Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse Sushi Bar

191 S Wesleyan Blvd, Rocky Mount
(252) 984-0888

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Madalyn File

Ordered food for delivery which took 2 hours to arrive. Order was missing dressing for the salad and extra yum yum sauce that was paid for. The food had no flavor at all. Portion size was also much smaller than normal. Spent over $50 on one plate of food and was highly disappointed.

Marketta Pender

Was in Rocky Mount celebrating my son's birthday with friends. When we first sat down asked the waiter for Sushi menus, he caught a little attitude. After he gave us the menus he also gave us each a ticket to fill out of the sushi we wanted. We ordered sushi on different tickets. When the sushi came out it was on one plate. Asked the waiter if he had given us the right order, he said yes we asked why would we fill out different tickets to have it on the same plate. We asked him if we could get our food on separate plates, he grabbed the plate walked away and called us “dick heads”. Asked for manager when the manager came she gave us 2 coupons for free appetizers up to $5.95. When we received the check she did discount it for $8. Even though everyone else was pleasant, I will never visit again to be disrespected.

Cynthia Battle

Ate here today and the cook was late, then he came to the table rushing to cook the food. The food was not done and it tasted very nasty. The manager on duty was very unprofessional and smart mouth with and attitude. I have eaten here several times and never had a problem until now. I will not be eating there anymore. Everyone at the table was not satisfied at all.

Dreaming P.

Great restaurant in a convenient location! They make the best food and great entertainment, and the food is full of flavor. I like all their teppan and sushi, and they taste delicious and also great for take out to eat hours later. I totally love the savory flavor of the food, and their sushis give refreshing flavor and texture. Their rolls are top notch, and I was shocked to see their pricing. I am used to paying whole lot more than what this place charges, yet this place tastes significantly better. The service was awesome, and the place is kept tidy. Seriously a must try place!

Aviela Yah

First I want to start by saying the chefs were super amazing and if it were not for the food this would totally be a negative zero for Stars now with that being said this was my first time ever coming to this restaurant which I thought would be nice for a night out with me and my love well my waitress and I don't know her name of which looks like a older Hispanic woman who drew on her eyebrows was so rude to me and my partner totally ignored us the entire night barely brought drinks and I want to say was being extremely racist because we were the only black couple at the table decided to ask for a tip and at the time my hubby did not have any change but we just ultimately decided not to give it to her because she was so rude to us all night and never really served us so she began to talk about us right in front of us to the other set of people sitting right next to me so I just let her know that yeah you're not getting a tip if you're rude and disrespectful and more so racist in this day and time I really wish people would understand it is 2022 and this has got to end

Haley Michelle

Placed an online order, Asked about the order and was reassured that it would be ready in a few. Came back in after about 30 minutes, and then I was told that there was no order under my first name. Turns out (after all of this waiting and hassle, someone had put the ticket under my last name only.. And spelled it wrong.) Unnecessary waiting, cold food, And the filet mignon & shrimp were both over cooked. First time here and probably the last.

Amol More

Japanese steakhouse in the town. Nice place for dinner to go with Family and Friends. I got Hot Chicken and they made it very perfect. They serve Noodles, Salad, Egg Rice along with Main course. The special thing about this restaurant which make it different than other restaurants is they prepare your food in front of you. Food is very tasty. The quantity is enough for dine in and carry out. Chef’s ?‍? are very entertaining over here. The rates are increased after this COVID situation. But worth to visit.

Jaquelin Reyna

I go in there with my family for my birthday and the boys love it because of the show with the fire on the stove and we sat and waited for 15 or 20 minutes to get seated and once we get seated we are sitting off to the side because they called another family to sit at the table before us and they zoomed to the table but we mentioned it was my birthday and so why did we not get priority since we came to celebrate my birthday at your restaurant? When I could've gone somewhere else instead we came to this place and when I politely asked to be moved to another table so me and the kids could be in front and get a good look at the cook but instead they said we would be put in the back of the waiting line and wait about 30 to 45 minutes for a table and that there was nothing else they could do, like we didn't just wait 20 minutes LIKE ANY OTHER customer to get seated. I assumed that when mentioning your birthday you would be treated a little bit more special since it was my birthday and we decided to come celebrate and spend money at their restaurant and are very great tippers, I must add. I wanted to leave so bad because they were slightly rude about it like my birthday was not special at all, like I wasn't a valued customer and I kept getting stared at by the manager and the front girl like they were upset i even asked to be moved to another table. I won't come to celebrate a birthday there ever again. But the food is good. But the service is not the greatest. Very disappointing, seeing as their manager was caught doing something not very godly and she couldn't even get me my own table or not own table but at the very least in front of the cook for my birthday. Anyway maybe we'll try again when they place another manager in place.

Miriam Hernandez

Always a fun experience here. I highly recommend to go here for birthdays. I got the chicken hibachi, and it was great. Our chef was very entertaining, and got all of our orders correct. Would go back again.

Justin Bass

Been a while since I've been here, had a wonderful time. Food was on point and the show was good too!

Satonya Gonzales

Our friends birthday dinner,the cook was entertaining and the food very delicious. You always leave full and with carryout.

Tiffany Davis

The dine-in atmosphere, food (loved the carrots), & customer service was good. We did express minor concerns to our server which she handled respectfully & professionally. Plus, they gave us 20% off without our asking. I will return!

Eugene Muse

I can't speak on the Hibachi, but the sushi bar is excellent. To my wife and I, Ichiban has the best sushi we've eaten anywhere in North Carolina. The fish is always nice and fresh and the chef's special rolls are all amazing. Add some warm saki and a cold Asahi and you will have a great meal!

Nick B.

Cook was great food was prepared authentic cook had a great attitude evening though he had to work a double had great humor plates were over pack with food,Waiter could have been more presentable an more accommodating an sometimes u have to make the price of food visible even though it was a great experience I would bring more people but at that price it will only be 2 due to my cook James I will be back

Doris Hill

The food was wonderful the service was great the waiters were polite nice place to eat expensive but nice place to eat

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Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse Sushi Bar

191 S Wesleyan Blvd, Rocky Mount, NC 27804
(252) 984-0888