1332 Jeffreys Rd, Rocky Mount
(252) 442-3525

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Ross Twiddy

Excellent sandwich and nuggets. Parking lot had a funky layout. So busy we had to park in the next shopping center. Good experience and very consistent with brand, will go back again!Food: 5/5

Shields Movers And Staffers, LLC

Great place, just the lines are always too long at the drive thru..Chic filet responded back and advised me that i can always Order ahead using the app and then come and pick it up with that being considered I'm going to change my rating to a five star.

Anthony C

Disappointing experience. The quality of the chicken has gone down hill and this location was filthy. The trash cans were overflowing and tables and high chairs all greasy. This is not the service I have come to expect from chick fil a and I hope this isn’t a trend of worsening service and quality for this chain.

Holly Galbreath

Tom sucks! I asked for a kids 5 piece meal with lemonade and a side salad. I got 5 piece nugget with medium lemonade with a side salad. iPad 11 dollars for a 2 year old meal! I asked Tom what happened he just stood there like I was crazy. I waited 20mins for this little order. I think Tom is rude he talked smack to all employees while I was waiting for 20mins

Jim Nestle

Unfortunately one of the worst experiences at a Chick-fil-A. Busy day. Regardless, fries should be hot and fresh. Unfortunately not today. Also, thankfully we looked through our bag because we were actually shorted 2 large fries. Not a good day for fries.Kid-friendliness: Had a play area for kidsParking: Had some parking spots closed off so wasn't the easiest parking lot and terrible to have to walk through the drive thru to get inside.

Ladybug Bass

Hats off to Faith in the drive thru!A customer in another lane was yelling at her for not taking their order,while we were ordering.She smiles and gracefully took our order with great customer service.She was a great inspiration for how she handled the situation with professionalism.

Tabatha Evans

The line moves fairly fast and the order takers are always friendly. I do wish that they would fill the fries up all the way when you order a large fry. Don't cheat the customers. Same for frosted lemonades.

Caitlyn Mertz

Took multiple orders behind mine causing a huge car backup. Finally took my order after I told them I was still waiting & it was not their pleasure. Slowest Chick-fil-A I’ve ever been to & rudest staff.

j meggs

Where do I start…….I specifically asked for ketchup and as usual it was not in the bag with my food. Then the fries we ordered were old, soggy, and from the bottom, which I expect from bojangles not chic fil a. The lines of were to long for me to go inside and make a complaint, so we just sucked it up..

Yadira Belcourt

Went here today very disappointed in the cobb salad I got wilted disgusting lettuce, and sparsely thrown together.

Miguel Rojas

It's one of the best options for fast food. Attention from its people is very good and I like they hire older people. Food was great, for sure I will take my kids before they visit and M place ever.

Hailey Sibilia

After a long day of driving from Florida my boyfriend and I decided to stop at Chick-fil-A for dinner before going to our hotel we ordered 2 salads as well as a few other things which we had to wait for because they needed to grill more chicken it was a long wait which was fine but when we finally got to our hotel and got ready to eat they didn't include any salad dressing for either of our meals and also included no eating utensils. We didn't check our bag because we had never been let down by Chick-fil-A in the past. Needless to say tonights experience was a disappointment.

Kelsey G.

I ordered ahead of time on the app and it still took 20 min after I arrived. Also - double check that you're getting your sauces at this location! I asked for ketchup, chick fil a sauce and Buffalo... didn't get any of the above.

18 Rebeca Rojas Aldana

It's one of the best options for fast food. Attention from its people is very good and I like they hire older people. Food was great, for sure I will take my kids before they visit and M place ever.

Trina Lester

Pre-covid, Chick-fil-A had good customer service. Post covid, they have set the bar of service to a whole new level. This is probably why I was severely disappointed in my recent visit. I was traveling and had already missed two other Chick-fil-A exits. This particular store is 4.1 miles off the interstate. We stopped for breakfast. They opened at 6 am and we got there at 9.30 am. It is hard to believe the bathroom could be that dirty with no TP in just 3 1/2 hours. I was truly surprised on the overall lack of cleanliness given the number of employees available (including the one in the bathroom who made sure her hair was right while a line was building to wash hands...).I could tell something was off....hate to think this would be a norm.Positive note: there was one employee who was just cheerful, helpful...and I just love the real flowers in vases on every table. Unexpected!

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