Dairy Queen Grill & Chill

1321 Benvenue Rd, Rocky Mount
(252) 205-8261

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Karla hernandez

Went to eat with My family last night.I ordered desserts for my kids and forgot to get my daughter some fries went back and later I went back the third time to get some drinks. So one of the girls from drive to took my order she was nice didn’t say a word the other cashier spoke out loud and said she is back again she should have order all at once.first of all I feel like I can go back as many time I want and her job is to take my order.She has the nerves to speak out loud but not say it at my face ? Some of the employees are not all bad but there is some very rude ones.

Margaret Simpson

I have been to this DQ 4 times in 6 weeks. All I can say is... I am glad the food is wonderful, because the service is not good. I waited until I had more than one visit, hoping I had just caught them on a bad day. But it was different people at the front, all were not the most friendly. The food is wonderful, just getting it was a problem.

renata arrington

Had to repeat my simple order (medium carmel sundae with crush peanuts)3 times, and they still got it wrong. Got it remade, it was less ice cream and the ice cream was half way melted my the time I walked from the inside to my car that was parkek directly in front of the door.

Dawn Moss

Great blizzards hot fries and friendly service! It’s nice to see in Rocky Mount :-)

Enlightened Soldier

In the seven dollar meal deal you got a hamburger french fries coke and ice cream! what a bargain and the line was quick. Staff was kind and courteous

Frosty W

The lady at the register (had a "coach" shirt so must have been a shift leader, hopefully not a manager...) was very unfriendly and rude to every person in line including us. They were out of slushies as well as some blizzard flavors, too.

michael bolt

A yum yum get ice cream one of my favorite places however it has poor service staff was like deer in headlights wanted to be somewhere else

Maria U.

The server was very pleasant. However, when we got home, we found that our blizzard only had topping on the first 1/4 of the blizzard. We pretty much paid $6+ for a medium vanilla ice cream. Very disappointing.

Chantea Janes

Every visit something either missing from my order or prepared inaccurately. Last night was no different. Order a $7 cheeseburger meal sprite vanilla sundae but wasn’t given my drink. I was so frustrated and disappointed. Very unprofessional place that’s giving Dairy Queen a bad look. Owners should check in immediately!

Joel Sicko

A really great place to hang out. The food was really good, and the people working there were incredibly friendly. The orders were accurate.

Jason Harrell

The service good in drive through, but the ice cream seemed a little dense, needs to be a little sweeter other than that it’s good!

Robert Bud

Super nice pleasant ? no traffic problem here . It's so pleasant the music is however deranged and dialectic . W

Ben Sheegog

The people were fine just they didn’t take the small effort to put cold fudge in the center, I payed 6 dollars for ice cream that wasn’t even right, do better please.

Amanda Batten

Came her tonight to order with friends. We were ignored by all four workers for the first ten minutes that we were there. Asked someone to take our order, and she walked right past us. Multiple people had to come inside from the drive thru and get their ice cream. I understand short staff and I understand being busy, but what I don’t understand was the lack of customer service. One worker stocked up cakes while watching us stand at the counter. Extremely unprofessional and rude. A waste of time.

Francisco Alfaro

After a long day celebrations with my significant other we decided to swing by Dairy Queen on a relatively slow Wednesday afternoon. When we arrived everything seemed in order the place looks up to par with cleaning and such. However if you’re looking for a place with customer service this is definitely not the one. After scratching our heads for about 20 minutes at the front desk we kindly decided to ask someone for help. We asked a girl for help as soon as we did she responded with a simple “hold on” they seem to be more lost and confused. I don’t know the first thing about running a place like this but I know customer service and there is zero customer service in this place. I highly suggest that if you’re looking for a place for ice cream he look elsewhere.

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