Vitality Bowls

3343 Battleground Ave, Greensboro
(336) 285-9942

Recent Reviews

Esther L.

Came here during COVID really craving healthy and fresh açaí bowl. Wow was I amazed! I ordered via the phone and the staff was SO friendly as they discussed what they recommended. My first time here and I was so surprised by the ingredients used. I love everything I had - I recommend the nutty bowl and kombucha. Everything was so refreshing on a hot summer day! Big big shoutout to the staff! I think his name was Caleb but AMAZING service and friendliness. He really knew what he was talking about and made me feel very welcomed!! Next time I am going to try the vitality bowl!!

Connor G.

First time ordering, picked up two smoothies and the veggie panini. Everything was great, would definitely like to try more items on the menu. Food was hot and smoothies were cold and ready when I arrived

Mahasa Bashardoost

Amazing owners and staff. They are so kind, professional and just simply great human beings. WE LOVE THERESE. The food is super healthy & delicious. The establishment is super clean. We absolutely love going to this place. If I could give them 10 stars I would.

Tanyae S.

Wayyyyy better than Clean Juice! More for your money and customer service is Superb! App is amazing and they give you a bonus sign up. Love this place!

D2 B2

Very friendly & helpful. So nice to have a delicious, health-giving option!

Becky Neighbours

They are extremely customer- service oriented. The healthy food options that they offer are extremely delicious. And to top it off, it is always sparkly clean whenever you stop in. It's my all-time favorite place to dine!

Stephanie Evans

Great bowls! Acerola bowl is my fav and I add protein in it and almond butter on top. Makes it a bit more $ but totally delicious. Best place in town to get an açaí type bowl. I wish they sold the VB blend which goes into some of the bowls. App is easy to use and helps accrue rewards too.

Short Cake

I am very pleased with the salad I got and a juice, it’s so good and the quality is awesome! A good sized salad and a great flavored juice

Greg Lescallett

Refreshing bowls, smoothies and snacks. Very personable staff.

Troy & Sherry Campbell

Good food but way to slow versus other similar stores. Don’t go it you don’t have 30 minutes to wait for a açaí bowl. Don’t understand what takes so long when you are the only customer.

Jigger Brown

Pros: no where (that I can think of) in Greensboro will you get the option for so many proven superfoods such as Moringa, Glaviola, etc however, I’m not sure if it’s from purée or not.

Patina Moore

Fresh foods made to order. Pleasant staff

Gary Rechtin

The food was good but just about everything on the menu was kind of a fixed meal. In other words you couldn't do it yourself. Food was excellent not a bad bite, but I thought it was just a bit on the pricey side.

Erica B.

I was visiting a friend in Greensboro NC. I needed my fix for a great Açaí bowl. This place was great , I was completely satisfied. It's super clean and everything is fresh and made to order. I would definitely go back next time I'm in town.

Beth Kamphuis

So so so painfully slow. It should Not take 30 minutes to get food here. I felt as if I should go back and fix my simple egg panini myself. I make them at home in about 6 minutes and will just do that from now on.

Christopher Reid

Delicious and nutritious. Workers are very friendly too

Jon D.

Love this place! Everything on the menu is delicious!

Angela C.

It's a different experience, cost wise it very expensive. I've only been there once I felt there are lots to chose from but is it really worth the money you will spend. Check it see what you think.

Rodrigo Ortiz

The best bowls and worth every penny! Their smallest size bowl is like the size of larger bowls everywhere else! So fulfilling and yummy! Great treat after a workout or before a workout! Definitely recommend going here! Great staff and great vibes. Do get the app to get cool bonuses and perks! You can thank me later!

Tommy Dozier

The best food this planet has to offer can be found here.

Oluwa Shindara

Very welcoming and personable staff. Extremely engaging and willing (but not overbearing) service that won me even before I had my first bite. Had the Dragon Bowl which was satisfying and refreshing. My first of many experiences. Will return soon to try the other million and one options on the menu. Enjoy!

Erika B.

This was exactly what I was looking for. It was a beautiful space, the smoothie bowls were to die for. I actually visited twice during my 5 day stay in NC.

Champ Ion

Very welcoming and personable staff. Extremely engaging and willing (but not overbearing) service that won me even before I had my first bite. Had the Dragon Bowl which was satisfying and refreshing. My first of many experiences. Will return soon to try the other million and one options on the menu. Enjoy!

Pete Jackson

I’m only being honest when I say this is the best thing I’ve found in Greensboro in 4 years. Prior to moving here from Wilmington, We used to enjoy amazing breakfast at Port City Java and Açaí­ Bowls in downtown Wilmington.(forget name suddenly) Greensboro has had neither, and nothing close. Still coming up short on the coffee but Vitality Bowls makes as good of an açaí­ bowl as anyone, has a very friendly staff. Didn’t get her name but she remembered everything in my order.


Love the menu options, and everything I've tried has been outstanding. BUT, it is seriously understaffed. On each visit (typically before midday), I have had to wait 15-20 minutes for my order. Not because employees are slow, but because there's only 1 or 2 of them there.

Harold G.

