Taco Bell

5434 Six Forks Rd, Raleigh
(919) 781-5458

Recent Reviews

Nancy Campbell

Worse Taco Bell ever! I consistently have issues when going here. I keep trying to give it a chance, about 6 month intervals. I swing in after a long day, 5:30 am - 9:15 pm, to get something to eat. I sit at drive thru for about 6 min. No one says anything. I say hello several times, no one answer. I pull forward, there is a car at the window. I back up to speaker, try again. Nothing! I end up backing out of the drive thru. As I do, I see 2 employees at counter chatting. This place needs to be shut down! I have been in the NHills community for 10 years and this is the one business in the area that is consistently horrible at customer service!

chris stafford

Taco Bell is a very consistent eating experience. I never go for the new dish they have, I usually stick with the tried and true favorites of tacos. You cant mess those up ever. No matter what location, town, or state you find yourself at, it always works.

Gabby A.

I went earlier tonight and ordered two black bean crunchwrap supremes. Just got home to realize that they both have meat in them which I cannot eat and I'm really disappointed. I spent money to throw my food away. If someone orders something without meat please ensure that is what you give them.

Jennifer Kovalick

Painfully slow every. single. time. and no way to dip out of the drive thru because if it's configuration, so you're stuck.

Prea Noyce

Workers are ratchet and extremely disrespectful, we went through drive through and they didn't put all out stuff in the bag and then we went back through(since the dining are was closed) the woman on the speaker had a attitude with us. There is no communication in the kitchen and no one seems to know how to do their job. But then again that's why they have a 2.9 rating. 9/16/20

Susan Costley

Super friendly and fast service! Timothy is awesome.

Christina Verwoerdt-Solanto

I went to taco bell on 12-27-19. Ordered the crunchwrap meal. Asked for them to put beans in place of meat there was no issue until I started to eat the food. The crunchwrap was bean so I just went to take a bite of the taco. Then a burst of fat from the meat inside the taco went in my mouth. I did not think I had to check this. I am vegetarian for 5 years and never ate red meat since it would make my stomach hurt even when I ate meat before going vegetarian. This is very disappointing as I know other vegetarian and vegans that eat here and this is horrible!

Heidi Moore

Waited 30 plus minutes for a Crunchwrap combo.... When I received it, it was burnt and there tea was disgusting like it wasn’t fresh and then while waiting employees we’re arguing.

Fayth Peffly

Came at 5 on a Sunday to get food and waited inside for 10 minutes and all the workers were in the back and no one greeted us or anything so we left. I’m very disappointed that I could not even order food. It was like they didn’t even care that they had customers. One guy kept coming to the front and then back and he didn’t even say anything. Should’ve said sorry for the wait or something at least! Never going back. Would rate 0 stars if I could.

Jason Reeves

People their really dont seem to concerned about getting your order correct in the drive thru; that has happened twice now! Thats the last time I'm going there! Stay away from this dump!

Erik Bradley

This has to be the worst taco bell I have walked into. Hands down!!!!! Other patrons were complaining about their order taking too long. My order took way too long. I ordered a crispy cheddar chalupa box. It seemed like there was no urgency, and they took all drive-through orders first. Will never return and will not recommend it. The restaurant seemed pretty dirty.

Keith R. Bearman

The new, temporary, Cheddar Chalupa is pretty good for a Taco Bell item. My problem is getting the order correctly done. Earlier this week I got mashed potatoes instead of hot sauce. Today they forgot the large coleslaw that was ordered and paid for. If this unit was not shared w/ KFC we would go to a different one.

Dylan Delong

This is the worst Taco Bell that I have ever gone to. I live within a mile from this location and have been to it a lot of times. The staff there is generally incompetent. They are often times high off their mind. They are extremely slow. They regularly get orders wrong and make the food wrong. The sizes per meal vary greatly from one item to the next, so there is 0 consistency. The staff is also generally rude and quality has considerably declined in the past 4-6 months.

