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nikki nichole

I visited this past Wednesday and the food was great! Not to mention the server we had. Chrissy was very polite and met all of our needs. It was our first time eating here and we will be going back. I hope our next waiter is as kind and polite. I know the food will be great! If you are thinking about trying this place like us, give it a go!

Christine Hurst

It is so hard to find a good place to eat with good service. Today my husband and I decided to go out to eat. Choosing Dodge City was a great choice because we met Madison, who was happy and amazing at her job. I will definitely be back. The food was amazing and I couldn't ask for a better person to have as a waitress. Props to Madison and her cooks.

Tammy Joyner

Quon is awesome. Great customer service. I would suggest Dodge city to anyone. I also wanted to say that Leslie is also awesome. My family and I eat there several times a week and they both always take really good care of us and make sure that we have a great visit. They make us feel like family.

Brandon Roberts

We have visited this location many times and have always had a great experience. Matt was our server today. He was excellent. He was very nice and accommodating for my family. He made sure we had everything we needed and did so before we ever had to ask for it.

Alicia Roberson

We stopped for dinner a party of 3. It took 10 min before we were seated as they seemed short staffed. Our waitress Leslie was attentive and was on point. We didn't wait for anything, she seemed to be everywhere assisting others. Great service and hot good food.

Shannon Wilkins

Do not eat here! Rob, young black guy, is incompetent. He’s going to mess up your order. No matter what you’ll end up with a different or incomplete order. There were no straws in the entire restaurant. Three different orders and they were all over cooked or something that wasn’t ordered. Very slow service. Waited 45 minutes for an appetizer alone. He steals tips by giving you incorrect change or withholding your money then acts oblivious to what he’s doing. I’ve been told that locals argue or curse him out regularly. I’ve been to this restaurant once before. The second time, I received the same exact bad service and server. Terrible place. Highly not recommended. Anywhere but Dodge City Steakhouse.

Lex Gacitua

As far as service is concerned it was great. Food, not so much. Presentation and quality lacked in comparison with the price. The restaurant is nice and beautiful inside but tables and presentation of plates were short to be desired. No condiments on tables. Just bare and dirty. Plates came out dirty and with Styrofoam bowls. Why use them. Made the plates look bare and fast foodish. And food appearance was also lacking. Corn looked brown and spoiled, red skin mashed potatoes watery, and steak had no flavor. Which made the taste ok. Food appeared and tasted to be like frozen ready to eat. I had high hopes but highly disappointed.

Erica Cheyenne

I personally did not enjoy my food. I asked for my steak to be well done, and I’ll let pink slide but blood, I couldn’t eat it. Also, looking around my family and I only notice one person working. There were other workers, but they were sitting and playing on their phones which is unprofessional. I later asked our server for his name. (Quan). He took our order and brought our food and beverages out. He gave us everything we needed while attending to other people. We even saw him making a drink for people who sat at a bar, and he was cooking in the back. I don’t know what he makes, but he needs a raise. He was very dedicated.The place overall was clean. And the décor was beautiful.

Muzette Pitchford

I use to love DC but the meal we got was the worst. Salad, baked potato wasn't fresh. We had lobster macaroni & mashed potatoes that were cold and they gave my friend burnt toast. They gotta do better!!

Angie P.

The bartender was the best I've ever had. I had a hamburger steak with mushroom gravy that was cooked to perfection with vegetables and a sweet potato. It was all amazing!

Jennifer W.

I should've just read the reviews. I ordered a medium steak. It came out burned. The dining room was spotless, salad & Hurricane were good. Server was great. But my husband and I both returned our entrees. DODGE DOGE CITY!! Don't bother coming here. This place is just sad. Pictured below: me ordering Outback to go.

Mary P.

