6421 Old U.S. Hwy 52, Lexington
(336) 731-4379

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Brandon Robertson

Top notch service and leading food industry standard

Dainger Phillips

If 0 starts was an option I would 100% click it. They are so rude. I called to ask what time breakfast ended and she told me then immediately hung up. It was like 10:15 and i was trying to order on the app but was having difficulty because it kept saying it wasn't breakfast time, so I called to ask and she said “sorry honey, can’t do nothing about it” and I asked “so I cant order breakfast?” and she said “no” and hung up. Good customer service where? Whoever was in charge of answering the phone on August 31st at 10 am, needs to learn customer service.

Kit Rucker

Good food, good people.

Daniel Simmerson

Food is good but I had to check my order money then once because they didn't ring it up right


Food was hot and fresh! The drive thru is a little slow do to the dining room being closed.

Amy Jo Canfield

The buttermilk chicken was spicy. Could not eat it. Carmel frappe was great

Blue Fox

I love mcdonlads but they always get my orders wrong

Ashley Holbrook

I've always had good experiences at this McDonalds. A lot of them don't have great service or they completely mess up my order, but I've had no problems with this store. Everyone is always really nice and the service is usually pretty quick, even when there's a long line at the drive thru. I used to do work at the Food Lion behind it, and it was really convenient to just run over to McDonalds really quick and grab some lunch.


Not bad, drive thru was a little slow but nothing crazy, the food was what you would expect

Christy Moody Smith

How is McDonald’s out of fries !

Travis Melton

Very disappointed. 3 cars in line. Wait 20 mins order food to be told repeatedly to hold on. Wait to get my food long time by the way. Had the tell the nice gentleman my order again. To have all my burger come out with what I did not ask for. I'm very disappointed in the place.

Andrea Jeter

Great morning coffee spot??‍♀️??

Carolina Cat

The employees at this location have always been pretty standard McDonald fare.

Keisha Luper

come on McDonalds, I order a double hamburger for a reason. why put triple the cheese on my hamburger? I feel like you are trying to be mean. I kid you not there is 3 pieces of cheese on my double HAMBURGER. You can do better than this. Guess who doesn't get to eat supper tonight now?

Roosevelt Burgess

I went to my family reunion and stopped by to get some food for my daughter and grandchildren when we were returning from Winston Salem NC. Good food the McDonald's way.

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