Campus Grill

19 Marshbanks St, Lillington
(910) 893-3333

Recent Reviews

mike miller

great food, great prices, and very friendly staff

Rick Ellis

Awesome food great burgers hidden gem

Bryan Cruz

Very good food. Inexpensive.

Shawn Stevens

Love the Shane's Burger.

Erin Ryan

Loved this place!! Stopped in for a quick breakfast on a road trip. Such friendly staff and delicious food! And if you get an orange gumball from the gumball machine you get a free dessert!!

Sherrial Merritt

One of THE if not the best burgers in Harnett County

Kim Kerby

Great place! Great food! Great service! Friendly employees!

Jennifer Turlington

Great food & atmosphere! Highly recommend! Clean, family style breakfast & lunch! This place greets you w/ open arms, great laughs in conversations w/ locals, fills your belly & you leave usually feeling like you’ve visited loving family!

Lauren L.

Honestly, they should extend their hours and update them on building and online. I think that for a "Campus Grill" closing mid day is kind of crazy. Today they closed at 3, and some students are still in class at that time. I love campus grill, I just really wish they were open a bit later so that I had time to go. My friend and I checked the time online, but it didn't match up to the actual times.


Best black bean burger around.!

Canaan James

Always a great place to come and eat. Great food, awesome owners.

Justin Sellars

Who doesn't love the campus grill? No one I tell ya! Great food and service for not a while lot of money. Hard to find these days and they do it up right everytime. Give them a try and you won't be upset you did.

Blake Hampton Pounds

The food is fantastic! Cooked to perfection.

K S.

If I could give this place a zero I would. The owner is extremely rude and racist. The food is mediocre at best, but when in the area occasionally we would eat there. Recently we went to the fall Berea festival and parked next to the houses. The owner cane flying out and started screaming bloody murder at us. She said "if you ain't eating at my place you ain't parking in my lot" ok I responded her attitude was terrible and all she needed to do was politely ask us to move and because of her yelling and screaming in front of my son we'd never eat there again". She proceeded to call me an "extra white f****** b**** and to get the f*** off her lot and she don't care if I my white a** eat there again" I video taped it all and will be sharing on social media. so my husband and I are trying to get my son into his wagon and she sends out a guy then to come bully us cause we weren't moving fast enough for her and she didn't want to be back on video. Very sad how hateful and racist she is.

Tommie Webster

Great Food Friedly Staff and cant beat the$1.00 hotdogs on Tuesdays

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