I used to live in Rocky Mount, so when I come back to town I like to visit any new restaurants. My son and I decided to try Dodge City Steakhouse tonight. Let me preface by saying that this particular restaurant site has changed hands a few times. My husband and I met there under a different chain restaurant name on our first date. We had a great time and we've been married for 17 years! I was excited to visit the new restaurant many years later with my son to see how things have changed. We live two states away and meet up in Rocky Mount when we can. Due to our schedules on this visit, we met for an early dinner around 6 pm on a Monday. Since it was a Monday, and it's a shared parking lot with other businesses, I didn't think much of the abundance of parking space available when I arrived. Again, due to the early hour, I wasn't concerned that there were only a few other tables occupied. I mean, it's Monday in Rocky Mount, right? Let me tell you, I have been to bad restaurants before, but I've always been able to find at least one redeeming aspect...until now. There was no southerly welcome charm when we arrived. The wait staff actually acted surprised that someone came in to the restaurant and didn't seem entirely confident on what to do so I assumed "new"? There were flies buzzing all around us. Other than that, the restaurant looked eerily no one's been there in awhile. One odd thing that struck me was that there was NOTHING on any of the many unoccupied tables. No s&p shakers, no table swag...nothing. Welcoming, right? When they brought the menus, I couldn't believe it. Not only were they torn, but falling apart in my hands. My son's was as well. They were also so worn through I couldn't read some of the menu items. I asked about available wines as there was nothing noted on the menu and no wine list provided. It's a steakhouse so I assumed wine was a given, right? Our waiter said he'd have to check as they were out of several. I said just give me any house red. I was happy that it was a decent cab because I needed 2 to get through this meal. By the way, our waiter was very sweet but was obviously very new and not adequately trained. He just needs someone to show him how it's supposed to be done and he'll be awesome. On to the meal; I ordered one of their special steak dishes, the "Deputy Marshall Steak Sizzler". It came with roasted potatoes and a house salad and it sounded delicious. However, I'm watching my carbs so I was only planning to try a couple bites of potato and offer the rest to my son. Before the entree, I was served my salad. The produce looked good but the lettuce was second grade at best and there were no tomatoes. The ranch dressing tasted liked slightly flavored mayonnaise. I did mention there were no s&p shakers right? I didn't see the waiter again for awhile to ask for some so my salad was a little too bland to eat. On to the entree: I don't know what poor soul my cut of beef came from but it was nothing but sinew and grissle. In addition, medium rare must mean completely raw in the middle and very well done on the ends to the "chef". It's probably not the cooks fault though. It could just be they only have poor quality cuts cut to work with or maybe they were previously frozen. I can forgive the meat...almost... The steak was sitting on a bed of "roasted" potatoes and peppers. The vegetables were a slimy oily mess. I did try to eat some but I really couldn't. I did think about saying something to management, but didn't see anyone to talk to until after our meal was done. At that point, I realized anything I had to say has already been said. As I looked around the restaurant I could see that only one other table had been seated since our arrival. I guess Rocky Mount has already weighed in on this placed and I should have checked with my RM friends first! LOL

Zaniety P.

i went to this restaurant on March 11 2020 i got food poisoning what I ordered was a burger with fries and the next day i felt horrible

Dan H.

This was my second visit to Dodge City Steakhouse. The first visit was a disaster. This visit was no better. I went in with positive attitude and an empty stomach with higher expectations. Boy was I duked again! Seems like the bartender lady is the only one working here. She is no stop meanwhile I counted 6 other employees just screwing off in the shadows. They have a serious lack of management going on here. I ordered the chili as a starter and the Doc Adam's NY strip with the green beans and rice pilaf as my sides. The steak at Golden Corral is a much better cut of meat and taste. The beans were cold and dry and the rice was so old that it was hard. The chili never came out so I had them take it off the order. I ate the steak because I was hungry but sent everything back. The bartender didn't even ask if everything was ok not that I really expected her to. $30.36 wasted. I will never again come here. I just had to get it out of my system. Now it's a sure thing.... This place is no bueno. Even the guy sitting next to me at the bar said the he would never return. 2 stars because the dining area was clean and the bartender was friendly.

Michael B

I came out last night to celebrate my brother's birthday. We had 7-8 people all together. It only took 10-15 for the hostess to set the table up and we were seated. We were greeted right away with, what my wife called, the most beautiful smile a man can have. That didn't hurt me at all. Lol. His name is John. He got our drinks and some of those awesome rolls he just took out of the oven. Once everyone got there, he got drinks out and more rolls for everyone. We got some appetizers that came out well before the food (which is the way it should be that most do not understand) and then the food came. It was all delicious. My steak was cooked perfectly and John made sure that our drinks were full the whole time and even waited until we cut into our steaks to make sure they were done right. They all were. My daughter, who is 26 btw John, kept asking him all types of questions about how things are pronounced. In which he'd always gave a hilarious antidote reply to that had her balling laughing. And all of us. We could tell he was really busy, but made us feel like we were the only ones in the restaurant. At the end when we were about to serve my brother and the rest his birthday cake, I asked him do you guys sing happy birthday. Quietly in his ear so my brother didn't hear. His response was "well, they may not. But I will." And then asked everyone are they ready and counted down and lead the happy birthday song. You cant buy experiences like that. Especially in these trying times. He left us all with a smile on our face and a very full stomach. And left my daughter with rosey red cheeks. Lol. Overall, this was the best experience we all have ever had at a resturaunt. Thank you to the cooks, the manager, who he said was Mike I believe. And to John. The best server ever. We will definitely be back. My daughter's birthday is coming up soon and she says she wants to eat there for her's, too. Only if that "handsome guy with the rugged beard" waits on us. Evidently rugged is good now a days. Thanks again John and the whole team at Dodge City of Rocky Mount. Btw, we live in Greenville. My brother and wife stay in Rocky Mount. But we'll definitely make the trip.?

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Dodge City Steakhouse Rocky Mount

1457 Benvenue Rd, Rocky Mount, NC 27804
(252) 442-3824