Supremo's Pizza & Wings

2822 New Birch Dr #100, Raleigh
(919) 977-3218

Recent Reviews

Samantha Sutton

The quality of their pizza has gone down in the last year or so... But still better than dominoes or little casears. The lady who is answering the phone/taking orders is miserable with her job. Today I witnessed her hang up on a customer and roll her eyes. She then asked what I needed and informed me that she didn't put our order in when we called despite repeating it back to us. we ordered the food and went back and observed her being terrible to an elderly client. This is ridiculous and management should really reconsider that specific hire.

A Tribe Of FIVE

The food was great and the service was great!!

Logan White

These people don't even know their own menu.

Darcelle Nelson

My Son Jordan Told Me About This Place Because knows That I Love Good Pizza! DELICIOUS ❤

Jackson West

First time trying Supremo's. The pizza is a little pricey, but it is well worth it!!!! Give them a try?

Shaneka Adesioye

Pizza is sooo bomb and fresh!! My kids love this place over other known competitors.


Supremo's has a lot more than just pizza and wings! They have pasta on the menu and some really delicious calamari that you must try! They also have a favorite of mine, limoncello cake. Get you a slice.

Blanca Gibbs

Best New York style pizza in the area. I highly recommend the pastas and wings too!

Blanca M.

I witnessed sexual harassment at work from a male employee towards a young female employee today June 11th 2019 around 2-3pm. The man was very aggressive telling her things about how he needed a woman. He was gross and disgusting. He was also using profanities in front of the costumers including the F word many times. I could see that the man was high in drugs. I told the lady in front of him that what he was doing was a crime and that she didn't have to put up with that type of behavior. The man ran to the kitchen and then a manager came out with bad actitud. He seemed mad because I intervened. He told me that he was going to talk to the guy. This type of work sexual harassment is unacceptable and a crime. I gave the lady my phone number just in case if she wants to sue the place that allows this type of behavior.

Byalinah Shakir-Burgess

The lasagna looked like soup with almost no noodles or meat. When I called to complain about the guy who answered the phone was rude. He said " However you got it is how we make it and there's nothing I can do about it". I asked if the owner was there he got off the phone and then came back on pretending to be the owner. When I called him out on it due to him having a distinct accent he continued to be rude.

Rashad Gattis

Pizza was okay. Nothing special. Wings were okay. I've had better. I didn't like the fact that there were people loitering outside the restaurant.

Secret S.

Wow I'm absolutely shocked at what just happened. I got a large cheese pizza to go. Right next to the counter are the shakers with cheese and red pepper flakes. I wanted to add this before I took my pizza home. When I picked up the red pepper flakes the lid fell off and the entire contents poured on to my pizza. Even after I picked up the slices individually and shook them they were 100% coated in pepper. I politely asked if I was responsible or would they replace the two pieces (they sell it by the slice) that were coated in it and the young lady offered me napkins to wipe off the pepper flakes. I was astonished. So I just left. As a small business owner I know the importance of keeping the customers you have. This is the closest pizza place to my house but I don't think I can support an establishment that disregards their customers so easily. *** update *** I ate the pizza. It was spicy af

Dallas West

Seeing very mixed reviews here so I'll keep it brief.

Eric Torres

By far the best pizza I have ever had in the triangle. I try to support local places instead of chains and this place never disappoints. Very clean and you can tell they only use high quality ingredients

Mitchell B

Some of the best pizza in the triangle, all the ingredients are fresh and the pizza was made quick. I've only been a few times but I'm looking forward to many more visits. If I could give it 6 stars I would. Also highly recommend the grilled chicken panini, super good!

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