Golden Corral

2419 Lawndale Dr, Greensboro
(336) 545-5808

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Good variety of food to choose from and everything was very good. Service was very nice. Look forward to going back.

Jocelyn Bryant

The food is always good here. My server on this trip was a young man named KeShaun Locke. He was very attentive and always had a smile. Keep up the good work.

Terri Breedlove

Really enjoy eating with the family at Golden corral. unfortunately they have priced themselves right out of my financial category no longer eat there. Would really like to go to Golden corral but cannot afford it.

Larry Schlekewy

My latest visit to this location left me in much higher spirits than did my previous (and sadly disappointing) experience here.

John Porter

Food was hood and hot. Our server was nice and pleasant. One of the best experience i had at the corral...


There was food left on plates. There was trash all over bathroom ( but worker did come in later and clean), but the food was good. Would recommend for something to grab and go not for family get together.


We've been to some modern Golden Corrals and sometimes the seats are uncomfortable. This particular restaurant had a choice of seats. Though it appeared that there was a smaller number of menu items that wasn't so. They just kept refreshing the few areas frequently so the food was fresh.

Kathy McIntyre

best food ever

Helen Hawthorne

the staff were nice, Nia , was our waitress, she smiled and was kind. I can tell she loved her job, and don't mind working.

seth f

Been going to different golden corrals for a while now, this is hands down the best one I have ever been to. Food was fresh, everything was clean, and the staff was helpful and extremely friendly, will definitely be back next time i am in tow

Deborah Dean

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy eating at GC. Today was not a good experience. The baked chicken was super dry! Boiled cabbage has no flavor. Mac and cheese was a lot blander than usual. And they no longer offer Dr Pepper!!!! But the ice cream was good.

Vanessa Hannah Bright, LAc, LP

Excellent food!! The sweet potatoes were like a dessert, soooo good!! The chocolate fountain is a delight. The reason for 4 stars is that some of the food looked like it was sitting there for a while. Also there was no one around the ice cream area. But we had a great time, and the staff were very very friendly and attentive.

Kelle Pressley

Very clean and comfortable setting. Great selection of food too. I thought it was cool the way the serving stations differ from the one we frequent in N.

Pamela Silver

Enjoy eating here on every visit. Eat here once a month. Very clean restroom for women. I assume the men's restroom is just as clean. Manager at this restaurant is always busy working right along with his employees. Manager is a very pleasant and helpful person. I enjoy his staff just as much.

Olivia Holloway

I called to make a reservation at 8:45pm and they don't close until 9pm but the manager told the person that answered the phone "tell her that we we closed at 8:30pm and she will have to call in the morning." I will not be bringing any money into this establishment because the website says they close at 9pm and the doors state 9pm as well. No need to lie, it could have easily been handled by saying, "can you please call back in the morning to make a reservation."

Preston Blackstock

I took my family to this location after years of just not going because the the Reidsville location moved from its old location;To its current spot on Freeway Dr. and the food flavor took a serious dive down in a bid to be a healthier place to eat.Needless to say I would pass it without wanting to eat at any Golden Corral because my opinion had been locked after two or three disappointing experiences.The Lawndale location has restored my faith in a good meal so I will give the Reidsville location one last try.My father and Mother would take my brother and I at least every other week or just to eat big like Thanksgiving during the year.I will continue with Lawndale for sure but I'll give other locations a shot to measure up to this one.Eat until you pop :-)

Katina Player

As my son was getting his chicken from the buffet a HUGE ROACH ran down the buffet and across the floor as a waitress walks by and laughed. It was very unsanitary and definitely not funny to see roaches around food your eating. My family will definitely not be back to Lawndale location.

Angela Bibler

Very pricy, but the food is good! The pulled pork is the best I've tasted in a long time. No sauce, no vinegar(although it is available to add)... Just smokey, tender goodness. The service was good, the staff is kind. Bread pudding is a fave!

Christina Nelson

So funny... so I'm not from here and never had I ate at a Golden Corral.... nor have I known or heard about them. I wanted to eat at a Buffet. I call the Lawndale Location and a gentleman answers, I ask him if there's a buffet for the night and he kindly says yes. So I ask what time is the buffet and the cost and he tells me its till 9pm (it was a Sunday) and its $14.99.

Amber Foster

Went their last night was not worth the $60 I paid for four people to eat. Their bar was slacking and they had no cleanliness the most nastiest Golden Corral I have been too ice cream all over the floor, their was even ice cream as you were walking out the door to leave. The bar had dried food on it like they were not maintaining it or cleaning it even the food had other food mixed in with it. The bathroom was a complete mess toilets nasty floors wet with toilet paper and paper towels all over them. The staff looked unhappy even our server who only refilled our glasses one time. We usually go to the one in Burlington off Huffman Mill Rd because we live closer to their just was in Greensboro yesterday and that one is 100 percent better.

Golden Corral
Golden Corral

Golden Corral

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