Krispy Kreme

2401 Battleground Ave, Greensboro
(336) 540-1594

Recent Reviews

Thomasa Hicks

This is one of the best locations. They have fast and friendly service.

Emily Lugo

Best doughnuts on the planet - especially when hot! Also, this store has given us free dozens on more than one occasion "just because". Made our day :-)

Tim Snider

What’s the point of online orders after 8 PM if you have to go through the drive-through? How stupid. Just cut off online orders after 8 PM. You’re better off just going through the drive-through.

Geoff L

Great service today May 22. Long wait though. Been waiting in the drive thru for 20 minutes so far. Maybe some of the employees didnt come in today.

Beverly Hughes

Had order a 2 dozen doughnut from them online to get picked up @ 6:45p they were never ready called and went in person to check on the 2 dozen that I've ordered online a person would keep saying they'll be ready in a couple of hours but I had put the order in online at 11:00a it should have been ready but I ask for a refund and have not gotten it I'm still waiting I will not return it this place worse experience

Renee' Pate

Walked up to order or atleast get help. Called several times and no one would answer the phone. Asked to speak to manager after a guy came out and had no idea how to help with the online ordering. She just kept putting doughnuts in a box while looking up to me and never came over and doing sign language couldnt even come answer my question. Poor customer service and mgmt! Doughnuts always good but terrible customer service and mgmt. We just left. Forget it.

Demetris Johnson-Stukes

Absolutely the worst experience ever. I order donuts via the app, paid for them, went to pick the donuts up and was told they did not have an order for me. Apparently the order was not transmitted to the store but they took my money. I understand that everything is chaotic at the moment but work out your kinks before taking my money.

lakelover skeptic

Love Krispy Kreme! They are superb love the fresh glazed doughnuts right off the line!

Daniel Louis

Nice and clean Krispy Kreme. Lots of parking. Easily accessible and conveniently located.

Kimi Eichel

Many times I stop by this establishment and they are constantly out of product, it is a simple ordering process, management needs new training.

Paul G.

Favorite Doughnuts of all time. Many childhood Sunday stops during a ride. Morning coffee with dear friends for many years at this location. Why the single star? Drive through impossible to communicate. Speaker and menu located beside the back door, machines running, employees on break right beside the speaker! I love iced and frozen drinks with my donuts! In the past eight months of weekly stops the ice machine has been broken one of every two stops! Employees unhappy and frustrated! Not because of attitude, because of inefficiency of management and failures!

David Pearson

Nothing beats a Krispy Kreme donut. The classic original glazed is the best!! The seasonal flavors are great too!

L C.

Addictive hot glazed donuts, but on regular basis they're our of ice for their cold beverages, glaze for their donuts, etc. service in the drivethru lone is always slow - today I was the only car in line & still sat at the window for 8 min before an employee came to collect my money & he had the wrong order. This is typical. And rarely do employees greet you or thank you or tell you to have a good day - even when you say it first. I keep saying I'll stop coming. After today I will. Sheetz is becoming a better option - and it's sad when a gas station outperforms a specialty donut shop.

cash money

Every time when I come to this location the donuts don't eva be fresh they always taste like they've been sitting out ... Every time I go to the one high point Road i dont have a problem Get donuts be fresh over there hp rd ... dont shop at the one here On battleground avenue.... If I could get them no stars I would this place don't even deserve a one star

Lisa Hardy

I've always loved Krispy Kreme but the service people on Battleground Avenue need to be more friendly I always still go to Krispy Kreme because of the good Donuts but the people need to be nicer

Liliana Marquez

Cool view of the whole process! Staff os friendly and willing to show and help. Doughnuts are simply delicious and fresh as they are making them continuously!

mr heggins

Love the doughnuts but why can't this particular location keep enough variety on hand. Would like to suggest a name change from Krispy Kreme to "I'm sorry we're out of that"

Jeffrey G.

Krispy Kreme is known for their glazed donuts, so how is it possible that at 5:15 pm on New Years Eve that they are out of glazed donuts? I could understand if it was a different flavor, but the original glazed being out is unacceptable. This location even makes their own donuts. When asked when they would be available the employees said they have no idea. Additionally, this location needs training on customer relations and general restaurant etiquette. Being out of glazed donuts would be like Kentucky Fried Chicken being out of fried chicken or a snow cone vendor being out of ice. It will be a long time before I return.

Glenn Holliday

The Donuts or more fresher at the Krispy Kreme store than, those that you buy at the grocery store big time. You can tell a huge difference in the taste.

