Burger King

2401 N Memorial Dr, Greenville
(252) 758-6668

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Kelly Jones

My boyfriend and I ordered two combo meals and the people working acted as if they didn't know what in the world they were doing. SLOW!!!!!!Also, restaurant was dirty!


This place used to be a good option for breakfast. Not now. The sausage egg and cheese croissan'wich was dried out and tough. Tater tots were hot and cooked well. The orange juice was barely cool so had to ask for ice cup.

Raekwon NYC

No ice coffee and order missing my French toast but only noticed once on my job ?.....my bad should have checked before ALWAYS CHECK EVERYTHING IN LIFE !!!

Chris Harrison

Dining room was closed because they had no help, so we had to use drive through, waited over 10 minutes for our food and order was wrong

Shonda Murphy

OMG..Sending the drinks back (Sprite and Coke) should have been a red flag( FLAT, no carbonation at all) gave us 2 more drinks which were Flatter! We threw them in the BK parking lot ( Charles blvd) promptly after leaving the drive thur window! But we WAITED for our food to get home to cold onion rings on 3 Rodeo cheeseburgers ( they were trash), a whopper jr which was dry, cold and alot smaller since the pandemic, lol! The bonus was we got a Free order of chicken fries which filled us both up and what we picked off our burgers! The fries cold but Looked really good ?. Late night eats turned is gonna turn into a Late night stomach ache. Should have went to Waffle House?

Tammy Manning

Was not very happy with the young girl at the window. She had a very bad attitude her name was Toyatortes we was there at 9:24am her employees 382829I was trying to be nice to her and she was very rude.

Bill Gates

Could not eat the chicken sandwich. Batter fried hard and to greasy. Very disappointed and had to wait 10 minutes for it. Only cost 9 dollars and some change. I want ever come back here again. This was a pure disgrace to the burger King franchise. This business want last much longer. Bill Gates jrLewiston Woodville nc.

Master Reviewer

Omg slow slow slow!. 3 cars in front of me. Small bags handed out so small orders. 20 minutes...customers behind me (2) who ordered left before i got to the window. So terrible fire them all!

Timmy fornes

Great food they do there jobs and they get u out quick

BrieAnna Warren

We waited 15 minutes to be given cold food. We got a sprite instead of the coke we asked for, which was flat. All of that would have been fine. But the lady who gave us the food was plain rude and obviously did not want to be there. It was drive through only, I'm asuming due to short staff. But you might as well just shut it down completely if that's the kind of service you're going to provide. Also ordered x2 8 peice nuggets. One contained 6 and the other 7... fries were soggy and cold. Had 7 pickles in the middle of the burger. 7!!??

Joyce Bazemore

Messed up my order 3x after I drove back to work and back! Then the window person say “oh I can’t read the screen!

Jenney Brown

Went here for lunch, the lady at the window was very nice. I'm now in love with the new Italian original chicken sandwich that's on the 2for6 menu!!

MD Stox

Good sausage egg and cheese croissan'wich. Tater tots were hot and orange juice was cold

David Chamblee

Online orders make service so much better

Sherry Davis

The girl at the window was very un prepared for what she was doing as far as her job .

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