Valley Dog - Hot Dog Shop

2495 Soco Rd, Maggie Valley
(828) 283-0794

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Steven S.

Totally bodacious hot dogs. Yes way!

Amy Cornelius

Very tasty hot dogs. Great standard toppings dogs available, but also very imaginative (and delicious) topping combos to try. Chow chow and cream cheese... yes please! My husband loves the Kraut dog (sauerkraut and brown spicy mustard), and I have to agree, it's great. Nice selection of canned sodas to choose from. Fun 80's atmosphere. Friendly people and service. Glad to have ya'll in Maggie!Dietary restrictions: Gluten free buns available

Nichole Persons

This was supposed to be a cheese, then chili, then more cheese. No cheese layered like it was advertised, and the chili literally was cooked ground beef. No chili taste. One of the pictures is what was on the hot dog. I could have made it better at home, hell even the gas station...this was horrible

Jovica Belencan

Who doesn’t like a good old fashioned American hot dog? This place is everything you’d expect it to be…friendly folks, nice mountain views, and great food. Cant wait to come back and have more.

Christina Sherman

Had dinner here for the first time the other night and thought the food was fantastic. We tried a bunch of dogs off the menu as well as the loaded potato salad which was amazing. We’ll definitely eat here again!

Chad Kauffman

Stopped here on our last day in maggie valley. The hot dogs were amazing and the 80s theme was awesome! Writing the kids names with ketchup on the hot dogs was a nice touch! I wish we would have stopped earlier in the week so we could have come back several times. We will definitely be back if we are in the area again.

Mary H.

Great hot dogs and even better service. Very down to earth people! Will definitely go back and high recommend this place!

Keith “Sinista1” Hayes

I will retain my 5th Star until the owner receives his Terminator standup… ??? All jokes aside… Valley Dog is an 80’s Kid Dream House of Memorabilia!!! Their prices are UNBELIEVABLE!!! When you go away on vacation & stop at a place that has a 2 for $5 Hot Dog Special on Wednesdays with the fixings you CANNOT go WRONG!!! Then you can add on a bag of chips & a drink for cheap & you got yourself a SUPER AFFORDABLE lunch especially if traveling with kids!!!I went to Valley Dog with my son three times and all three times was the highlight of our trip as I told him stories about SNLs Mr. Bill & the story of the California Raisins as he pointed out the certain things that captured his attention!!! We will be back with more people next year when we return!!!The staff ROCKS and also LOVES the 80's so speaking with them is not a business gimmick these guys TRULY loves the era & everything about it... If you LOVE the 80's and passing through Maggie Valley PUT THIS STOP in your GPS!!!


Great tasting dogs and totally awesome 80's setting!! I love their chili too and not sure how they make it taste so good. My ONLY complaint since I had started becoming a regular on my ONLY day off which is Sunday, but now you are closed on Sundays and I work all day while you are open on the rest of the days... So sad, but you need a day off like everyone else, I get it.. I will say that the prices are spot on.. Not sure how they even make much money with their prices so low and serving Nathans. I was in shock reading a couple of the other reviews in which some people were complaining about the price. People who complain about these prices obviously have never ran or owned a restaurant. I've priced out dogs before from my restaurant food service vendor and I'm not sure how the effort is even worth the little bit these folks make from these dogs. Some customers just want you to give things away, also the prices are clearly marked on the menu, no one is forcing anyone to buy a $4.00 hot dog. Honestly these dogs should be $6.00 each at minimum. People don't realize that these folks are most likely paying at least $1.39 per plain dog with a bun. It's not like they are buying these dogs for pennies and making bank folks! So out of that little tiny bit of profit they have to pay rent, electric, gas, insurance, taxes, employees, maintenance, water, garbage and sewage among many other business expenses. Then after all that is paid out they hope they have enough to pay their bills at home and support their family. Sorry for the rant.. Excellent dog!

Brandon C.

Owners were friendly and the hot dogs were delicious. I had the Carolina dog with slaw on the side to try since I'm not a huge slaw fan, I ended up adding the slaw great food!

Robin Your Hood

I've been here multiple times and will definitely keep going back. Best hot dogs for miles. Very unique choices for dogs. Can't go wrong with any of them. Also has a hot dog of the month each month that helps keep the menu fresh and more than worth while.

Patti McFarland

Had the May special Derby Dog for lunch and the taste was so spectacular that I had to get some to go for supper. We also had the Carolina dog and the homemade chili had such a good flavor. If you are in Maggie Valley this place is a must stop.

D Sanchez

Great little spot for hotdogs. We were not sure what to expect when we walked in. Cool pictures of everything 80s on the walls. We were pleasantly surprised with the food, my wife loved the Carolina dog with homemade chili. The staff were really nice and treated us like we were their favorite customers and it was our first time. We will definitely be stopping back again the next time we are in the valley.

David Austin

Absolutely amazing food. VERY friendly and courteous staff. Well priced. Could not be happier. Highly recommend the cool ranch dogs.

Diane Barth

Excellent dogs!!!! Retro interior very cool to look at. Loved reminiscing about my hometown union Nj with the owner!!! Definitely will go back and try other dog variations!!! VALLEY DOG ROCKS!

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