5265 Six Forks Rd, Raleigh
(919) 571-1303

Recent Reviews

Sky Leach

one word: Kruellers

Jacques Arse

Good service, warm and clean but dated furnishings. Very difficult to get in and out of parking lot.

Stephen Sumrall

I called ahead to order 2 dozen glazed and they didn’t answer their phone. Then when I showed up they REFUSED to give me more than 6 of any kind or assorted. Giving me more than 6 is for sure possible because Dunkin’ on WF made them fresh for me, GO THERE INSTEAD!

Ellen B.

I wish there was literally any other place to get a quick breakfast and coffee on Six Forks Road. Have tried to order coffee and breakfast for my family of four through the drive through (which was denied, because there is apparently a limit on the number of people who can order through the drive through in one car, and that limit is three people.). Every trip here is miserable in one way or another. I used to come here more regularly and at first I thought maybe it was me and something I was doing was making me seem rude and so I have tried to do all I can to have any sort of positive interaction with any person that works here. I haven't had any luck yet. I would say if you don't like your job just quit, but I've been inside too and I think this is either an owner or manager problem--I have witnessed a man berating staff from behind the counter and overall it just seems like nobody would ever like working there.

Katrina Williams Downing

The person at the drive through was very rude. I was waiting for some to come to the speaker for 5 minutes. When she came I said I have two orders. She said you gonna have to hold on. So i waited 5 more minutes. Then the kicker!! Wow... I didn't know you couldn't order 4 dozen of original donut. I said I need 4 dozen of original she said we don't do that. I can't sale you 4 original i can give you 4 variety. I said you can't sale 4 dozen of original. She said no. Do you want variety. She said I can give 1 original and 3 variety. I said ok what ever. She then said what's your next oder. By this time it's someone different on the mic and she is much more pleasant. I get to the window there are a lot of people there don't know why. I get my items and I leave. Get to work and guess what I have 4 boxes of variety and no original. This was my last trip to DD, I keep giving them a chance but this was it. I was planning a event for my parents at my school and they were no help. I will pay more and go further for Starbucks and Krispy Kreme. If I have to step in for you cause your so rude I don't need you working for me.

Crickett Millette

dounuts good service bad very rude

Cassandra Costello

This place is convenient but the speaker in the drive thru is terrible, the staff is always in a rush to the point of being rude, part of my order is always wrong despite repeating what I ordered back correctly, and the wait is always ridiculously long. Will not be utilizing this particular Dunkin' anymore.

Proncen 9.

Went to this Dunkin Donuts this AM to treat my co workers to holiday cheer. I couldn't hear the speakers as happens frequently, so I went around. Well...I got such a dirty look from the lady at the counter. She said "I told you to wait for me"!!!! Never been so insulted. I said never mind. Try good customer service please. I have and it works wonders. Life's short.

Maria U.

Had a bad experience today and they told me they were out of Boston creme donuts for the day and it's only 10 am on a Saturday

Lee Thornburg

The employees were very friendly, and when we had to wait they not only gave us a discount, but a free donut as well. Great place, good people.

Nealee Fisher

The workers are always super nice, the ice cream and donuts are BOMB, and if you go when construction workers happen to be on break, you'll be called beautiful

Christy Colebank

The service is slow. We went in for ice cream and were ignored because they had drive up orders. We went in for hot chocolate and it wasn't very hot.


11 am on Friday and no pumpkin doughnuts or pumpkin muffins, so I got my son pumpkin munchkins and they ended up being old and stale. I ask for a chorizo breakfast bowl and they said they didn’t have any bowls ready. The workers were not very friendly. I would avoid this location.

Emily McLain

Of the past couple times I went the past couple weeks, they have gotten my coffee wrong and my bagel order wrong. I can understand mistakes, but they happen way too often. I can’t rely on this location to get my order correct anymore.


11 am on Friday and no pumpkin doughnuts or pumpkin muffins, so I got my son pumpkin munchkins and they ended up being old and stale. I ask for a chorizo breakfast bowl and they said they didn’t have any bowls ready. The workers were not very friendly. I would avoid this location.

