1211 E Raleigh Blvd, Rocky Mount
(252) 446-6102

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Erica Shevella

Took them 35 minutes to bring my food they had to remake it b/c they guy gave my order to someone elseService: 1/5

Ashley S

Place an order & it’s always wrong half to go back in & the workers catch an attitude like it’s my fault y’all can’t get my order correct don’t like ur job then quit bc y’all don’t do anything anyways, it’s always something wrong with my order & who has the gas to be waisted to be driving to another place. but I will give one guy 10000000% respect his name is Omari he was a really sweet worker & he kept apologizing for my order when I told him it wasn’t his fault & he said he would be right back & he did it in a timely manner, he was so respectful & deserves a raise bc $10 ain’t enough when u have a wonderful worker who’s good at going his job & didn’t even have an attitude like most people who work there that young man deserves a raise bc he was the sweetest & treated us with respect, now idk who the other girl is who brought my first order out but she needs an attitude check but Omari THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Julie Protz

Drive thru was fast friendly and got my mobile order rightFood: 4/5

Chris Beckman

Oh man, where to start.First the drive through order system was not reporting to the screens, either of them. The lady taking the orders was having a complete conversation on the other side and none of it made any sense. She asked us for our order about 6 times, it wasn’t complicated. 3 kids meals and 2 regular meals.Second, we went inside for the restrooms and I had my little girl with me and she was going to come with me to the men’s room, it was out of toilet paper and the dispenser was falling off the wall. We went to the register and I informed them that didn’t have any toilet paper for the men’s room and my little girl needed to go. The cashier “let someone know” and I stood there for a few more minutes with zero interaction. Finally I just knocked on the ladies room door and let her go in and kinda hoped for the best.After about 10min it had still not been restocked.Third, we finally get ready to eat and the adult meals were missing the fries. I went inside again and they brought out 1 medium fries, then I said there was still more missing and they brought it out. I had to ask for ketchup as well because it was not offered on pick up.Everyone, and I mean everyone working at this location that I interacted with seemed lethargic and somewhere else.There were cars “pulled ahead” at the drive through for 15 minutes waiting on food. It was crazy.Also the sanitation grade was covered by the table markers so I couldn’t see what it was… I’m kinda afraid to know. Corporate McDonalds needs to do a random inspection here.

Nikki Shaw

The floor was covered in grease from entrance to restroom obviously making it very slippery. Took my daughter to the large stall in the restroom and the toilet paper holder fell off the wall and smashed my ankle. Tired to order food for kids and nothing worked to order. Poorly run and disgustingly maintained!Service: 1/5

Samya Rogers

EVERY time I come y'all always saying the ice cream machine broke!!! GET IT FIXED THEN or stop lying and just say y'all cleaned the machine EARLY.

Wahsf Sahebzada

Just a mess, staff is totally unorganized. People coming in left and right for wrong orders. Last place I want to be right after work. And took them about 15 minutes to even take my order. PATHETICFood: 4/5

LaNeviyah Davis

I sat outside for 1 hour still no fuvking food they need to just go out of business atp

Kristin Elizabeth Gotta

I came from Fayetteville as a crew leader now I work here and it’s awesome the management is great and the employees are nice, we are understaffed but we always try to do the best thing for our customers.

Natalie Morris

I can't believe this place is actually serving the public. I ordered a cheeseburger and fries for my kid. The cashier was very rude,she asked me several times to change my order because they didn't have the baaic McDonald stuff like nuggets,ice cream, the mcflurry or chicken for the chicken sandwich. And it was only 3pm. Never again!!! ?


Very clean place! All the employees are super nice which is hard to come by at McDonald’s nowadays. Very nice atmosphereFood: 5/5


You know what you get when going to McDonald's. The food is very average, and it's ridiculously salty. But the main reason for rating 2 stars is the ordering kiosks. It would not let us remove items from the order, so we had to restart the order. Very annoying.

Belinda Vannall

They seem to take care if the drive through line before the people that come inside

Queen V

Now i know the managers they work hard goose Monica Ann but there workers have attitudes I'm the right person for that those old folks don't know how to use that kiosk machine just hire someone to stand there and take orders and one person for door dash the young people always on there phone pants hanging down cigarettes breaks don't wash hands drive thru only get attention just forget about everybody else .Don't nothing be wrong with ice cream machine they just don't clean it .Workers don't come to work so of course doors locked at 6pm


They all acted like they was doing me a favor, always don't have somethingFood: 3/5

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