Hello Mẹ Vietnamese Kitchen

138 Village View Dr Suite 103, Mooresville
(704) 765-5201

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Sara Lee

Had chicken pho. Broth was excellent, not salty. Chicken was bland. Noodles were good. I had left overs. I think the chicken may taste better after it sits in the broth overnight. Nice young people working.

Faton Mabon

I love the ordering system when you dine in a Hello Me! You can order and pay at your table. I feel like it makes the experience a lot more efficient and fun! Also, the quality of the food here is excellent. I’ve tried many of the menu items (the pho and shaken beef are two of my favorites), but literally everything is delicious! They obviously use very high quality ingredients no matter what they’re cooking.

Nahur Gabi

I’ve dined in and taken out many many times here. I’ve tried a lot of different items on the menu and have always loved everything. It’s all super good quality Vietnamese food. The Mama’s Fried Rice is one of my favorites, but like I said, everything is very good quality and really tasty! I always get the mango crush fruit tea too, it's so refreshing and tastes handcrafted!

david larraga

Awesome Miso soup! Hello Me is a welcoming restaurant with the ability to easily order your food with the use of the self serve Kiosk. I greatly enjoyed the service as well as the gargantuan serving sizes. I ordered the chicken fried rice with a side of hot miso soup and some of the best spring rolls in town. I finished it off with a glass of red wine. Overall this spot is great for lunch/dinner I will soon be returning for the famous Miso soup!

Tan Haong

I love everything about this restaurant. They have excellent food and great service, and the restaurant itself and bathrooms are very clean. The prices are very reasonable too. We come here all the time and I sneak in for tea a few times a week. Their teas are so good!


hello me is a top rated Vietnamese restaurant in/near Charlotte.It's an open, airy, contemporary restaurant with a lot of indoor and outdoor seating. Very bright with soft colors and a beautiful mural.Customers order through a touchpad at the front counter. Once done, pick up a number and find a seat. I kinda like this non-traditional way of ordering. You can also just find a table, scan the QR and order that way.Be. Prepared. To. Wait. Dishes are handmade, prepared fresh for each order. No bulk preparation, microwaving and putting under a heat lamp.Staff is exceptionally kind, friendly and engaging.Let's talk about the food. It's legit amazing. Everything from the broth to bean sprouts were a fresh as possible. Spring rolls were large and packed with wholesome ingredients equally as fresh. What is more, they fry a spring roll wrapper and place in the spring rolls so you get a nice crunchy bite with each bite. Incredible. Peanut sauce is masterfully crafted, and the vinegar dip....I could drink. Meat was tender and flavorful. My highest recommendations for hello me.

Sabrina Vigsnæs

Hello me was some of the best and most fresh Vietnamese food I have tried in the Charlotte area. The atmosphere was so welcoming and it made me feel good that there was a completely separate vegan menu on the self serve kiosks so you know what you are getting!

Chau Danh

I had never tried rice paper rolls until I went here and oh my goodness are they a favorite now! Among the several that I tried, I loved the honey glazed chicken and the carmelized salmon. The ingredients were fresh and just delicious. There was an ease of online ordering fast and simple. I like that you are able to schedule your pick-up or delivery for a later time. I will definitely be a repeat customer!

Chien Quan

The food is great, and often I go there with my eyes bigger than my stomach. I guess I am the epitome of telling the waitress to wrap it up to go. Plus the portions are huge and very generous for the prices. You will really like this place.

Dan Eames

Great, fresh food that is well prepared. The dining area is very clean and welcoming. Great service even though it can be a little slower. I'm tempted to give 5 stars but they are lacking that one over-the-top thing (food, atmosphere, service,etc.) which makes a place special.

Phuc Trong

I've had pho in other countries and the ones from this place is far superior. In my opinion this pho one of the best the broth is fantastic the beef really adds a lot of nice texture to it. I’m on a personal mission to try all the different items on their menu that they have highly recommended.

Kalena Kay

It’s my first time since they changed from Pho Me. I loved that you order through the kiosk or use the QR code at the table. I ordered the Five-Spice Pork spring roll: good size, 10/10 for deliciousness, but 1/10 because it only comes with 1 for $3.95. I also ordered the Pho Me Dac Biet: 2/10 because the noodles were clumpy, hard to pull apart, and the broth itself was alright, but it was starting to get cold already. I ended up not finishing it because the noodles were not good. I eat a lot of pho homemade and at the restaurant, so I had high hopes. I will be coming back again to try other things on the menu.

Kamol Tatsuo

We have been searching for a decent Vietnamese restaurant since we moved here and now I have found it! It’s all so tasty. I had vermicelli rice noodles with fresh veggies, basil , grilled pork, crushed peanuts, and a great vinegar sauce to pour over.

Tong Wang

Loved what Hello Me did to minimize the contact while still delivering great customer services. The pho soup is legit and loved the presentation of both dishes. They have plenty of outdoor seating which allows better social distancing. Will definitely go back particularly in cold weather for the hot soup ?.

adah griffith

This place! I’m vegan but my partner is not so we tried a variety of things from the menu… every item was absolutely DELICIOUS ? I would definitely recommend the spring rolls and the Pho (pictured) and the Rice Plate Combination (pictured) and the drinks too ?? I had the mimosa and my partner had the Ginger Me Mule ♥️? I will be back with friends and family… the aesthetic, presentation, and service would be worth it alone ?? Thank you so much Hello Me!

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