Taco Bell

2644 Sunset Ave, Rocky Mount
(252) 443-0747

Recent Reviews

Vish Adepu

I was at bucees next door but I was craving for taco, I used their drive thru served right and timely fashion! Good luck

Shamika Gardner

I have experienced too many occasions where my food is wrong and have to drive all the way back to make it right or just eat what was mistakenly put in my bag ?Food: 3/5

Inge Joyner

Food was hot and delicious. Service was fast and server was polite and friendly with a smile.

Soft corduroy

This location ALWAYS forgets something and the line moves very slow when busy. 15-20 mins is expected when busy. Food is made well and lobby is always clean.Food: 4/5

sidney kassner

No dine in after 7pm-9pm tried to dine in but they never unlocked the door for atleast 15 people. 11 of them where my family.Food: 3/5

Bobbi-Jo Desrochers

Yhe food was made the way we wanted and it was fresh and everyone was friendlyFood: 5/5

James Taylor

Funniest and nicest staff that I have had in a while. I wanted to have an item but four members were questioning my choice because of the sauce. They gave me a chance to try the sauce and I shocked them by finding it as ok. They gave me a good laugh. I got the nacho fries and they were good. My chalupa was good and so I would come back.

Melvin L. Dsvis,Sr.

This drop in point rating is due lack of long range planning to keep mild packs of sauce on hand(a stand item that is requested daily/ all day! Thank you for your attention to this matter! Melvin.

Cheryl Bowser

I haven't had a bad experience with them yet. The food not really all that good. But they have wonderful customers services

Yael Garcia

Americanize tacos good if you want to pretend you had mexican food but are scared of spices and herbs.

Phil Eggtree

Absolutely horrible customer service they forgot food in my bag and refuse to bring it out made me go through the drive-thru again

Heather Eans Gayeski

One of the staff started talking to customers and making fun of me when they thought I was in the bathroom. So I walked out and left my phone made order before they finished my order making and went elsewhere. Money was not returned. They reported they gave me the order to my app. Even though I canceled the order on my phone prior to leaving taco bell bathroom.

Donna Smith

Tacos have got really expensive lately but very past service and sweet girl at the drive-thru.

Jennifer Beck

After a mobile order mishap, the manager Aundrey was more than willing to help and found a solution for us. I will only use this location from now on. Over all every employee there was friendly and respectful. 10/10 experience.

ciera johnson

This Taco Bell is very bad to I ordered a bean burrito add beef and extra sour cream I have none of that not even lettuce or tomatoes

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