Mi Casita Spring Lake

1214 N Bragg Blvd, Spring Lake
(910) 436-5003

Recent Reviews

Dr. M

Amazing the food was really well prepared they gave all the trimmings timely kind staff five stars all the way!

Sherri Levesque

Good food, great service. Super fast. Would recommend everytime.

Katie Mitchell

Great food! Huge portions. The cheese sauce was delicious! Waitress was really friendly. We would go here again!

Rodney Burton

Thier steak and shrimp was nasty and tasted like it was frozen burnt and there was absolutely no seasoning to it. Pretty much, it look like the steak was cooked directly in thick milk with no flavor, not even salt. The shrimp was like a fish socked sponge. I gave a 2 star because my kids ate thier meal and the waitress was super nice. Also the chips and salsa was on point. I should have got a clue when they were not busy during peak dinner times.

Nick Long

Is got all the basic Mexican American fare. And its great service!

Melanie Wheeler

I have visited several Mi Casita locations but I was not pleased with this one. I have ordered to go from here but this was the 1st time dining in and it will be our last. They were short staff so I tried to be understanding but my patience was running thin. They seated us and got our drink order. Drinks came and we still sat waiting to order. First then EVERY Mexican restaurant give you is chips and salsa which we finally had to ask for. Once that came we had to ask if someone could take our order. We ordered a sampler appetizer (it was below average) which came out quickly but weren't given any plates to put out food on. We had to wait for someone to come by again so we could ask for plates AND silverware. Their margaritas are usually good but the peach taste like straight juice. I'm a lightweight when it comes to drinking and I felt absolutely nothing from that drink. At this point, I just wanted the check and to get the heck out of there. If you're going to Mi Casitas, go to one of the other locations.

Chandler Hallow

Always good service and nice staff too.... I love eating there and so does my family.

Eunice Hoefling

Super fast even during a busy lunch time! Food was delicious!

Michael Morgan

Great staff love everything food is amazing

Erika Jackson

I really thought the waiter that took our order was really rude. Poor customer service.

john roberson

I went to here becuaee ofnthe convegence of the location and it was a micasita and you know ywhat they say if you ve been to mi casita then youve been to mocasita the aszteca burto is god

Mira elm

I was excited to go to mi casita as it has never disappointed me, u til now. I asked for a well done steak, well, my steak practically mooed it wasn’t cooked at all. The beans were literally the most situating part of the meal as it looked like it was popped from a can. My sons taco was basically all grease with cheese and the service was horrific. I sat there 20 mintues without anyone asking me how I was doing or if I needed anything. I flagged down my waiter 5 times before I got a glance and even then no response. I’m appalled by the service and food here. I would stay away from this one if I were you.

Cam Milky

The food is always absolutely delicious, atmosphere is authentic, and prices are great. Is usually a go to place for some authentic Mexican food! Chips and salsa are always on point and endless as well!

John Guinnane

Great food, fast friendly service, and great salsa! We have gone to a number of the Mexican cuisine restaurants around Fort Bragg, but this has been the most consistently great one. It is needless to say this is our new favorite and the flavor of the food brings me back to great home cooked food. The atmosphere is great, music and decor add to the experience. Latrines were better than most, but I didn't go for the latrines. The people, atmosphere, and the flavors are what keep us coming back.


Love Mi Casita's!!! The food is great, service impeccable.... Eat there regularly...

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