Russell Tatum

I don't expect much from taco bell. But this was one of the worse places. The counter staff is flat out rude, and as slow as they can be. The food if you can call it that is barely warm and has no thought or effort in the preparation. How hard is it to roll a burrito?

Crickett Millette

food is good bit they are not friendly mess up orders

Gregg C.

I live locally to this location and have for 10 years. They never get orders right, especially the drive thru. Tonight I looked into the restaurant and noticed someone handling cooked chicken with no gloves on. If you go into order you have to wait in a filthy dinning room area. The proof is there, check it out for yourself.

clare a.

They gave me the incorrect order THREE times and when I politely asked for a refund after the third time, they never said a word...The manager and cashier never addressed the fact that they were wrong or attempt to apologize.

oksana miller

Went for the kfc not the taco bell, very clean, quick service and good quality food. Definitely will be back again.

E. Kaulfuss

KFC and Taco Bell combo helps ensure that everyone gets what they want.

Lindsey T.

I so wish I had the option for a zero star. This place is just awful. If you don't have 30+ minutes for a "fast-food" restaurant, don't bother. If someone gets behind you, you're trapped, as there is no way to leave the drive-thru lane. They will VERY rudely tell you, after they've trapped you in the drive-thru, that they are "short-staffed". Yeah, not the customer's problem. Also, haven't gotten one hot item that was actually hot. Nothing more nasty than a cold burrito. Please avoid this place if you value your time and money. They are rude, slow, messy, lazy....and did I mention slow and rude? Save time, avoid at all cost.

Andy Giovanni

Straight out of Compton ghetto service. The drive thru is dirty, old and claustrophobic. Taco Bell employees sitting outside on the steps. The food was THE absolute worse Taco Bell I had ever had or known could be that grotesque. The food was sloppy and spilled out everywhere. Tacos were ALL broken and leaking liquids everywhere and all over my rental car. #tacobell #sixforks

joshua stills

Worst taco bell I've been to. Food was so old that wrapper had started falling apart from the grease. Order soft tacos an they gave me crunchy tacos that were soft. Will not revisit this location. Will go to the one on falls of neuse next time.

Margie Smith

Service at this place was awful! If I could give no stars I would There was only 1 person in front of me and he had already ordered. It took me over 10 minutes to get my food a crunchwrap and tea, and the tea was out so I had to ask for that, When I restroom there was an extremely dirty roll of toilet paper on an open holder.

Carla P.

This is the worst fast food and Taco Bell ever. I only come here because it's the closest to my house and I'm hoping it has improved. The line takes forever, even with just a few cars in the drive thru AND nobody inside. It takes close to 30minutes. The last 2 times are ordered a fresco bean Burrito and one time it was only a plain burrito and the second time the fresco salsa was clearly old and slimy and sour, thus I never ate the burrito.

Aphelion 1109

The wait was very long. However, it was dinner time and I do not have unrealistic expectations. I made an error when I ordered, and the staff member was nice enough to make me the correct order on the spot. As far as I'm concerned, he rectified the wait. I do think the wait time does need to be addressed. The food was hot and delicious.

Kenji Batchelor

So drity! Eww. Need clean tables and floor. Jeez!

Stephanie Mills

The wait was very long. However, it was dinner time and I do not have unrealistic expectations. I made an error when I ordered, and the staff member was nice enough to make me the correct order on the spot. As far as I'm concerned, he rectified the wait. I do think the wait time does need to be addressed. The food was hot and delicious.

Heather D.

