10577 NC-97, Rocky Mount
(252) 446-4448

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Dina L.

skinny middle-aged brown haired lady left a strand of her hair in my sub, couldnt enjoy my lunch . meatballs were cold like??? went back for dinner next day and got better service though

Kalie Tyndall

Great employees, super nice everytime I go in.

Butch Moss

This location staff is very unfriendly, never speak or smile. The only time they are friendly is when owners are there...

Latoya Braswell

There are a couple of girls here that have a very nasty attitude. One of the girls with the blue hair took my order acted like I had germs or something. Pushed my sub to me like I had germs. Acted really snappy and had an attitude. This particular subway has had people with attitude problems.

Dale Ellis

Today I went to Subway I go there one to three times a week. And every time I go there I leave there irritated. The food is fine the place is nice but the employees are disgusting. They come out with a dirty look on their face like they’re mad at the world. Today the little blonde that waited on me is always snotty acting, the other girl with dark hair that ring me up was neutral I can’t complain about her but I said to her why do you always look like you’re so sad or mad you never smile. Her response was; well it’s hard on us it’s just hard for us. I said I just can’t imagine it’s your job you need to learn to smile and greet people and be decent acting . Of course I got no response to that. That store has lost my business because of those two employees that need to be fired.

Brittany Avery

Got to Subway at 8:35. Door was locked and they refused to let me in. That’s fine but don’t have it closed at 9 if you stop serving customers at 8:30 . Wasted gas and time tonight.

Mike Edmondson

Its subway what more can ya say

Kelly Joyner

Perfect service and food

sidney kassner

Today we went to subway by Foodlion on 97 in Rocky mount / Sharpsburg orders 2 coldcuts and a chicken Bacon Ranch protein bowl when we got hm we noticed the young lady / girl with the fake eyelashes, who made it did not put any Ranch in on it What kind of mess is that. This was around 7 pm on 9-9-21

James Joyner

Great service. Friendly people.

Guidonthief G.

Veggies were old and wilted. They gave us half the normal meat. Meatballs were refrigerator cold.

Tammy W

The guy that took care of us was great! The store was extremely busy and he went right along with it taking care of us and other customers. Then a lady behind us started giving her server a hard time about the price she was going to be charged, so he spoke up and tried to explain to her that what she was ordering was different than what she ordered last trip so of course the price would be different. Well you know there is always that one person who cant comprehend and just has to make a scene... Anyway, long story short he kept his cool, handled her and checked us out with no problems. I'm thinking about going back and offering him a job!

Esther Joyner

Great service. Friendly people.

Sharon Cheek-Horne


Darlene Kassner

Close so convenient, my family agrees on choices, and saves me from cooking some on rushed evenings!

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