1300 N Memorial Dr, Greenville
(252) 752-7724

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Lamont Wilson

Wasn't a bad experience, but it also wasn't a really good memorable experience. Memorable experiences being a person greeting you with \\\"hey, or how are you\\\" then repeating your total at the window vs your total at the window. Customer engagement matters, also it was a new employee. It's super important for them to be comfortable with engaging the customer and not build habits of just saying the total. Just a customer service suggestion. Food was good nothing burnt and ingredients tasted freshly cooked and hot.

William Silver

Slow service at drive thru. Food was good and hot.

Robert Kirk

Ronnie was the best. My order was perfect.

Johneka Douglas

The burger is the best no joke ?

amanda rouse

Need to improve on faster service to slow

Anthony F

This store wasn't clean. Had a health score of only 92. They did not have brown gravy for my order. All other Hardee's do. French fries were cooked properly, however they were luke warm at best. I ordered the Angus bacon burger meal. The burger was properly cooked. However it was swimming in mayonnaise.The staff however were extremely helpful and nice.

Lou Hall

First if you look at any of my reviews you will notice that rarely I give a bad review and rarely do I give five stars, especially to a fast food restaurant. Let me enlighten you of my choice for this location.I'm not one to frequent this chain for breakfast because you typically see the bin with pre-made sandwiches not knowing when they were made or how old they are. In my opinion making food before the customer orders are given, the quality is given up.At this location you find a team working smoothly and in sync with each other. No long line in the drive-thru and the line inside was minimal. It could be the time I came and there was not a rush but it didn’t feel like that to me.Next the counter person took my order and immediately explained that there would be a small wait because they were making it, French Toast Dips, fresh.After a small wait I received great, hot French Toast. This location has not given up. They in my opinion still care about the experience of the customer. Many restaurants can learn from this team as despite the many roadblocks customers can benefit from their drive to please every customer.

Travis Melvin

Chicken tenders and fries were nice and hot as well as seasoned.

Joanne Johnson-Shaw

Food was hot and good. Presentation could have been better. Great customer service

cameron moore

I ordered a maple chicken and waffle sandwich. How did they forget the MAPLE SYRUP? It’s in the name of the sandwich!!! Don’t take a job, if you can’t do the job. Seriously, I was one of 3 people in the drive through and the lady that was in front of me was checking her order as I was leaving. She through her hands up in disgust. Somehow this Hardee’s Team members can’t get 2 out of 3 orders correct. I give up on fast food. Very poor quality food, worse service, and overall a terrible waste of money. DO NOT GO HERE!

Larry Parker

The customer service is very good and they helped me decide what to order.

Sabrina Matthews

Need to be up to date on there coupon numbers

junebug ashdown

Low carb food and good service you can't beat it

billy alphin

great hot dogs Great value hot food

Darrel Persianni

Good food and very friendly young lady at the drive thru

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