Richard Ronald

The best donut selling place. I had this banoffee donut and I was so whelmed with these. The place in itself gives such a happy vibe

Cindy T.

This place is terrible!! I just left there and honestly have never been treated more rudely by the "manager". If you guys do not change the attitude and lack of kindness from your employees then you will continue to lose business. I am so irritated by how I was just treated that I pulled off the side of the road to give others a heads up to find another Dunkin or another donut option!!! I will NOT go back here again.

Riley Bolton

It’s such a shame that this location is so bad as it’s so convenient. Went last week and had a really bad coffee but by the time I’d tasted it, I had already pulled out onto six forks. I thought maybe it was a fluke (burnt pot or something). This morning, I went by and after spending about 5 minutes trying to get them to properly repeat back my order, my drink was awful. The coffee tasted extremely sour/bitter. Again like it had been burnt or was really old. I went in and was immediately greeted with “after all that it’s not right?” I explained that the drink was right but the coffee was sour tasting, maybe old. The woman went to get my refund, all the while mumbling “how is coffee sour, tell me how can coffee be sour?” My husband ordered an iced black coffee (seriously, how can you mess this up?!) but it tasted more like tea because of how watered down it was. Will NOT be going back.

Rachael R.

The employee nesha at the window was so rude and rolled her eyes when we did exactly what the other employee told us to do. Nesha needs a conversation about proper customer service.

chauncey tully

Run in dunkin everday love thislocation very friendly andmake my iced coffee just the way I like it!

Shi Shi Shi

This is the worst Dunkin in Raleigh by far. If you prefer good service. Timely service. And fresh coffee with a smile. Please locate another Dunkin Donuts quickly! Unfortunately this is consistently true. And I love DD. But they make me prefer Starbucks in this area.

Breanna Savage

nice place to think about business. the place has an awesome atmosphere. food and atmosphere reminds me of atlanta.

Meri Martin

I’ve had enough bad experiences at this location. Their drive-through speaker is terrible. They consistently treat customers as if it’s the customer’s fault. Orders are

Don McCarty

Ran the place 20 years ago. Still great food, and great people here!!!! Keep it up.

shaikh sadique

The worst latte in All of NC. I have been having issues with this location for a year now. But today I have had enough. They under fill the coffee. When you go inside to order they won’t attendyou. Occasionally I have noticed them cursing and laughing out loudly. That’s it. I will never visit this location again IN MY LIFE.

Tanya I.

Doesn't deserve one star- couldn't understand the girl over the intercom when ordering so we drove to the window to place our order & she acted very angry when we pulled up & asked for a particular donut, she actually yelled " I already told you", maybe she did but we couldn't understand her over the intercom, TERRIBLE customer service ! Definitely will not go back there! DD's need to fire that girl & give the job to someone who appreciates having a job! So- we went to Goodberry's for frozen custard- much better!!

Tiffany Linthicum

Not happy with the service. I will not return to a place that is rude to their customers. No one was happy and they told me they can’t give me 6 donuts but only two. Like what the heck haha you guys sell donuts why can’t you give them out, to busy eating them yourselves

Taylor Paxton

My husband and I came here to by 6 bagels to take to his mother’s house. There were plenty of available bagels but the cashier refused to sell 6 of them because we had not called in and ordered them ahead of time. She said that was too many to buy at once unless preorderd. I’v never heard of such a thing. She was incredibly rude for absolutely no reason. My mother in law is sick and unable to leave the house and wanted some bagels. Very disappointed in how my husband was treated and will never spend another dollar there.

Jaclyn Miyoshi

More often than not the employees have a bad attitude.

Tee C.

Went through the drive through and the woman taking orders was super rude. Like don't be mad with me because you hate your job. In addition I order half decaf and it was 90% decaf 10% regular. I watched them pour it. I swear if there were more Dunkins down here I would not come here again.

