Taco Bell

103 E Elmsley Dr, Greensboro
(336) 897-3557

Recent Reviews

Michael Blevins

The service is always friendly and the orders have always come accurately. S pretty nice Taco Bell overall. Clean on the inside as well

Lesia Fargis

Great. I love Taco Bell. Employees are wonderful. Great customer service. The ground beef is spicy to me, it burns my mouth. I wonder if it does other people that way. And I love Mexican food.??

Matthew Patterson

Amazing! Clean dining room, clean bathrooms, friendly staff, great food. My only complaint is the staff don't get paid enough for the service they give!

Roxanne Mills

My experience at this particular Taco Bell has been something left to be desired. Very unpleasant drive thru representatives. I will not return or recommend this place.

JustMe DeeDee

Very Good service one girl she never greets or smile... She works at night..the girl during the day has Good customer service...Good food!!

Jacqueline Juneau

For anyone who must watch calories and/or carbs the new Chicken Power Bowl is AMAZING. I would suggest forking over the extra .48 cents for their salsa as it seriously enhances the amazing flavors! The staff is generally a great bunch to see. Very nice crew!

Warren Kidd

Drive thru delivered what we ordered. I discovered the Mexican pizza and it was more than I expected, also the combo comes with two soft tacos. Had to share it was a good meal to relax with in the evening.

Pink Ponys

They actually put enough taco meat and cheese on the soft tacos. Any other time it's all lettuce. Getting a little pricey though

Elizabeth Cockrell

It was good but they have the kiosks now. Don't like those.

Nacho Sosa

My second favorite place to get my breakfast, good flavor for the right price

Seth Skinner

Food was good but service was sooooo slow. 7 cars in line took well over 20 minutes to get food. But the lady at the drive thru was very nice and the food was good.

Pedro Acevedo

Nachos ð?? s are really good and I love Taco Bell, but regardless, I always remind myself that it's not the real Mexican food...

Michael Boemker

I still enjoy their least expensive taco. I added their seasoned fries with nacho cheese and a side of Jalepeno's. Not remotely authentic Mexican food but I liked it.

Lois Davis

Absolutely love the bell grande fries, and the employees can be so friendly

Daniel Malloy

Casual atmosphere. I really enjoy Taco Bell's food . The newer generation not just at Taco Bell, have problems staying off of their phone when they're at work I think that's a health issue since they carry the phones everywhere they go including the restroom.

Barbara Hullett

I can buy a good amount of food using less money than those hamburger places. And it tastes better too.

Emily B

Pretty clean restaurant. The staff were very nice! Messed up my order and what they did get right was rock hard and definitely old..

Linda Cockrell

The people that work there are very friendly I took my 78 year old sister she loves the taco salad and they made sure I got my supreme with extra sour cream...that doesn't happen at some taco bell's..thanks!!

Jaime Brewer

The staff was not very friendly. They were not rude, they were just cold. The service was prompt and my order was correct. I got what I came for in a quick, and orderly manner, thanks to the organization of the staff.

MyLadyMyLadyArdithShold SHOLD

I eat there a lot usually order same thing, yesterday looks like a new girl, I ordered, she totally give me a wrong burrito, I eat my fries first , then when I started to eat my burrito it had lettuce and tomatoes and all that on there , which I donâ??t ever eat, so I took it back and told them, the new girl acted like it was my fault the food was wrong, they fixed me another burrito and it was so very small as never before :( this is how it happened, my charge for my food on to ticket was wrong , I ask new girl for a adjustment, on price she said no itâ??s right. So I ate and left....:( it wasnâ??t right , my one meal of the day was messed up:(

Jordan H

I love tacos. They are consistently the same taco-goodness.

G Wright

Stopped in for a bite to eat. Was so distracted by the disrespectful loudness and constant joking a playing around by the staff at this location. It was so bad that we seriously questioned ever coming back here. I realize that it was 4:15pm and they were not busy but even the supervisor was partaking in the shananigans.

Madeline Wells

One of the nicer Taco Bells I've been to. The staff was super friendly, the restaurant was clean, and the food was up to standard. Overall a good atmosphere!

Emily Jones

Lovely staff, great service, just a tiny bit slow.

Heather Burggraf

Taco Bell is my happy place, and this one has never messed up an order, and the staff is very friendly. Clean dining room and bathroom.

Beverly Pinnix

Love Taco Bell! Sometimes they get busy and waiting in the drive-thru can take a while. I've never gotten my order wrong. To me that says a lot because most of the ones I've been to get the orders wrong like 50% of the time. Not this one though. ð???

Maher Isa

This is one of the cleanest Taco Bells I been to in a long time, and very friendly staff, I had a Gentlemen open the door for me and take my order, he was nice and helpful. Great Job Roderick

Lori P

Posting for a friend.... Poor customer service on 1/10/19 at about 9 pm. Requested the ends of the buritto be cut off due to missing teeth. (Have trouble chewing). The man taking the trash out was rude and refused my request. Manager was rude. Walked out with no food and no refund. They refused to return my money. At nine pm they were in the process of closing the store when they are supposed to be open until 11pm. The drive through window customers were getting served faster than the walk in customers. B. Weaver

Dani Ware

Super fast service and very friendly staff. They always get my order correct. Usually fresh food and very clean inside. Great Taco Bell.

Kim Nelson

Friendly staff, clean, fast & correct service/food


The cook today put good amounts of ingredients on all items ordered. Thank you. Too many bad Taco Bell experiences due to skimping out on ingredients.

Christopher Watson

Food was ok. It's fast food. Lady at drive thru was very friendly and talkative which is unusual for these type places

Paul Murdock

Breakfast was outstanding. Employee not very friendly. Seem annoyed at the drive thru.