Daniel Record

Good service, clean from initial views, and most of all people seemed relaxed.

Matt N

Delicious donuts and staff is always very helpful. Always stop here for something sweet on the way home.

gabrielle aleghe

Last month I went through the drive-thru at this Krispy Kreme location. Extremely disappointed! I was waiting in the line for 40 minutes because they had closed the store early and after waiting almost an hour in my car I got to the speaker and they were extremely rude and had only FOUR choices of doughnuts. After not understanding how I was telling them that they should do a better job in communicating to their customers they yelled at me to drive up to the window. They were teenagers working not even sorry for how terrible of a job they were doing. They just laughed. I will not be returning anytime soon.

Mark Stinson

Wooooo Baby when the Hot n Now sign is on and you get them fresh off the line!?

Teresa T.

Ok. I love my Krispy Kreme but they had a difficult employee on there around 4:40pm November 23rd working the register. I literally asked when the glaze would be ready as they had none. She tells me 50 mins. So I buy other items. I literally turn around with my kids and begin to walk out and realize that the the glaze line has just started and the first row is in the frying oil. So I let my daughter ma watch the excitement and went back over in less than 5 minutes and bought a dozen of hot now. I chose to be pleasant and she still had an attitude. Didn't go grab them after I paid she chose to help another customer. Then she slowly moved over to the line picked the least hot spot and put our donuts together. She didn't have a name tag so I don't know what her name was. So today I had to give a bad review. I will be back as I believe you have better employees to choose from. Customer Service is such a great thing and I hope you get your whole evening crew some more training.

Nancie Smith

Always the best ! Fresh hot Now. Store was clean and staff were great .Thanks guys

Crystal Douglas

Get em while their hot. That's when they are best!

tudabud teenie

Was a real treat to go inside a Krispy Kreme. Smelled amazing

Jennie Galloway

This Battleground location is many times very disappointing, especially if you choose the drive-thru, which offers no way out except forward and they are "out" of whatever you are trying to order. This has happened on several occasions and I was forced to wait in line behind several other vehicles to be able to leave. Not the best location.

Lindsey Swink

The hot now light is on I get cold doughnuts.. I ask for chocolate glazed Kreme filled and I'm told "we dont have anymore of those here"... Really, you make them there how do you not have any. The employee at the window was very rude. If I could give them 0 stars I would.

Misty Hopper

Delicious donuts, great selection and very friendly staff. My boys loved being able to watch the process of the donuts being made. They were intrigued watching the glazier process. Thank you for providing that experience.

Amy Penn

Love Krispy Kreme, always have. Get Donuts here all the time. Bummed that they have discontinued my absolute favorite donut; the Jelly filled. Hoping they will bring it back very soon

Pops Rumley

You can't say anything about Krispy Kreme which hasn't already been said. Hands down, the best donuts around and a local tradition.

john Leonard

Love the donuts of course but the service here is always terrible. Never ever friendly or warm Most of the time employees aren’t even paying attention to customer orders they’re too busy talking to other employees or daydreaming

Fatima A.

Worst coffee ever! Coffee tasted like pure water with Cream. Ordered a caramel iced latte tasted like burnt coffee. Only thing decent was a glazed donut

Ryan J.

I have come through the drive-thru at this location several times without any issues. I went into the store today and was very displeased with the staff. The person taking our order told us that they "know what goes on behind the scenes and these donuts aren't really that good"...... we just kind of stood there, wondering why an employee would randomly say that. Then, as we waited about 10 minutes for our donuts to come off of the assembly line (the hot sign was on), the person getting them off of the roller kept huffing and talking about how she wasn't going to stand there all night. Then, to add a cherry on top, as we were walking out of the store I noticed that the person who took our order was adjusting their shirt inside of their pants. This is unsanitary. We will unfortunately not be back to this location.

Todd Harmon

Doughnuts good as usual. Line out the door. One cashier.

R Hood

No one was up front when we went in. Then 4 of the staff came from the back...Hmmm. Coffee was luke warm. Place was clean tho. 4 hot one's n 2 small cool coffees... almost 9 bucks. Just sayin.

Amanda Bailey

Yum! I actually got there while the light was on and got to watch them being made. The kids loved this part! Very clean and the man making doughnuts went out of his way to talk to us. He answered all our questions even the silly ones my 5 year old came up with. Lol. As always the doughnuts were the best ever!!

Ashley Lovings Cobb

No pumpkin spice donuts or original cream filled.... and no notice on the sign they were out of either one!

Juan Modi

sign was on, great fresh donuts hot off the line. yummy in my tummy.