Biscuitville in High Point

Biscuitville - 2601 W English Rd

Rating: 4.4 - 62 Reviews


2601 W English Rd, High Point NC 27262
(336) 885-5712


Great place to get breakfast on a Sunday when other places are closed. The food is good and the staff are great friendly and place is nice and easy to find

Biscuitville - 2709 S Main St

Rating: 4.4 - 52 Reviews


2709 S Main St, High Point NC 27263
(336) 882-1112


It was ok! No stank attitudes. It wasn't as quick as I thought but I didnt have to wait longer than 5 mins so that's a plus for me at their peak hr. That was from the time I placed order to I got my food! So 5 mins was actually great.

Biscuitville - 3801 Sutton Way

Rating: 4.2 - 78 Reviews


3801 Sutton Way, High Point NC 27265
(336) 812-3607


Biscuitville probably has longest lines(wrapped 2 laps around building), but shortest wait time. Breakfast platter with gravey is delicious. Can't do this but once per week due to calories.

Biscuitville - 1839 N Main St

Rating: 4.1 - 80 Reviews


1839 N Main St, High Point NC 27262
(336) 882-9223

My wife and I love Biscuitville and this one is good. However went to another one in town that failed to let me know that the ham was thin ham which is extremely salty and so I wasn't happy about that and their turkey sausage on a biscuit isn't very good either, but other than those things we enjoy Biscuitville very more

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