Every time I am craving Taco Bell or kfc this is the closest one to me. Every single time I am there the drive thru takes 30 freaking minutes to get through!!!! You can sit at the speaker box for 5 minutes before they even acknowledge you're there!!! Slowest service ever!!! Also our orders are rarely correct it's so frustrating to get all the way home and realized they still put refried beans all over my food when I specify I don't like nor want them. Not a easy thing to remove. They always throw the tacos in the bag all over the place so they are always falling apart when you pull them back out and they never offer you any sauce you always have to ask before you leave. Also they tell you their soda machine is broken yet still give you flat soda.... like no thanks! Take it off the bill then... just very disappointed every time I feel like I waste so much of my time, effort and money here and get screwed truly every time. I'm leaving this now because this is the 10th chance we are giving them and my husband is still stuck in that line and said it took them 6 minutes to a answer him and take his order

Jennifer Walton

paid over 25.00 dollars of food .😔 Got home and the lettuce was old and smelled . I wasn't feeding my kids this bad food and didn't get my receipts. I couldn't drive backs no receipt. I gotta let everyone know about this bad 😔 experience

Micah Cochran

Literally trapped here in the drive through for 20min. Listening to the the staff argue is entertaining, but listen. I got the munchies.

Mary Gallagher

I love Taco Bell, this is the closest one to where I work. After a long day of work I have gone here instead of cooking. I won’t go again. The workers are friendly but the food takes toooo long to come out and no one answers the drive thru speaker for a good 3 minutes. I always think the place is closed and then see others getting food in front of me. I worked in fast food for over 5 years and this place is just not fast whatsoever, and it isn’t because we are in the South. Won’t be going back. Shouldn’t consistently take 15 minutes for one soft taco. I could jump over the counter and make it faster myself lol Love T Bell but won’t return to this one. Maybe get rid of the KFC so employees only have one food to focus on.

Kelsey Meredith Fenton

Oh boy . What a mistake going here ... rolled through the drive through ordered a cheese quesadilla and some of those NEW cheeto popcorn chicken nuggets bc why not?!

Taylor Burnett

Every single time we go to taco bell on six forks or on Glenwood the order is WRONG. half of it is what you ordered, the other half is not. The drinks never ever taste good and lately the cinnamon twists have not been crunchy. They don't listen to the details on your order and they make you wait at the window ten literal minutes for one bag. Messy tacos and items falling out of wrappers making it very difficult to eat. Oh but they gave me 28 sauces for four tacos. Probably just going to stop eating at taco Bell for a while, cos they sure don't appreciate our business!!

Sherry Massey

This location is NOT worthy of even one star. I pulled in the drive thru a 9:52. There were three cars ahead of me. Four addition cars followed behind me in line. Two of the three cars ahead placed their orders but there was evidence the line was moving very slow. The car directly in front moves to the intercom. After waiting 5 more minutes, He says “Hello”.

Ivanna G.

Honestly I don't think I should wait 30+ minutes for my food...especially if it's fast food. Customer service isn't all that great either so really I'm just paying for them to waste my time. On top of all that They messed up my order. I rather just not waste my gas coming here and rather spend it by going to a different/better Taco Bell. Never thought Taco Bell could disappoint me, yet here we are

Thomas Manier

15 minutes for a drive through order. Just be a taco Bell or a KFC obviously the employees are not prepared to handle both. Order was accurate and we were charged appropriately but the speed of service was terrible.

Jennifer Turner

Super slow, poor customer service. Their ice machine was broken, drinks were flat, and the order was messed up. Somehow, it was the worst Taco Bell in history, which is really quite a feat. Oh but they gave me 15 sauces for 3 tacos so that helped.

Zoey S.

So so slow! Waiting in the drive through line for 2 items is not worth the amount of time spent sitting. Avoid this stop! They also tend to forget at least one of your items, always check if you do stop here. I understand things happen once in a while but this is consistently happening.

Avegail Evans

I would give this place 4.5-5 stars. This employees seem very kind and they get my food quickly. They cook their food properly and helped me when I first it was my first time eating at Taco Bell. I have no problems with this place.

Michael Bonventre

They have improved a lot since I last visited. It was cleaner and the service was much quicker.