Heirloom - Coffee, Tea, Sake

219 S West St, Raleigh

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K P.

It's the 2nd time I had an extremely bitter/sour espresso. The first time was at Jubala. Is it some sort of brewing error? It really made me cringe. Latte was ok. Not the best I've had.

Joe Kinney

Very chill atmosphere & friendly staff. Menu seems limited & as a coffee drinker having only one size cup to choose from is a no go. The brownie are delicious & there are plenty of outlets for charging your devices.

Lorraine Stephenson

First visit to Heirloom for my birthday last night. Sampled nearly everything on the menu. Delicious food, great service, nice ambiance. I highly recommend it!

Michael DeBartolo

Great Place. Awesome coffee!

Hadley H.

Adorable tea shop with great quality teas and coffees. Very unique tea experience! Kind of pricey for a tea, but the tea is obviously high quality. Highly recommend this cute shop.

Katherine Stephenson

Wonderful place to stop in for a quick and tasty coffee, as well as a great location to stay and get some work done while enjoying the delicious, eclectic food menu. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!!

Haley B.

I've never been to a more beautiful cafe than here. It's lovely. The tea was really good too with some decent selection. We only tried the Japanese chips and would probably skip it next time - they're rather expensive for kettle chips with spices on top. Very cool spot though.

Clara M.

Such a beautiful new spot in downtown Raleigh. Definitely worth the visit. Lots of great sake, tea, and coffee drinks. Also a good spot to get work done because the volume is low and there are lots of outlets for you to charge your devices.

April G.

Hipster Asian themed coffee, tea, and sake shop. Interesting selection of teas and food choices you won't find anywhere else. The coffee setup looks really cool and I'll try it next time I stop in! Clean and modern feeling inside with a nice design aesthetic.

Jackie W.

Whether you're coming here for a few hours to do some work or stopping by to walk around the rapidly expanding warehouse district, Heirloom is certainly the best stop to make in the area. When you first walk in, be prepared for a spacious interior with a calm ambiance that you may not find in other spots in the area. The staff is fantastic and every time I visit, I feel like I am just continuing a conversation from the last time. Though I have only had their coffee, the mint sparkling coffee is worth a try even for the flavored latte drinker.

Lindsay C.

Really cute atmosphere and a great place to get some work done. I love the minimalism of their decorations, with house plants, and pops of color with the pink. I had the brow sugar latte and my friend and I split the chicken bites... the chicken bites are bomb. Even if you're not a coffee/tea drinker, you should stop by to try these babies. Plus it's such a great location and right next to urban outfitters. If you need a pick me up while shopping you can just hop right in. Definitely will be going back. I still need to try the mint iced coffee that I hear is amazing!

Matt B.

Very hip. Sleek. Minimalist. But a cookie is $4 and a brownie is $5. So come here if you want to encourage the proliferation of businesses in Raleigh that charge those prices. Or don't, if you, like me, think that's highway robbery.

Enrique G.

My wife and I stumbled upon this gem while walking around downtown. Located just across from the new train station, it's located in The Dillon Building. I really enjoyed the aesthetic of the space. The large windows and open space made the whole experience even better. I got the Sparkling Mint Cold Brew which I really enjoyed. I have had sparkling cold brews before and I didn't enjoy them due to them being over carbonated. This had the right mix of carbonation to my liking. Those expecting this to be similar to a Nitro based cold brew may be surprised that it drinks more like a soda. Matcha flat was also very delicious. They have a good selection of teas and my wife got the roasted green tea. It's nice to have a place like this in Raleigh. For those that like to study in places like this, there appeared to be numerous outlets. Also the music choices playing were perfect. Kudos to the creator of that playlist. Will be coming here again!

Alexa L.

What a beautiful coffee and tea shop in downtown Raleigh! As others have already gushed, this is a gorgeous place to drink, study, chat, whatever you like. It just has that calming, peaceful atmosphere--not a bustling loud coffeeshop at all. I tried the brown sugar and five spice latte, and the cappuccino. Both were perfectly made! My favorite thing was the matcha cookie--at $4 a pop, it's a little pricey, but wow it's worth it. I'm so excited for this area of downtown Raleigh--first the food hall, now Heirloom? I'm certainly coming back, to try the teas, and getting more matcha cookies!

Oaky A.

My new favorite coffee shop. So clean, great coffee and teas and fantastic unique desserts that you probably won't be able to find anywhere else. The workers here are also extremely nice and down to earth!

Renee Bragg

Wonderful little sake bar. Crisp and clean, bright and welcoming. The Drunken Whale sake comes ready to help you take off the day or the rain. Their 5 spice coffee is also very warming while helping one relax as well

Kiara I.

I really like Heirloom I wanted to try it because the outside looked so appealing and aesthetically pleasing! They did a great job! I first saw this place doing our family photos downtown and I knew that I wanted to stop in! The gps brought us straight there and because it was earlier in the morning there was street parking available but we opted for the parking garage! Which had plenty of parking but there is a fee! It wasn't too expensive I think it ended up being $6 for a couple of hours! The parking garage leads right down to door that takes you outside to walk to heirloom I kind of wish there was an entry into heirloom from the inside just for colder and rainy days! But the walk was literally 5 seconds and you were there! When we first walked in I noticed the very minimal decor and the pink chairs! It was well laid out, the space isn't very big but I can tell the designer paid attention to detail which expanded the space a lot more! The floor to ceiling glass windows were my favorite! We ordered with one of the staff members. Because they were just opening they only had their drink menu and pastries available but I did hear her say they were introducing other items to the menu. We ended up ordering; 1 latte, 1coffee and 2 pineapple pastries! Our total came up to about $21 dollars which I thought was very expensive! The bathroom was extremely clean and the wallpaper around the mirror was beautiful! The entire place was clean! The staff was very nice! One cool feature is that they have plugs along the bottom of the windows and other plugs as well! Overall I like this place, it's a bit more expensive that an average coffee shop but everything was good and I would definitely go back but the next time I'm going to get tea lol

Paige Derouin

The vibe is just beautiful and so peaceful. I had a sparkling mint cold brew. Usually I have to drink my coffee with cream but this one was smooth enough to drink black. Really enjoyed my visit and will be back.

Laurelle H.

The atmosphere is great here. Especially, with natural light coming through the window. Great places for pictures. I haven't try any food or beverage here yet. Just used them for pictures.

Kayla B.

Great location! Great atmosphere! Great people, and great tea!! Can't wait to try the coffee and sakƩ :)

Heirloom - Coffee, Tea, Sake

219 S West St, Raleigh, NC 27603