The Peanut House

2352 Springs Rd NE, Hickory
(828) 256-9808

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Keith Connor

Serve was very slow I ordered a dish of soup that came to table tasting very salty. Waitress offer to make a new one but decide to ordered a dessert instead (it was charged to us also) but still had to pay for soup we left on table and could not eat. Very bad customer service we decided not to ever come back. And we are local.

Jessica Adams-Holmon

I. Love. This. Place!!! The food is delicious and reasonably priced! The staff is sweet and always inviting. My family and I have all found something we enjoy in the menu. If you want authentic Thai food definitely check them out!!

Kat S

I did a take out order. They had incredible customer service, even though I was not dining in. The food came out quickly. The food was incredible!!!I have a gluten allergy, and they were able to easily accommodate it and had menu options already selected.

Matthew Nanney

Wow. This place is great. The food was perfect and spiced so well. The building looks like a hole in the wall but don’t let that stop you. It is well worth the trip.

Effin & Jeffin

I shall return! There was so many great choices on the menu I found it difficult to choose one item for dinner that I and my daughter will have to return to try them all.We were quickly seated and ordered quickly as well. Prices were very reasonable. Portion size at first may seem small but I was pleasantly full when I left. I'll repeat I shall return and I'm looking forward to it ?

Seb Jove

We had the best experience having dinner in- the food is absolutely amazing and the service was so delightful and helpful. Our super knowledgeable server Amy made the experience fabulous!! Best pad Thai in town hands down, for genuinely unbeatable prices. The places with the best service STAY blessed, looking forward to moa <3

The Addie and Riley Show

I'm not sure if there's been a change up in management recently, but today's visit today was NOT pleasant. We had an issue with a menu item that was missing all the seafood listed and had zero spice ( level 3 requested). They offered to remake it which we were absolutely fine with waiting. We are certain it was thrown back on to reheat and 2 pieces of shrimp were added. Same flavor. We got it back, and it wasn't eaten. We requested the item be omitted from the bill. The manager said there was nothing he can do and no discount was given. I expressed how this will effect our future visits to this restaurant, again, no discount. After sitting in a restaurant that seemed to have no AC in 90° weather even after complaining it was extremely hot in there (my kids literally had sweat spots) we unfortunately won't be returning. I hope this review finds someone to address these issues, because this used to be a favorite.

Sullivan Strong

The best Thai food around. The drunken noodle is incredible! They have a lot of other good dishes as well. The service is great as well. 10/10

Laura Kellogg

**** Editing review- 7/8/22. Very unhappy. It was delivery through the Delivery Chef. I ordered Tofu Pad Thai. It not only was horribly bland, but there wasn’t any tofu! But I DID have a long black hair in it.

Sitora Outlaw

Went to the penut house a few days ago and it was AMAZING i had the pad thai (or however u spell it) and i loved it porrin size was perfect went there with my family and they all jad good things to say about it coming from the fact that they have been there so many other tumes. As this being my first time going i didnt know what to get all of it sounded so good but i was pleased with my order very amazing place and i cant see how u cant rate this a 5/5


I have lived all over the country and am very particular about asian cuisine. I have had many friends from Vietnam, Thailand and China and they love Peanut House. I have had about 75% of the dishes on the menu and have never been disappointed. I am partial to their noodle and stir fry dishes but have also been impressed by their Yum Nua (Beef Salad). I highly recommend The Peanut House not only as one of the best asian restaurants in the area but as one of the best dining establishments period.


How do you people think this is good??!? Have you ever tried real Thai before in a real city? My grandma used to make this thing called "chop suey". It was a heavily Americanized version of Chinese food that tasted NOTHING like actual Chinese food. THIS is the Thai equivalent to that. The curries are like thin soups and with bland flavors. The stir fry was anything but. Tasted like boiled bland veggies in a watery sauce with small bits of boiled pork. If you like Thai that your grandmother from Startown makes (and btw, she knows nothing about Thai food or even where Thailand is located), this place should surely make you happy. This was disgusting.

Melinda Arzola

Incredible flavor, huuuge portion size for everything, lovely service, and very affordable!

Stay Leigh

We tried The Peanut House a couple weeks ago for the first time. It was hands down amazing! The pork belly green beans were just ridiculously good. The sweet and sour chicken was devine. My littles were in love with the spicy shrimp appetizer.It is the first restuarant we have eaten from in a very long time that there were absolutely no complaints. We honestly hardly eat out anymore because of bad food and bad service. The Peanut House had amazing service and food.

melinda G.

Depends on the chef but the food tastes so much better at night then at the morning. 3rd times ordering early when they open and the food it's always a disappointing. Alway so bland, salty and sour. Order the other night and the food was on point so depending on who is the cooked.

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