Michaelangelo's Pizza on Memorial

950 Criswell Dr Suite 117, Greenville
(252) 321-0142

Recent Reviews

Michael Pichan

Love their all you can eat pizza and spaghetti deal.Food: 5/5

Lori Stancill

Hot fresh and fast. My husband and I love the pizza here...any slice ...they are ALL great !Food: 5/5

gloria quinn

Need to update the online prices. Ordered the food after looking at the online site, was given the total which was way more than it should have been by the prices online. I told her this is not what your online prices states. The person then ask if I wanted to change my order not an apology or we will honor the online price.


This location is best in greenville it'd cleaner its bigger and it's in s great location. Combined all that with less busy vibe then the one near the harris teeter it's great!


Few guilty pleasures have survived our modern day and the trials we have all faced over the past few years... Michaelangelo's all-you-care-to-eat buffet is one of the last vestiges of what we loved about the 'before' time. Cost... Resonable. Taste... Better than a cafeteria-style served buffet at a college pizza joint should be. Your journey starts with (2) slices of pizza chosen from the pies layered before you in the glass presentation case, next you recieve a heap of [mostly] al dente spaghetti, smothered by a house prepared marinara that would make my Grandmother blush with approvall - all tied together with a selection of beverages. Then, eat and repeat. With (3) locations in the Greenville, NC area; just get in your car, drive there and bring your appetite. Note, small restaurants like these need our support and patronage to continue providing gastronomic options for eaters like us. Pro-tip, get the fried Mushrooms with ranch. Shout-out --- loved the collection of chef's hats today the staff donned! Such fun!

Jeffrey Rhodes

Pizza is average, not terrible but not fantastic either. Very thin crust, sauce is good, toppings are of low quality. Their Italian sub is the worst I’ve ever eaten. The meats are of the lowest quality which explains why the taste is so terrible. Service is good, quick & friendly. Overall, this place is an average pizza shop, nothing great about it. Considering Greenville has limited pizza options, I would consider this place before going to the big chain pizza shops.

audra joyner

Closet to home I'm gonna get down here in the south , it's not New Havens best Modern Apizza or Sally's in Wooster Square but it isss the next best Pizza to home ??

Debra Umphlett

Cold dry pizza can't believe people really like this place I will have to say the fried mushrooms were really good

Joshua Peele (Achilles Photography)

Food was delicious and fast. Always a pleasure to visit.

Tim Barnes

This restaurant is nasty , Tables not clean , the floor looks like mopped with dirty water. It's not like they are real busy ,2 to 3 employees standing around talking so I guess they don't give a darn. This was the location on memorial drive next to pet store.

Nikki lyriq

Eating out these days are a hit and miss, but today Im really disappointed. I didn’t have time to go back, and probably wouldn’t have sine I KNOW they saw this bread was burnt

Randy Blount

Use to love this place now seems like they dont put enough sauce on the pizza as if they gone run out. Makes the pizza taste like cardboard . Dang add some sauce . But the pizza slices are nice size

Jimena Gutierrez

Waited for a Togo order inside the building and the girl at the front called out everyone’s name except mine. When I walked up to her she handed me my order without asking my name so she knew what my order was and that I was waiting for my order. I guess my name is unpronounceable.

Eric Britton

Good pizza, wings and subs! This location is really nice. Go check them out.

Canine Chemistry

We love the pizza here. The gluten free crust is great as well :)

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