baguette as it can sop up all the leftover sauce. Their baguette has changed since COVID, but in a just as good way, I would say it's flakier now-not complaining.

They also have a really nice patio that I enjoyed on my last visit. It has a pretty fountain, with views of the park. Tables are nicely spread out and staff was masked up. The weather was very nice, so we enjoyed a nice bottle of Sauvignon Blanc wine as well. They also have heaters, so people can still feel safer and enjoy this Greensboro gem outside comfortably as its getting colder.

Ognjen Cvijanovic

Good food, good patio, good atmosphere; espresso is really bad which is a shame for such a place

Stephanie W.

I love eating on the patio here! The atmosphere is amazing and this was the perfect girls night! We shared a couple bottles of wine, appetizers and the special, shrimp and grits! The special was definitely the star of the show :) the staff was friendly and knowledgeable but the service was kind of slow! We would go awhile without being checked on by our waiter. We loved the crab dip and pizza as well, but pass on the charcuterie! It wasn't worth it and the meats weren't great. We will be back here for sure! Follow @carolinafoodgirl on Instagram for more foodie finds!

Timothy Lee

Loved this place. Great food. Great service. The outside area seems to be uprooted from another country! Very romantic.

Richard S.

I used to love this place. Do not go there in winter but only when weather permits the outside dining patio. One of the best atmospheres for outdoor dining in Greensboro. Have always appreciated their menu, short but good. My favorite was always the chicken pesto sandwich. However, this summer we returned after an extended break due to the virus. EXTREMELY disappointed to find they changed the sandwich. Used to be served on an excellent, moist (not dry) banquette. Simply excellent. This summer it was served on a completely different bread. Toasted, brittle and as dry as sandpaper in your mouth. Awful! The rest of the sandwich also seemed somehow different but I could be wrong. Did not seem as robustly filled with moist chicken and pesto. But the bread was terrible. Asked the waitress about it and she said they decided to switch to a local company for the bread. I am all for local, but if the bread is a catastrophe, what is the point. We will likely go back very seldom due to this. It was our favorite dish.

Stephanie R.

One of my favorite outdoor patios in Greensboro resides at Cafe Europa. It's absolutely perfect on a fall day like today with lots of sunshine, a light breeze and the sound of the fountain adds a nice ambiance. I used to be regularly drawn to Europa on Tuesdays when they offered a great deal of an order of mussels and either a house wine or draft beer for $9! Even without the deal their mussels are my usual go-to. The green curry is my favorite with the Fra Diavlo being a close second. I will say the Fra Diavlo has changed from how I remember it namely that it's not as spicy as it used to be. I didn't see any red pepper flakes when I ordered it today. It's still quite tasty although I do miss the heat. I do miss the Catalina flavor they used to have! Another thing that's changed since my last patronage is their baguette. I will say the new baguette is much better than what they used to have. It's so light and fluffy on the inside with a perfect toasty crunch on the outside. I will always love Europa and look forward to returning again!

Joshua Kaster

Nice cozy but spacious patio for European type bistro dare. Definitely worth it for a lunch date.

Robye Lumb

After three separate recommendations, separate from the hotel desk staff, I stopped by Cafe Europa for a simple, refreshing lunch on this hot, 90’ day. Good job on your first day, Jakub???

Sandra Diaz

Good food and service.

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