One 17 Sofa Bar & Lounge

117 N Greene St, Greensboro
(336) 272-9970

Recent Reviews

Diane Farren

this white girl needs so good long hard $#@% this is where i go

cammie goss

Attended a family members wedding reception here. Very comfy and nice. Would recommend hosting events here!

Jacqueline Felix Page

Enjoyed my New Years .The VIBES was on point no drama

amy howell

Had a wonderful New Year with an old friend.

David Lyons

Always top notch service in there.

Ziggixdon 713

Can I come out for more Reggae ?

Keara Jordan

Music was good they need better ac circulating

Shawna Hames

Nice crowd and atmosphere. Good to go in with a few friends to grab a few drinks. Pretty good music. It’s a bit small but it’s not a club. Even though it has that feel.

Marqus Rankin

Super chill

Shawn Hines

Had a good time open bar so who wouldn't have a good time

Mike Smith

Nice bar & lounge!

Mikey Rivera

All love real Right

Sam Dillard

Perfect a

tinoNC336 tinoNC336

Great venue great drinks excellent staff great bartenders definitely worth going to grab some drinks

Sam Dillard

Perfect a

Clayton Keck Jr

No personal space at all. Don't go to party.

Tasha Boileau

Nice venue and bar. Good environment for a mixer not so much a club environment. The dj initially sat at the end of the bar ad-libbing to his pre-mixed cd with drinks at hand. As the night went on the dj did less and less mixing and more cd playing. The music got worse as the night went on. The club never really got "hyped". Not a place to go if you're planning on partying.