Caitlin Gilgannon

This is by far the worst Dunkin in the Raleigh area. The staff could not be ruder, and they never get my order right (just one coffee). They are out of different coffee syrups at least once every week. The last time I went, they handed me an iced coffee that was clearly sitting there for hours - the ice was almost completely melted and it tasted like water. I have given this location multiple chances, but I have not once had a positive experience

Jaysen A.

I think dunkin donuts is the best because they give you it so fast.And if you have to go to work you can get a little snack on the way from dunkin donuts.

Crystal Kofler

If I could give zero stars I would. I've been a couple times, and this will be the last. Waited in line forever, the people working there had no sense of urgency at all. Waited 15 minutes in drive thru (only ONE car in front of me) They were not busy. I pay for my coffee and box of donut holes, and go on because at this point I'm almost late to my destination. Over coffee. Upon first sip... pure disappointment. It didn't taste like the coffee I ordered AT ALL (supposed to be the coconut caramel girl scout cookie) it was watery, no flavor, and bitter. Tasted like it had sat on the counter for 30 minutes. My donuts were dry, and no care to assortment as I only recieved the glazed kind. (The powdered sugar cinnamon was the whole reason for ordering the assortment). I'm surprised this location hasn't been bulldozed down like everything around it. DD you need to start over here.


Stopped here yesterday and went thru drive thru and let me tell you, these are the rudest and slowest staff ever. I had to repeat my order 3 times and all I was ordering was a simple coffee. The young lady was very rude by saying WHAT, Dats it....just terrible I drove off and went somewhere else. Throw the whole location away

Stephen Montgomery

They see the truck

Josh Packett

Typical Dunkin Donuts... But, this one is actually better/faster than some; coffee is always good!

Briannah B.

I've been to this location multiple times as it's on my route to work and have not once been satisfied with my order. Today I ordered a large coffee, I noticed it was pretty light for a large, I took the lid off and half the cup was full of foam. I payed for coffee, not foam. I don't have the time to go back and with the attitude I got just ordering there is no way I'm going to say they did something wrong. It is like it's always Opposite Day, I'm lactose intolerant (which I say at the window when I'm ordering) I ask for no cheese-there's cheese, I ask for a large-I'm handed a small, I order iced-I'm handed hot, I order hot-I'm handed iced. I give them the benefit of the doubt that they are super busy and it's early in the morning but the attitudes have put me off. Starbucks is worth the extra cash for exceptional service and correct orders.

Cassie Gainer

I have been to this DD many times. The last time was my last visiting this location. I was craving an iced caramel latte (because I'm pregnant) and stopped in the drive thru. I pull up to order, tell the employee what I would like, then hear her talking to other employees in the background. I proceeded to wait about 2 mins before she turned her attention back to me and said "what did you want?". Then I had to tell her again and made sure to tell her I needed my latte to be decaf. Once I got to the window I was "greeted" by an obviously irritated employee. She did not say hi or anything, just told me the price. I paid, then she gave me my coffee. I asked, just to double check, if it was decaf. Her response was "if it says decaf on the sticker, then it's decaf". So I turn the cup around to read the sticker (it didn't say decaf anywhere on it) and went to tell her, thinking she was waiting for me to read it. She had disappeared. So I waited for her to return. Once she saw me, she rolled her eyes and said "yes ma'am?" I said "it doesn't say decaf." Her response was "well it is". I said "well you told me it would say it and it does not, so I'm making sure because I can't have caffeine". Then she finally asked the person who made it who assured me it was. I understand that working in a breakfast restaurant in the morning rush can be stressful, but if your main job is customer service, please be nice to your customers.

A Webb

They are fast for breakfast.

Jeff Bouton

Rudest staff act like you’re causing them such inconvenience by ordering DONUTS at Dunkin’ Donuts. I ordered 2 dozen assorted (assorted to make it EASIER for them) donuts and you would have thought I asked her to perform open heart surgery. This location needs an attitude adjustment. Better yet shut it down I’ll drive 15 min out of my way to go ANYWHERE else.