D Chill Spot

207E E Thomas St, Rocky Mount
(252) 231-1156

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Tami Smith

I ordered 5 plates yesterday . I was VERY DISAPPOINTED in the food . This place boosts on Cooking authentic food but honestly it's lacking and bland .The oxtails didn't taste like true oxtails more like a cow tail which is a cheaper version . I must say out of the two plates of Cowtails , Stew Chicken and Jerk Chicken ..the jerk chicken was the best . I tried to talk to the owner on FB but he removed my comment so I'm posting here . My chicken legs were huge on the brown Stew looked kinda like dinosaur legs they were so big . Please check who you order from that chicken was full of steroids . I hate to put a bad review BUT if you would've continued my conversation on FB I wouldn't be here .. if I can find out a way to post my plates I will.

Kayla Helms

I came across this restaurant in search of places to eat since I just moved in the area. It was delicious! I enjoyed everything I ate. I ordered to go, it was a easy and simple transaction. Definitely should give them a try. I will for sure go back.

Katrina Jacobs

First time trying today and it’s flat out the best Jamaican food I’ve ever had in the area!! Portion size was was on point .. I felt I got more bang for my buck! It just melts in your mouth and filled with so much flavor. 10/10 highly recommend! Oh yeah let’s not forget the sanitation grade is 100%, I didn’t eat in but the atmosphere was everything will be coming back frequently!

dejah Lewis

The best of the best D you food turn up way up, my curry was top notch I had to get another plate. Yes it’s a relaxing ambience very clean very friendly service very welcoming. Soon come back.

Deatrice Snuggs-McCloud

I chose oxtails, cabbage, rice and peas, macaroni and cheese (not pictured because I had eaten half of it), callaloo, and butter rum cake. AMAZING!!! Definitely authentic Jamaican cuisine. I knew I was in the right place when I saw the 100 sanitation score. Can't wait to go back.

Deatrice Snuggs

Delicious authentic Jamaican cuisine! I chose oxtails, cabbage, macaroni and cheese (not pictured because I had eaten half of it), callaloo, and butter rum cake. AMAZING!!!! The staff and the food were phenomenal and I can't wait to go back. Oh and that sanitation grade....?

Yalonda Roberson

Great service, very clean and nothing but good vibes every time I go there.

LaRonda Clark

The food was great although the service was quite a bit slow. I'm not sure if that was their rush hour or not. We attended for .y niece's graduation dinner and the atmosphere was pretty chill. The staff were pretty nice but just the wait time for the food. My brown stewed chicken was everything! My mother is a great old school southern cook herself and that was her first Jamaican experience. She ordered their fried chicken which took well over 25 minutes to prepare but in hindsight you want your chicken cooked properly and done. My mom is usually picky about other people's food so if she said that the chicken was great AND tasted like hers, then D Chill Spot is where it's at!

courtney williams

Immediately when I walked in I was surprised by the nice space and bar lounge vibe and music! Then when food arrived (surprised that curry goat was readliy available, most Jamaican spots sale out or the dish is only available certain tines)amazed at the taste of oxtail & curry goat combo plate! Taste was like I was in Jamaica frfr! 5STARS! ????

Ashley B.

We never stop at chain restaurants. Sometimes it pays off and this was one of those amazing times it really worked out. My husband and I split the j*** chicken plate and this food was so delicious. I know where to eat in Rocky Mount anytime I pass through!

Sâbir Tâlût

I had j*** chicken with rice, cabbage, and grilled plantains. I was the best chicken I've ever had and I've eaten chicken almost every way you can cook it. The music was great as well

Dalenna D.

My 1st time trying Caribbean food and boyyyy was I blown away! It was delicious!! Flavors were very rich and portion sizes were generous. My husband had the j*** wings and I enjoyed the ox tails. Every piece of meat was fall of the bone and tender. I highly recommend sharing! Just a heads up though- if you are shy to spice, the j*** wings DO have a kick. Strange to say but... the plantains were my favorite part of the meal. Everything was wonderful but those plantains were cooked to PERFECTION. You can't really get that anywhere else. Pair the savory goodness of Caribbean chicken with a can of mango drink and you are set for a beautiful date night. We will definitely be back. :)

Krysten Mere

Sorry I don’t have a pic, we ate it too quick. We got the curry chicken with plain rice, and the brownstew chicken with rice and peas. A side of mac and a chicken soup. The cabbage was delicious as well. I could eat here three meals a day. Absolute ?and the portions are massive. Long live D! ??

Kevin E.

We were visiting in the Wilson/Rocky Mount area. My wife is Jamacian and wanted some real Jamacian food. We were told to check out D Chill Spot. Yes, the food is great and authentic Jamacian. If you are in the area, you must stop by D Chill Spot, highly recommended!

Yves M.

Were we in Rocky Mount participating in a basketball tournament from Raleigh, NC. I am originally from the Caribbean and grew up in New York City, so I am very familiar with Jamaican food. The food was very good, however, be prepared to be served a very healthy dose of rudeness with your meal. To clarify, the women who took our order, and I can only presume is the proprietor, was frankly offensively impolite and ill-mannered. Since my family was excited to try the food, which was good, I strongly considered simply leaving even after we paid! The ladies that brought out our food were pleasant, professional and courteous, which should be the norm when running a business! Caveat Emptor...

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