111 E 5th St, Greenville
(252) 752-6688

Recent Reviews

Christina Williams

21+, no cover, laid back vibe, best/attentive bartenders!

Emma Kauffman

I love the atmosphere at grumpys but I order a vodka soda every time I go here and it always tastes like chemicals. Not a great taste.

Kayla Pepelea

Only stayed for one drink. Music was what I’d consider a good level, where you can still have a conversation without yelling. It was pretty cold on my visit, definitely needed a jacket. Prices were average, $4 for tap. Bar tender was friendly and got to us quickly. He answered some questions about the parking and area. A very chill vibe on a Tuesday.


charged me $8 for a white claw, horrible place don’t go here

Tony Brienza

Great crowd, great staff, great drinks! What more could you ask for?

Gina Perry

ya so I wanted but to find out what music would be played each night like with the last 3 clubs. well I didn't even find a facebook page or website here.... lol

Rob Anderson

I watched this bar grow. I miss it! great place for the older college crowd. Dimly lit, but not dark. everything is in balance. Go to this bar!

Kevin Witherspoon

Great place had lots of Fun Wednesday night!!😆

Louis Jordan

Solid low key hangout

Andrew JoeJr Johns

Great people and an awesome place to hang out. The drinks are always made perfectly in my opinion. The bar tenders are always nice and have a positive vibe

Warren Smith

A rising star, Grumpy's Pub is Greenville's freshest bar. I have been around long enough to remember when this space was the bar called Levels. The outside has remained virtually unchanged. But when I went inside I could not believe my eyes. It's like stepping through a secret door into a speak easy right out of The Great Gatsby. One word immediately came to mind, Classy. With a cold wind whipping through downtown Greenville outside the wooden paneled walls, the two fire places brought to mind a second word; Cozy. Wine Night Wednesday is a lot of fun, and like myself, many are discovering this place for the first time. It's not hard to tell that we are all coming back.

Larsen Saffron

Grumpy's is my new favorite bar! It's chill, not packed like most of the ones downtown, which is good for someone like me who doesn't like crowds at all. The couch area is where I usually coop up, partly due to comfy chairs, partly because it's always empty, and partly because their music selection, mostly classic/hard rock with some country rock and modern rock thrown in, is EXACTLY to my tastes as opposed to anywhere else downtown. The speakers being right next to the comfy couches mean I'll just listen to music all night. The drinks are great, but as I'm someone who enjoys the atmosphere while drinking more than drinking myself stupid, I can say that the drinks are good in my personal opinion but I can't really speak to the true quality. This bar is miles above anyone else downtown!

Dustin Wesley Langston

Best bartenders and managers ever! Jessica (tall blonde) makes awesome drinks! And Kyle(manager) does his job very well!! Go out and give them some business

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