Taco Bell

2451 Springs Rd NE, Hickory
(828) 256-3931

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Misty West

They were out of steak rice and beans so wasn't a great experience. Would not recommend ?Food: 1/5

Terran Staranious

My car's atmosphere isn't that great... Only really use the drive through. Food is always edible, which is paramount for a restaurant.Food: 5/5


Worst service did a mobile order so I would not wait in the mile long drive through line i wait in front 5 min before anyone comes around I let them know I’m there for a mobile order I asked if I can buy a gift card as well I ask a question about the promotion for buying a gift card hella rude kid manager or stupervisor the way he talked to the staff I waited 30 min I saw 3 orders being called 15 min after I arrived I asked someone I ordered way before them she looked at me walked away said nothing to me continued to make food ignored me took five min of me looking at her to ask the rude manager next to her about my order the kid in front never let them know I was there and told me there making it few min later I received my order I left upon getting home my full order was wrong only thing that wasn’t messed up was the drink I poured and the cinnamon twist that rude manager/stupervisor needs gone Hard to get good help but the help u getting is pushing ppl away

Derrick Hefner (Truth or Dare Wreck)

They sell tacos. They unfortunately don't sell bells. This place has the beat taco around if nowhere else is open. Great customer service as long as you enjoy rude adolescents ignoring you and slamming the window in the midst of requesting the food you actually ordered. Bells would be good so we cam give you a ring about the lack of hospitality.

Carinda Powell

Service is horrible. I’ve been in line for about 20 minutes waiting for my food, the workers are talking/having long conversations while I’m waiting on my food. I definitely think they could do SO MUCH better that this. Almost all of their staff are young, and unprofessional.

Rodney Garren

Late night taco run, drive thru only was open. And it took FOREVER to get through line. More than half of the cars simply left.Food was taco bell, so ok.

Saibyn Ruff

Placed a mobile order.Got there.Got told they were outta Nacho Fries, which is completely understandable, but then got told they would only swap the order of Nacho Fries for either chips and cheese or Cinnamon Twists, even though every item on the order had an additional $.70 charge for adding nacho fries into them. They said they wouldn't refund the items with nacho fries added, and I'd either have to take the loss, or go on the app and cancel the order and re-order entirely, THEN instead of just taking my new order I would have to circle back through because "a line has formed"I understand not having an item in stock, but for me to use the mobile app and then show up to the restaurant and have the entire order have to be cancelled not only entirely undermines the point of the app, but also was a complete and utter waste of my time and gas money.It's not even that this was really that big of a deal, but with the economy as bad as it is and as expensive as Taco Bell is nowadays, it's literally not worth it anymore, especially with inconveniences like this.Will not be spending anymore money with Taco Bell, or any of the other Yum! Owned brands.

renae rowe

Foods ok but expect to wait in line forever like at least 20 mins to order and get your food

William Haskins II

Service was just a bit slow but food was correct and employees were very friendly! Would definitely recommend!

Jonathan W.

Worst Taco Bell ever hands-down drive-through's pack doors locked five minutes for car and drive.

Jake Brown

Big shout out to Taco Bell staff in hickory think the GM's name is Angela she was really shy and timid when she came on the intercom and took my order but when I pulled up to the window she was so polite and I think there was a guy named Zack or Hunter there and they were just busting their tails Kelly and Amber and Angel they were all pitching in with destiny on the line my will made his hot sauce I love you Taco Bell you're the greatest food ever.

jackson patrick

This place is a joke. We waited 5 minutes for them to take our order via drive thru speaker. Granted, the car in front of us had an 80 dollar order, but it was still a long wait. And after like 3 minutes, I asked what was going on, and a lady got snappy and yelled at us, so we were upset. The guy at the register apologized to us for the wait, and we got our food. Still a bad Taco Bell, will not be coming back to this one.


So far I have gotten my orders right and that's worth 5 stars to me. You may have a little wait but not like the other taco bells.

Jayda Marie

My mom was sitting in Taco Bell parking lot using the Wi-Fi because she just got a new phone. A work lady walked outside and asked my mom “do you need anything?” And my mom politely said “No ma’am I’m using the Wi-Fi for-“ and then the worker cut her off continuing to tell her she could not use the Wi-Fi that her manager said so unless she bought something. My mom left the Taco Bell and went to McDonald’s instead.

Rebecah Florence

Some staff are a little rude and just want you in and out literally ASAP, sometimes my orders are wrong, but overall it’s my go-to Taco Bell

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