Taco Bell

1451 Benvenue Rd, Rocky Mount
(252) 557-9215

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tiara davis

I never have sauce in the bag and my food is always cold don’t even know why I keep coming back they don’t speak poor service it late and don’t even feel like coming back out if that’s the case I should have just made it if things would be missing and it’s barely any meat and I paid 10$

Caleb & Applejacks

Best Taco Bell I’ve ever been to, no joke. All of my items were correct, nice and stuffed, and rolled well. The service was awesome and the drive thru associate was super nice!

Kenneth Martin

Two of the meals were missing items (beans and lettuce on the other) and sizes pale in comparison to the restaurant I just had the same dish down in Jacksonville. And the shrimp need to be seasoned with diablo not swimming in the soup.

James Davis

Good Tacos. Not enough Bells. 4/5Vegetarian options: Best Vegetarian Fast Food

Stacey P.

We're on a long drive and appreciate this location for its cleanliness and friendly staff. We had a complicated order, it was served correctly, and a staff member came to the table to make sure we had everything we ordered. 10 out of 10.

Nancy Allen

This location is clean! The people working here have manners and are polite. We will definitely come back to this location.

Jesus R.

Taco Bell on Benvenue need to get better employees. For the past two times that I've came here, they have managed to screwed up my orders. First time I ordered beef and gotten chicken, even when the order and receipt clearly read beef . Today they didn't give me a hard taco with one of my order and I ordered no sour cream and guess what they put sour cream, I ordered no cheese and guess what they had cheese, I ordered a quesadilla for my daughter and guess what I didn't get it. They gave me something completely different, sour cream, lettuce and tomato on a flour tortilla how in the world do they manage to screw it up only they would know. What's the point in ordering and them asking you to verify if the order is correct if they aren't going to make the order right. Come on guys I know you guys have a bunch on kids working there but we can do a better job in training them.

Jakelvis Jones

Was good with a good looking restaurant with good people especially the cashier

Becky Henry

High rating! 98.5 clean restaurant

Veruca Moon

This is a fantastic taco bell. They got my very complicated order perfectly right. Everything was fresh and the employees were friendly. The last time I went I was asked what kind of sauce I wanted and when I drove around to park and check the bag I didn't receive sauce or napkins. But they were so busy it was not worth my time or theirs for me to go in and ask. I had napkins in the car anyways. Other than that time I've always got napkins and the sauce I asked for.

Robb G

Power bowl the bowl shrunk but it was still good

Natasha Pittman

Didn't have the chicken wings that I want to try

Philip McCauley

I know it’s fast food but why can’t it be QUALITY Fast Food?? Why rush and make a poor product spend 30 more seconds and do it right!

Thomas Rizzo

Food was pretty good, service was friendly

Donna Futrell

The person that took our order was very nice . Food was also good

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