Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen

901 Criswell Dr, Greenville
(252) 321-1002

Recent Reviews

Bobby Hoggard

The menu items aren't the most impressive, but everything I've ever got from here has been amazing. Last night, I tried the T-bone, which was recently added to the menu and I was amazed... it was much better than the ones I've gotten from steakhouses recently. Very flavorful, tender, and cooked to perfection. And the salad I got with it was very fresh, and great! Excellent experience!

Hannah Singletary

Cheddar's has become one of my favorite restaurants. I absolutely love their bourbon glazed salmon! You can get it grilled, blackened or bourbon-glazed. It comes with rice, and you can also get 2 additional sides. Their red beans & rice and green beans are tasty sides and have good flavor. To top it off, we got the Hot Fudge Cake Sundae. Overall, everything was delicious!!

Charlotte Sasser

Very attentive and friendly waiter. Grilled chicken ? and pecan salad ? was delicious, husband wanted coconut shrimp ? but they were out...(we were there @ 4:30!? )


We really enjoyed getting their meals during COVID. We had eaten many times before here, but that's when we really enjoyed it!

Vincent Lancaster

The name Cheddars and the look of the building generates excitement and high expectations! The food we had was good but we expected to see more exciting items on the menu. The complimentary croissants are very tasty and very much an excitement producing item. Our experience with the service is what gives this a 3 star instead of 4 star. However our service experience looked to be specific to our waiter...the waitresses at other tables seemed to provide great service.

Sharlene Williams

The food was sooo good I forgot to take a picture. The Crescents with Honey Butter is addictive. We couldn't stop eating them. Our waiter was very nice and he gave us extra Crescents to take home since it was our 1st time there. I had the Chicken Pot Pie and my friend had the Cajun Chicken with Penne Pasta and Alfredo Sauce.?

Shawna Battle

This is probably my favorite go to restaurant in Greenville. Always great food and service!

Matthew Wright

Went to Cheddars to watch the games, have dinner and me and my son both sat at the bar. Bartender came over and said could she see his i.d. He is 20 and I told her his age and he would not be drinking. She still said he could not sit at the bar. I asked her if this was a law- she said yes. It's not- we own restaurants and bars and know NC ABC law. I asked her if by chance this was a Dardens restaurant and wouldn't ya know- it was.... this is their rule- not law. With a half empty restaurant one would think they would want every dollar. We moved to a high top and ate anyway. Food was ok- bartender was actually nice- just didn't know ABC law- so not her fault.

S Damron

Great food and staff. They were short staffed but did a great job and stayed on top of everything.

SuperSayian Cj

I'm currently here drinks are great food is delicious

D.D Davis

The food was AMAZING. I don't know what they put in their honey butter croissants but I would have ate just those if I was alone. The server was friendly and made us aware of what wasn't available. I loved my raspberry lemonade. I would have thought there would be a long wait, seeing as I went on labor day but we got seated quickly and the food came out fresh, hot, and fast. I will definitely be going back.

Sandra Purcell

I want to start by saying that when I walked into the restaurant there was no host at the host stand and the people walking around didn’t greet the person in front of me or myself. They said it would be a 25 min wait to which we said okay to and then gave our phone number and waited in our car so that we could social distance. The waited ended up only being 15 mins and we were sat in a small section of the restaurant. We were greeted about 10 minutes later by our server who definitely didn’t want to be here and was quick fast and blunt with no customer service skills. I can only assume that she had already had a day. We requested plate for our croissants and ordered our drinks. Our drinks came but no plates. Finally we just passed around the tray and each ate one so that we wouldn’t make a mess. We ordered our food and my husbands food was perfect. My mother’s was over cooked but edible and my full rack of ribs came out cold. Not warm, like straight from the fridge cold. My table finished there food and I still had nothing. By that point everyone else was ready for dessert and ordered their cake and I just asked for my food to be boxed up. The manager didn’t show his face until we asked and honestly just comped my ribs so he didn’t have to hear the entire bad experience we had. Then the cake came out. No forks, ice cream already completely melted. The waitress left to grab silverware and came back with plastic utensils in a bag. I’m not going to lie, I love Cheddars and have written many good reviews about my experience with them but this was the worst dining experience I had in a very long time. Hope this isn’t the new standard.

Robbyne Terry

I heard it was top notch. Not today, we waited over a hour to be served, the croissants were cooked a little too long, the waitress was nervous and overly talked, the steaks and ribs were not hot. I expected better. I'll try again, hopefully with a better result

Michael Robertson

Wonderful server, great atmosphere, adequate meal portions. Being from south Louisiana, against my better judgement tried the red beans and rice. The beans were not what I’m accustomed to (very small in size), had no gravy and were way too salty. Everything else was good.

The HaRRis Lyfe

We went here for a lunch date and it wasn’t the greatest experience. Once we were seated we sat for almost 30 minutes before anyone came to our table to take our order. Once receiving our food the quality wasn’t great at all. My Salmon was half cooked and my wife’s salad was filled with old wilted lettuce. The appetizer was okay and the croissants were great as always..

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