Cold Stone Creamery

3350 Footbridge Ln STE 121, Hope Mills
(910) 263-8021

Recent Reviews

Sabrina King

Excellent customer service!

Helena Duncan

My favorite place to go. I eat ice cream from no where else except here!! The staff are very nice.

Levern Dixon

The ice cream is awesome and very tasty and the people are very friendly and knowledgeable of the flavors a milkshakes very very good!!!!!!

Jacob Priddy

Great time at cold stone. We got the large tub and filled it with 4 different flavors of icecream. Great time with the family on a hot day!

Mary Gilliam

My family and I love Coldstone Creamery in Hope Mills. First, because we love ice cream, also everyone is always nice, the store is always clean and finally because we love to support our friends(King&Latonia Parks). Head on over to Coldstone Creamery in Hope Mills to get your ice cream fix:)

Derrick Sonnier

Ok everyone I want to say you have to stop by and meet these wonderful people. The ice cream is phenomenal and the service is even better.

Tre'vone McNeill

I LOVE COLD STONE IN HOPE MILLS ! The people are really nice and I’ve even experienced their food truck!

Mike Jb

I visited today and the staff was extremely rude to me and to the people before me. They expect a tip from every single customer. Would not recommend

Ted Cohen

Good experience, area seemed clean. Good ice cream (Signature Founder’s Favorite). The waffle cone seemed a little stale though.

GhostFace_ Nate

Makayla??Needs??A??Promotion! She was so helpful

Your Local PostMan

I'm 35...I just ate here for the first time. Its ice cream. No big deal. I did realize I'm a basic ice cream eater after discussing what all I'm wanted on my ice cream.

Aulga McNeill

Very nice place,great ice cream.

Brandy J

I love this Coldstone’s. It’s clean and the staff is awesome. However, I strongly dislike the fact that the staff doesn’t wear hair nets. I’ve come in on a few occasions and have had hair in my ice cream. Please consider having the staff wear hair nets to prevent this.

Amanda Sessoms

We had great service until the end. Yes we walked in (5 of us) at 10:15pm. We understood they were fixing to close (not the only customers coming in). They greeted us, took orders, very friendly. As we sat there eating ice cream we were informed they were closed and can't have customers in side after closing. I could understand not letting new customers in but not telling those already in the building to get out. ? Really turned us off.

Bev OA

We have been here a couple of times. The people are always nice and friendly. The Banana Almond Crunch is delicious. We will be back.

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