Beaches Burgers

6551 Beach Dr SW, Ocean Isle Beach
(910) 575-7777

Recent Reviews

Kurt R.

$7 for what ends up being a Wendy's single,"without bacon". Waaay overrated and overpriced!!!! $3 for a bacon cheeseburger at Lowes down the street...

Jess S.

It's such a cute little hole in the wall, but for boasting so much about their burgers, I found it odd that their hot dogs were better. Burgers are bland and dry, the hot dogs are nothing to write home about. I'd go down the street to the dog grille instead.

Alan Kirby

Not a fan! The cheeseburger was fair. The burger meat did not have a good taste. For the price of the burger and onion rings I could have gotten a first class hamburger with all of the trimmings at a steak house. Constellation prize: The shake was good.

John Mullis

The staff was amazing very friendly and helpful. I liked the hot dog with chili and slaw. The okra was good it a side option. The cheese burger was ok very thin patty but no seasoning. The cheese wasn’t even melted on the patty. I had high hopes for this place but it just didn’t live up to the hype.

Ryan Morley

This place was great and getting five stars simply because the food was that good.I had a more traditional double cheeseburger with lettuce, onion, pickle, ketchup, and mayonnaise. The burger was excellent, not quite greasy like a Five Guys burger but wasn't dry at all.Also, decided to try something new flavor wise and got the Carolina dog. It had slaw, chili, mustard, and one other ingredient I can't remember. As for someone who typically doesn't like slaw I thought all the flavors messed well and the dog was great.The rest of my family all enjoyed their food and exclaimed how good it was. For 4 adults, a toddler, and baby we spent about $87. This included a few shakes. We were a bit confused about our final total but my wife paid and didn't pay attention to the reciept. It was my understanding the burgers and dogs do not come with sides which we all ordered one side each.One thing I didn't particularly care for was a sign in the store explaining that there had been a recent cost increase due to inflation. They apologize in this letter but go on to say they care for their customers. This sign also had a Joe Biden sticker on it that said, "I did that." Didn't really care to be pandered to while eating my lunch. As an out of towner I'd never known about the price increase and would have enjoyed the food regardless.Overall, five stars because the burgers and dogs were that good. But I don't need the politics while I eat.

B 4letta

Ok was okay. My neighbor eats here often and raved about it. We tried it but didn't really care for it. We like our burgers seasoned and with more flavor.

Bill Blake

Awesome small business for burgers,not dogs and fries. We have been coming here on our vacation for years. Never disappoints. Be sure to check the hours, they only serve lunch.


I liked the walk up window and the outside table area. It's a great place to stop by after work for a hot dog and fries! The lemonade was amazing! The service was fast and the food was delicious!

Jeremiah H.

I was expecting good... but this experience was GREAT. Wonderful food, even better service. Our waitress would not cease to serve us and help with anything we needed. 10/10 would recommend to anyone. Will be coming back next time I'm in town.

David B.

Great place to eat for quick food. Great prices! Lines are long when it's lunch time and staff could be a tad more friendly but overall a good experience.

Rick Hadsall

Classic roadside burger stand, for 40 years. What a cool place - has a walk-up window to order, delivery through another window. There's some inside seating and outside seating. Burger options allow you to customize how much beef you want and what you want on it - lots of choices! There are hot dogs, and sandwiches (chicken, bbq, and others). Great sides, too - tater tots, onion rings, fries. In back they have menus from many decades of business - prices have changed a bit but the service and quality surely hasn't.

Eric smith

In my opinion it was okay, but doesn't hold a candle to Burg-Dog Grille in Shallotte, NC. Service here was good and food was okay. All in all 3 out of 5 stars. I myself would not call their burgers "famous". Overall a good experience just not my favorite burger.

Pete Garich

OK, not a knock out, I generally don't get that hungry. Mostly for tourists and recent new move ins. That Don't know any better

Elizabeth M.

I love the BLT! It's all good at Beaches Burgers. Love the beach music and the staff are really friendly.

Angi B.

We love this place. My daughter and I discovered it a few years ago when we were in the area for a dance competition. We make it a point to stay in Ocean Isle every year just to grab a burger here. The food is great, the staff is kind and the atmosphere is comfortable.

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