Hibachi Cafe

362 S Elm St, Greensboro
(336) 272-3005

Recent Reviews

A. R. B.

This food is...so...good... I just don’t really know what else to say. I had the General Tso’s chicken. The rice that it came with was soft and flavorful but it was the veggies on top, the carrots and broccoli, that was a-maze-ing! I will have to order again!

Foxxi Mah

If you have a huge appetite.. like myself.. you might need 2 servings. They have great quality meats, which is why the portions are probably smaller, that's understandable. It's Fast service. They also stay open late on Sunday, so that's what up. ??

Ernest15 B

Ok location for delicious Japanese food. entered near ten, it was not crowded. there was quick and friendly service. prices were fair. feels similar to a cafe in chicago i loved.

Brianna Thomas

They have very good food and I'm usually a regular, but after today I don't think I will be going back. They need to do better on their customer service.

daysia robinson


Canita Butler

I ordered from here last week and was very pleased. So, I decided to try it again and I’m not happy about my order at all. The delivery was fine but.... to pay $16 for a chicken and scallop combination and it’s basically chicken. The scallops aren’t even whole scallops they’re cut into (6)small pieces. I just don’t feel this was worth the money at all. The description should let customers know it’s scallop pieces so they’re not blind sided when they receive their food.

James P

Got the Hibachi Salmon and an order of Noodles (equivalent of lo-mein). Both were decent but not memorable. They do have a decent menu.Service is a little slow when I went. Good if you are nearby but not destination worthy.

Gy Wall

The food has always been awesome but today, they went above and beyond for me. Customer service was superb!

Amber Caesar

Even though there is a pandemic I expect better. How dare you take 3 hours to deliver!!! I haven’t eaten in 3 days and this is unacceptable. Nahhhhh jk there food is bomb y’all gotta try this place out. Best food best quality best service!!


Sara deserves a huge raise! She is amazing! Great food ,great customer service!

MD Steele

The food is awful. The meats were over cooked and dry. Hibachi didn’t come with vegetables just rice and the tofu was in some terrible sauce with soggy breading. Was a waste of money.

Kayla Kinard

Easily the worst hibachi I’ve ever had. The food and chicken was so rubbery. No flavor. All the sauce was in the plate and bag as if they poured flavor on the food afterwards. The white sauce is the only thing that made this meal edible

Katlyn Smith

The food is great. It’s my go to hibachi place, but if they get all this business, why haven’t they expanded? They need a bigger facility, more staff, something

Tierra Webster

Sushi is great however, ordered 5 rolls only to find NO soy sauce or chopsticks. Not to mention, I specified extra chopsticks and soy sauce due to number of people eating.

Amelia Pritt

Very poor customer service. After waiting over an hour for our food, we were missing 4 items. When I called the restaurant to explain the manager was too busy talking over me to hear what I had to say. Then she said it will be a minute and hung up. This was the first time and the last time ordering from this restaurant. Very disappointed.

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