Taco Bell

103 E Elmsley Dr, Greensboro
(336) 897-3557

Recent Reviews

Rob Jancuski

Gud Fud. Friendly cashiers and food preparation Folkers.

Bob Coon

Restrooms were open and the coffee was fresh made.

Richard Wilmoth

Been there 3 times. Missing at least one item each time. Took my payment and gave me (most) of my food without saying a word.

Steve Joyce

Very slow inside. Nose and mouth hanging out of masks. Complaining while making food. Bending over food to reach lettuce on other side. Outside drive thru rapped around building. Cashier was nice though. Food was ok.

Teresa Alexander

We picked up the taco bar for family. It was great. Enought for 2 meals and tasted great.

Joe Weezer

Alot faster than most. Dont have any problems so far from this location.

Gulli Danda

Glad I stopped at this location. For a change & pleasant surprise the tacos were warm , meat cooked & ingredients fresh. Service was fast & friendly. Dining area & rest rooms were clean.

Bored Lady Productions Bek Bek

Elmsly location is always fresh, but location on Mlk is terrible. They are very rude when they are out of food late at night. Also their refried beans taste like they scraped the last of the pan.

Meagan Hamilton

Fast service and my order has never been wrong :)

amy Cress

We used the app for the first time and the checkout young man in the front working last night (which was sat) was absolutely amazing they were out of something at the store and he asked up if we would like to replace it with something else on the list and was just absolutely perfect!!! He kept a smile on his face the entire time he made you feel welcome and not like you were bugging him for gettin fast food! we def will be goin back to this taco bell!!!!

Requdia Collins-Drayton

Felicia I believe was her name at the drive thru on s elm eugene, very courteous , professional and sweet!! My son and I truly thank you !!!

Steven Seiple

Fast and hot. They have never messed up my order here

Dee Smith

It was ok has been better

Robert Vaughn

Losing interest in the bell, my wife loves the Bell, I on the other hand just get the cheesy fiesta potatoes

Jeremy Hoskins

Don't know if it was the alcohol or just the rave I've been on lately for Mexican style food but it was serious at the time. Keep it up.

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