Tokyo Grill 2

2631 Lawndale Dr, Greensboro
(336) 286-2184

Recent Reviews

Rian Bunn

Great food every time I have been here. Honestly my favorite especially for the price. Nice and friendly staff. Would definitely recommend this place

LaTonya Lewis-Tunsil

They would have has a 5 star until their employee charged me 8 for a meal and gave himself a $70 tip off my card. The owner or whomever the man is working there said he refunded me my money and he didnt. Then he charged me an additional 8 for another meal.

Lea Padelford

They have always given me delicious food and my order right everytime. I recommend them for quick and yummy food.

Drew B

Fast service, excellent food, good prices

Emily Massey-Currie

I highly recommend Tokyo Grill. I get the chicken, steak and shrimp plate for $10.95! I mean, come on, o one else has prices like that. Their food is healthy, quick and affordable. Give it a shot. You won't regret it. It's on Lawndale Drive in Greensboro in the Target and Harris Teeter shopping center.

Patrice Carelock

I have always had a good experience each time I have ordered.

Zy Harris

Ordered a chicken & shrimp dinner and a steak & shrimp dinner . The rice in both my dinners was hard and as you know the rice is the majority of the meal and since the store was closed when we got home to eat we just made due with what we had. Call the next morning to see if they would compensate up for their mistake and they would not. He plead that his rice cooker could never make such mistake and that we were wrong so he proceeds too gather a plate of his freshly cooked rice to prove his point & after all was said and done he still did not compensate for his stores mistake and he put the rice he had just talked over back onto the container with the rest of his fresh rice .

Terri Fletcher

The food is delicious and my order is always hot off the grill!

Trier Cherry

Using in and out for take in about 15-20mins. Food is pretty good and service is good. Eaten here many times no problems.

Joseph Pollard

The food is good and the owner is mad cool 2020

Devon E.

We have been getting take-out Japanese food from Tokyo Grill for years. I even have their number saved in my phone. The food is always tasty and the portion plentiful. I have ordered every combination of meats they have and all are cooked well. This time I got steak and chicken. Their rice is always the right texture and I feel they give you the best variety of vegetables. You also can substitute the rice for double vegetables for an extra charge which is cool for healthier option. I love sauces so I usually get their ginger, white, hot, and hot mustard. Their hot mustard is my favorite. Sadly this time (and the last time) I ordered take out here they gave me just hot sauce instead of hot mustard. Disappointing as I love it so, but honestly their food is good even without sauce (but sauces makes everything better!). If you want good Japanese, but don't need the bells and whistles of the full restaurant and show, go to Tokyo Grill.

Mary Owens

I get the chicken and shrimp combo. Simple side salad and spring rolls are some of the best around. I love this spot and it’s rather inexpensive

Eden G

Great food! Always hot.

Charles Marr

Food is good. Restaurant is nice and clean.

Mrs.Pretty williams

Hibachi Chicken and rice was good! The white sauce was good too and the spring rolls were okay but the veggies were bland and wasn’t so tasty it reminded me of vegetable medley with no flavor will return tho

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