CPW'S Fine Food & Spirits

2422 Stantonsburg Rd, Greenville
(252) 757-7756

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Eaten here several times. It’s good, I would not call it fantastic by any means. Asked for a sun to be 'very very lightly toasted' once and came back black both times. That’s on the waitstaff too; if you see something, say something. And no, I’m not that picky. Also had lunch one day, side salad was macaroni - it was LITERALLY leftover spaghetti chopped up with carrots, onion, etc., in it. GROSS. I’m paying for a fresh side, not Sunday night’s leftovers. That was just tacky.


Fantastic Italian place! The staff is fantastic, my waitress Jenna was amazing and the food came pretty quickly considering how busy they were.Highly highly recommend

Reginald Wallace

Great Cajun chicken pasta. Good flavor. Nice chicken to pasta ratio. Can't get any better.

john lynch

Stopped in had 30 minutes to kill before picking up the wife. Everything was great, and nice people.

Steven W.

Food is high quality and great flavors. Drinks of all kinds are available. The negative I have experienced at almost every visit is slow service. You will wait nearly half an hour for a sandwich which really needs to be addressed and improved on. Only go here if you have time to dine, drink, and talk.

Brian Dime

Great food. Solid main-line Italian, plus pizza and a rotating monthly menu of new and different items, so you can visit often and try something different every time!


I don't like leaving bad reviews unless it's necessary but this one has to be said for the public and the staff. I went in for lunch today and I was a frequent guest of this restaurant. However, after today's discovery, I will no longer frequent this establishment. I had finished my salad and was waiting patiently for my entree, which was late, but that was fine. While waiting, I had a clear view of the kitchen so I was just observing their routine when I saw a man come from the back, pick up a small loaf of bread off the floor, dust it off with his bare hand-then wiped it on his jeans, shrugged his shoulders and placed the bread back on the serving rack with the other breads. A waitress had observed him do this but with the look on her face, she wasn't about to say anything. Probably in fear of her job. I was in disbelief at what I just saw. I motioned for my waitress, asked her who was the white guy with the shaggy grey hair. She said, "he was a co-owner". I told her what I had just observed. She apologized and went to tell the line cook who just shook his head. But yet NOBODY threw the bread away!! I was shocked.!! I just asked for the check for what I had eaten so I could just leave. They comped my salad and Diet Mt. Dew but I still felt I needed to write this review not only for the public but for the staff that's scared to tell their boss that he needs to get out of the kitchen and let the staff do what you pay them to do before you kill someone with your unsanitary practices. For those who want to say, "it was just bread" If he would do that with bread, believe he's doing bad practices with more expensive items too. Other observations were: 1. He had no hairnet, gloves, apron, or face mask. ALL PPE's that are required by foodservice handlers. The staff wore them, but he did not. Are you better than the staff? 2. You require John Q Public to wear a mask to enter your establishment, but you don't wear one? Have you not heard about that COVID-19 thing going around? It's only been a year+ 3. No one should be in fear of losing the jobs or approaching their superiors when they see something not right. Retaliation is against Federal Law. I hope the owner can use this experience as a learning tool to make the proper changes to protect the public and his staff.

Greg Nixon

Very nice local bar & grill.. Foods Good and reasonably priced.. Staff is very pleasant

Corlis Jenkins

Thank you Alexis for being humane. and civil correcting my order, nevertheless, my experience with CPWS for my last 3 visits, carry outs, has been nothing less than insulting. First of all I was told the price of food I was ordering, as if it mattered, next visit picking up order I've already paid for I was asked if I was sure, well darn, I've given you my name, you see my name on the receipt on the bag, you continue questioning me, saying he's had people try and pick up others food, REALLY, Who does THAT, I'm floored by then. I love the skin I'm in

David French

Excellent lunchtime menu. Today's special was Shrimp basket with Fries. Simple with special shrimp batter and in house made cocktail sauce. Wait staff very attentive with American Blues music in the background.

Charles Titone

CPW's is back in business. Looks like they are starting to get back to a more regular crowd. There are some specials on the menu again. I look forward to the Caribbean and New Orleans Mardi Gras menus! The food was great.

Dominique M.

Honestly the only reason I'm giving 2 stars is because our waiter was so nice and tried his very best to be accommodating. To set the scene when we first arrived we were told by who I assume is the hostess, that we could not be seated at a booth due to Covid restrictions, which normally would be complete fine. The exception here is that approximately 15 minutes there were two parties seated in booths that we were just told we couldn't have. We mentioned it to our waiter who apologized and said that some workers were told different restrictions. Next we received our appetizer, the flatbread, and the entire center was burnt. Lastly our main courses were mediocre and lacked flavor. Reminded us of a TV dinner. Overall our experience was awful and I never see myself coming back. As many new restaurants are popping up in Greenville, please do yourself a favor and go somewhere else.

Steve Futrell

Service was not that good, food was not that good and could not get refills. Waiter didn't know what he was doing and didn't know the menu.

Andy H.

Really wanted to like this place as we have been wanting to come here our last few trips to Greenville. Got there at lunchtime today and were seated immediately and our drink order (two unsweetened iced teas) was taken. Tea was delivered immediately as well, at which time we were asked if we needed a few minutes to look at the menu. We said yes and were left alone for 20 minutes. Our waitress waited on another table and then spent about 15 minutes in a personal coversation with a table behind us. This conversation was not food or restaurant related, it seemed to be a casual chat with friends. We finally just left some cash on the table for the tea and left...and no one said a word. What a shame!

Mark Elkins

The food was amazing. I went there specifically to try the pizza it is a great pizza loads of toppings so much that I had to put the calzone away for later and I’ll let you know how that goes. The only problem I had was they don’t tell you when you place an order for pick up you have to go into the bar so I stood there for 10 minutes before a waitress even came up to me and then told me to go to the bar and they also forgot my breadsticks. But I would highly highly recommend eating here! I will be going back!

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