This is one of my new breakfast spots. I'll get the oatmeal bowl with all the fruits and gains they put in it and wow. Now oatmeal is not really an exciting issue to talk about but.... to get it with fresh fruit and not worry about doing all that shopping its worth it to me. Plus they make a pretty good latte so I might stop by for a latte. Bye for now.

Meg Z.

Not one to write reviews...but I waited 30+ minutes for an açaí­ bowl with like, maybe 3 other people in the joint. Not to mention, their portion sizes are tremendously large (and expensive), so if you're going for something healthy this probably isn't it. I understand there weren't many people working, but smoothie bowls don't take that long to make. I thought clean juice in the friendly center was expensive, but in comparison they aren't, plus the portion sizes are normal AND they're fast even when they're packed. There's really no reason it should've taken that long and the fact that so many people on yelp have complained and it hasn't been addressed by the owner/management is telling. I've never wanted a refund so bad lol please just save yourself some time

Lobs Edu

Best thing I’ve found in Greensboro. Great service who I believe made the bowls and greeted/answered questions/took order.

DaBaby Lil Baby

This joint fire. Gboro ain’t even ready for this type place. If this place don’t do well, it’s bc the ppl of Gboro are sorry....nothing else.

Teri Wells

I really enjoy coming to Vitality Bowls after my workouts. Everything is made fresh. On some days it may take a little longer to get your order due to the crowd which is to be expected for a small shop. This being said, if you are in a rush then I would utilize their online app for ordering and give some time. The Staff is always pleasant and help! It’s worth a try!

Paul John

Great place, healthy option food and great service. I got the App, ordered online and my food was waiting for me when I arrived. For those of you that want to complain about the wait, get the App; its that simple. I will be back often to fuel up or recover from my workouts! I wish this place much success, it is well needed, considering other places calling themselves "Healthy or Organic" when they are not either...Go Vitality Bowls!!

Chritina P.

It was such a delightful, delicious experience. The environment was happy and it had a amazing vibe. Now the food was out of the world . It was delivered to my table by pleasant, kind employee. It actually made my day stopping in.

Young L.

I tried my first ever açaí­ bowl and I was impressed! I got the large vitality bowl. The sweetness was perfect for me and I was relatively full. The menu may seem overwhelming at first but with the help of the staff it was pretty easy to understand! They were helpful in making my decision. The tables and chairs were clean and neatly organized. It's definitely nice to get fresh açaí­ bowls during a hot summer day.

Morgan T.

I agree with other reviews that state not to come in unless you have time to waste. I have been waiting on my panini and juice for over 20 minutes now. Had I known this would have taken this long I would not have come here and rather stopped by Organix juice bar right down the street. The girl taking orders is running food, so naturally people filtered in while no one was even at the counter to take their orders for about 5 minutes. It looks like just two people are in the back preparing the food but this is ridiculous. The food is not bad, but it is definitely not worth the price nor wait by a long shot. *Update: i just got my food after approx 30 mins. The couple that ordered before me is done with their food and left. Mind you, I got my juice 10 mins ago and was told by the gentleman that brought it to me that my "veggie would be right out." When the poor girl brought my food (who was also taking orders), I told her it had been literally 30 minutes. She apologized and said it was because no one was at the panini station and as soon as she realized she rushed to make my panini. I requested gluten free bread and don't think that was what it was put on, so be mindful of that as well. I was not offered a refund of any sort, nor did I ask, but I think that it should have been at least offered. Can anyone answer me, is this bread gluten free?

Mackenzie S.

All of the reviews about this place being a waste of time are spot on. Currently waiting on 1 smoothie and 1 Açaí­ bowl (that were over $20 total) with 3 people's orders still to be out ahead of mine. I've been sitting for almost 20 minutes. Overheard a girl stating she had waited over 30 minutes for 1 sandwich. I would ask for a refund but the girl manning the cash register hasn't been seen in the last 15 minutes.

Kenyatta Walker

First time visiting and trying A Acai was really good. I ordered the bowl of the month. Kind of pricey but I'll make sure to take advantage of the planet fitness members discount next visit.

Jessaca Mitchell

Very friendly people great smoothies! Will be coming back.

Lindsey W.

Only go here if you have time to waste. I spent a little over 20 minutes waiting for a smoothie that I had never received. I had to ask for a refund because I was waiting for ever and had to get back to work. To make matters worst there was a middle aged white woman that came in about 5 minutes after me. She waited for about 10 minutes and she had her food and walked our the door. At this point I definitely wanted a refund. I was on the phone to past the time while I was in there. I called back after I left to speak to a manager and the manager stated the middle aged white woman had placed an online order when I specifically heard her place her order while I was there. I do not recommend this place at all. They are significantly more expensive than tropical smoothie right up the road. I had to go to tropical smoothie and received my smoothie is about 3 minutes and it was $3 cheaper.

Alea Cave

I recently discovered Vitality Bowls and am hooked!!! The customer service here is amazing as are the yummy and healthy menu items (Matcha Madness Smoothie is so good!!!) their app to get some great offers!!

Kent F.

Waoted over 25 minutes for a meal uncooked during a slow time of day. Would have left if they didn't want payment after ordering.