Taco Bell

5434 Six Forks Rd, Raleigh
(919) 781-5458

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Jamie Wilson

The absolute worst of the worst! The service is so slow whether you go through drive thru or go inside. 30 minutes for a 2 piece meal. I'm done with this location.

shannon smith

Stuck in drive through (literally could not leave due to design of building) for almost 25 minutes. Don’t go unless you want to feel as if you are being held hostage.

Logan Dienes

Sweet burrito guys ! ?

Rachel L.

The workers at this Taco Bell are the rudest fast food workers I've ever been in contact with. Like, if you hate your job so much just quit lol. None of the workers were wearing gloves or face masks when we are in the middle of a pandemic and it is required for restaurant workers to wear masks. Every other fast food place including the Taco Bell on Western Blvd has all their employees wearing masks, not sure where these people here got the idea that they are better than that. Won't be coming here again, YUCK.

Cody Hall

The customer service at this location is ATROCIOUS. I sat at the drive-thru speaker for literally five minutes before I got irritated and left. I also pulled to the window afterwards, waited there for two minutes and decided to take my business elsewhere.

Garrett Kipps

Ordered online an hour and a half early to get a Taco Bar ready for pickup. Place was wrapped to the point where i had to do a U-Turn to get in line for the drive through to pick up the order. 20 Minutes later I get to the speaker let them know, and I pull up to expect my order to be ready. It's basically all out Chaos to get a Taco Bar kit thrown together(Kind of why I ordered online).

Melinda W.

Stopped in this Taco Bell/KFC for a quick bite and decided to go in rather than use the drive through. The restroom was very dirty - more like a gas station restroom. I stopped at lunch time but there was only 1 person working the counter. There was a wait to place your order and an even longer wait to receive your food. I had to ask for a cup for my drink. I was glad to get in and get out and do not plan to return.

Nancy Campbell

Worse Taco Bell ever! I consistently have issues when going here. I keep trying to give it a chance, about 6 month intervals. I swing in after a long day, 5:30 am - 9:15 pm, to get something to eat. I sit at drive thru for about 6 min. No one says anything. I say hello several times, no one answer. I pull forward, there is a car at the window. I back up to speaker, try again. Nothing! I end up backing out of the drive thru. As I do, I see 2 employees at counter chatting. This place needs to be shut down! I have been in the NHills community for 10 years and this is the one business in the area that is consistently horrible at customer service!

chris stafford

Taco Bell is a very consistent eating experience. I never go for the new dish they have, I usually stick with the tried and true favorites of tacos. You cant mess those up ever. No matter what location, town, or state you find yourself at, it always works.

Gabby A.

I went earlier tonight and ordered two black bean crunchwrap supremes. Just got home to realize that they both have meat in them which I cannot eat and I'm really disappointed. I spent money to throw my food away. If someone orders something without meat please ensure that is what you give them.

Jennifer Kovalick

Painfully slow every. single. time. and no way to dip out of the drive thru because if it's configuration, so you're stuck.

Prea Noyce

Workers are ratchet and extremely disrespectful, we went through drive through and they didn't put all out stuff in the bag and then we went back through(since the dining are was closed) the woman on the speaker had a attitude with us. There is no communication in the kitchen and no one seems to know how to do their job. But then again that's why they have a 2.9 rating. 9/16/20

Susan Costley

Super friendly and fast service! Timothy is awesome.

Christina Verwoerdt-Solanto

I went to taco bell on 12-27-19. Ordered the crunchwrap meal. Asked for them to put beans in place of meat there was no issue until I started to eat the food. The crunchwrap was bean so I just went to take a bite of the taco. Then a burst of fat from the meat inside the taco went in my mouth. I did not think I had to check this. I am vegetarian for 5 years and never ate red meat since it would make my stomach hurt even when I ate meat before going vegetarian. This is very disappointing as I know other vegetarian and vegans that eat here and this is horrible!

Heidi Moore

Waited 30 plus minutes for a Crunchwrap combo.... When I received it, it was burnt and there tea was disgusting like it wasn’t fresh and then while waiting employees we’re arguing.

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