5265 Six Forks Rd, Raleigh
(919) 571-1303

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Dinah Milan


Anna L.

This location is by far the worst. Walked in and straight out. Dirty and dingy. There where two employees there a man and a female around 6:39 pm on this Monday. Neither of them wore face masks nor gloves. The man had his whole hand in the ice cream freezer. Not sure what he was doing and the lady at the drive though window was on cloud nine or pretended to be. No hello can i help you or any sort of greeting the man didn't even bother looking at us. I really wish both of them luck cause in these times all our employments are crucial and we need them us included. Rolled out and went to Ben and Jerry's they killed it like champs. Wore masks, gloves, greeted us and politely instructed to follow proper social distance.

Angela Gulley

Love being able to taste new flavors.

Von Love

This is the worst made reese's peanut butter cup sundae. Looks nothing like the picture on the menu. It's not worth $7. There's nothing premium about it. Very disappointed.

BP Reynolds

Good and drink is good but the employees that work the drive-thru "always" act like they're miserable and the speaker system is horrible.

Stephen Schmidt

Always a great place to visit.

Marc Snyder

Not a very welcoming place.

Betty Anderson

Delicious ice cream. My favorite is the chocolate chip . My daughter's is the mint chocolate chip.

Ernestine Mbata

Great hospitality and even greater ice cream

Paradoxical Intention

I tried to order some ice cream from them via Postmates, but instead of letting the Postmates people know they didn't have the ice cream I wanted when they received the order, they waited until the driver got there, and it turns out they didn't have much of anything at all beyond vanilla and chocolate. Since that's no where near what I had asked for (I had wanted the caramel Oreo flavor), I had to cancel my order, and so I'm out four dollars because the driver was already there, and Postmates charges you if you cancel after the food has been "prepped", though they didn't have what I had asked for, so I don't know how it could have been prepped.

John Kanich

Love the ice cream.


Love this place great location

Curt M

Store is clean and folks are friendly but this store does not carry the no sugar added flavors at all

Kyle Hinton

31 flavors what's not to like

Wendy Edens

Very very slow

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