3000 N Main St, Hope Mills
(910) 425-5329

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Katrina Ratliff

It's a classic! Mickey D's menu has options from low calorie to flat out comfort food plus. They got your new, and nostalgic all in one. Make new memories with your family today!

Carol Callahan

Fries were hard and cold, items were left out of the bag, correct sauce not given and kids meal toy was a book that was completely in Spanish and I was unable to read any of it to my child.

Leslee Teller

I give a 5. But I hate asking for condiments such as ketchup

Chris Edge

Love this McDonald's... Friendly people every time I visit... Good attitude under duress keeps me returning...

Bridget Cheyenne

Fries are usually not fresh, but everything else is good when orders aren't messed up. Which is occasionally.


Im sure they dont mess up everytime but having me park in a reserved spot #3 for 20 +min having the same person walk out with a blank and poor attitude asked me what i had, i told him 3 mcchickens, he came back with 3 mc doubles, i told him no 3 mcchickens he claimed i said mcdoubles, i then for thext 10 min watched him walk in and out delivering food to people ordering far after me...i finally had enough and called that person back over told him i want my money back ..then i told another person tried to convince me to take the food i said im fine i just want my money back, finally a manager walked out with a bag full of extra food and i told him i dont want it i just want my money back it was as if he was afraid he would be fired to give me my 3 dollars back instead of the food i didnt even want the food anymore..Nywho the extra pie they put in to try and ice it over was nast and old and my mcchickens cold thanks mcdonalds

Tricia Bless

Staff was pleasant. #NorthCarolina

Lord Zebra

Costumer interaction with staff was a bit stale, staff isn't as attentive to in store costumers as preferred. Overall this is an average location to grab a quick bite from.

Lele bella

Nice employees at the window but every freaking time I say CHEESE BURGERS NO PICKLE ONIONS OR MUSTARD i still recieve one of the three items I didn't want???

Big Poppa

Drive thru is slow and will not give u sauces, etc when ur sent to your numbered holding ur food hostage parking spot cause ur order put them in the weeds and now u must pay by waiting to get ur food items cold instead of hot.

Shaun Bryant

I took an Uber to get food and arrived at 3:50am on Friday morning June 26th 2020 at the drive-thur just for the drive thur attendent to verbally tell me over the communication device that they are closed. I checked the hours online and you suppose to be open. Total waste of my time and effort. Update your hours of operation or post a sign if you are closed. One upset customer!

Carrie Nemec

I do not recommend this resturant being on a delivery system. I have received cold food & melted milkshakes. Its a little disheartening when you always have great service when your in the restaurant or drive thru.

Ezekiel Arteaga

I know this quarantine thing is that people on the edge but when I can't even order through my phone app and pick up my order gets pretty sketchy ask the guy that work there is it possible I can order any type of food on foot with my phone app mobile order carryout for McDonald's and he straight-up told me no so I went to Taco Bell next door they welcomed me with open arms ready to take my order on foot of course cautious with their mask they complete my order in satisfying my lunch hour

Brittany Helt

The food was good. The service wasn't terrible.

Teekaboo Marshall

Double Fish was hot and good they spoke and greeted me this time Thanks

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