Bad Daddys Burger Bar

709 Greenville Blvd SE Ste 100, Greenville
(252) 756-5384

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James Ryan

I've been to a few Bad Daddy's and I've always loved them. Except for this location. The food tasted great as always but the service was terrible. It took 30 min to get one beer and that was a consistent wait time. The bartender didnt seem to care that much. I was a regular at the Charlotte location and they were tip top. Loved that place and it was worth the money. But if you want to pay top dollar for good food that takes roughly an hour at half capacity while also waiting a half hour for the bartender to pour your beer, this is the place for you. Unfortunately not for me, I won't be returning.

Julie Thomas

I had the Best Greek salad! It was very Fresh, tasty, and huge! I couldn’t finish it all! My grandson had the biggest milkshake I’ve ever seen! The Staff was very friendly. I’ll definitely be back.

Lexi K

While I have never eaten here in person, I do often door dash, today I tried a salad, with grilled chicken, this review may seem pointless, but this was the best grilled chicken I personally have ever had. Most times, when you order grilled chicken, you can very much tell it was frozen, from a bag and just microwaved. That was not the case tonight, this chicken was grilled to perfection, the seasoning was perfect. This place is worth the money for sure.


Management accused us of trying to pour our drink into a cup to take off the premises. I was insulted. I told her I wouldn't violate the ABC laws. She really never apologized. Almost $56 bill, I wanted to up-chuck our meal and leave. How rude. Did I mention that out of a group of about 16 customers outside we were the only 2 minorities? Never going back.

Mandi Mystic

I really didn't want to leave a bad review, but I am in so much pain and so nauseated after eating here that I felt it necessary to share my experience. If you don't eat fried foods, greasy foods ect very often, you may want to order a burger alternative and a salad. Everything that we ordered today was sopping with grease. The tater tots, fries, and especially the burgers. The grease also tasted a bit off, like the fryer needed to be changed soon, the fries were dark. I don't know why grease coming off of a fresh burger would taste old, but it did also. I ate two bites of a burger and some tots. I feel like I ate half a tub of Crisco. My husband ate more than I did and he is not feeling so great. We tossed all of the food in the garbage. Also my burger was pretty underdone, I didn't get the bacon I asked for, but they were busy and my kid was being distracting so I let it slide.The service was outstanding, the presentation was very good, the restaurant was clean and we enjoyed the atmosphere, but the food is just not for me. I am giving 4 stars because a restaurant is not just about its food. I am a business owner and would want someone to extend the same courtesy to me after putting in a lot of effort.

Melissa Bell

What a great restraunt. When you walk in it seems loud but once you are sitting it real isn't. The burgers were really good and parmesan cheese fries were AMAZING!!! Especially when you add that dip that come with... ?!!Definitely a must try for a good burger and great drinks.Even with a short staff and a full house our server was on point and we never lacked anything.

Kristy Smith

I was looking forward to trying out this place because of all the good reviews. Unfortunately our experience was not up to the hype. The food was 50/50. My daughters grilled cheese was burned and my hamburger which was supposed to be medium was raw. Yet my husbands and my other daughters food was wonderful. The nachos appetizer was superb. I took one star for the food and one more for the service. Our waitress couldnt be bothered much to come over or take our order or anything much. Right now with no one willing to work I know I should not complain much at all about the service but at least pretend to be more interested in your customer instead of the three male coworkers you are chatting up and flirting with. At least pretend.

Ronald Franklin Tapley Jr.

I particularly liked the fried pickles, best I’ve ever had!, and a healthy portion.


Wow. Lunch on a weekday. What we liked: 1. Plenty of free parking 2. Pleasant, smiling greeter 3. Excellent service - Mel is wonderful 4. Reasonable prices 5. Indoor or outdoor seating 6. Outstanding, perfectly balanced margarita 7. THE FOOD. i ordered a build-your-own burger. It came piled high with delectable things, was cooked to perfection, and was soooo delicious. I ate the whole thing. What we didn't like: Nothing. Would we return? Absolutely yes.

Sierra BeautifulMama Simone

Great Food, Great Service, Good place to eat!!

insomnia iseetyler

Awesome service and awesome huge burgers. Loved it ?

Annette overton

Love it. The Burger ? was so good. Everyone so nice and friendly

Michelle M.

I ordered a patty melt and the bread wasn't even toasted. My kid ordered the Philly cheesesteak, and everything fell out if the bread before they could even take a bite. The bun literally fell apart. If I went back, I'd go for a salad next time.

Tracy Dawn Woodard Cannon

The food is AMAZING! We love how the staff all work together as a team! If your waitress is busy someone else picks up the drinks or order & brings it to you! Love it! And the bartender is super fast & waits on tables too?! Awesome!

Ali Gambrell

We are in love with the truffle fries, one of the best items on the menu, was so excited to find they had these. They have very good fresh lemonade options, it was so good, I love the idea of the create your own salad on the menu with a lot of options. The fried pickles were also delicious just a tad too salty. Love this place though so far overall!

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