P D Quix

1105 N Bragg Blvd, Spring Lake
(910) 497-4898

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Trenttney Thompson

Old favorite. Will always be my go to. Family loves it. Fries are amazing! Their like Chick-fil-A on crack! ? Amazing! Great prices. ?

keith rafalko

Driving from Greensboro to Wilmington we stopped at this location because it looked different and we never heard of it or had it. Man, those seasoned waffle fries were outstanding, the burger was tasty and my daughter loved the nuggets. Wish we had one in Greensboro. Even looked up to see if they franchise but privately owned. Kudos to the owner.


Absolutely AWESOME establishment!!! The guy at the drive-through was super cool and got our food out in an instant. Not only was the burger obviously freshly cooked, the fries were delicious and hot too. I hope they will make one of these near our area soon, cause DANG!

Just Inked & Cruisin'

Let's start off with the drink they didn't have dr. Pepper but I guess Mr. Pibb will suffice. But they filled my cup to the top with ice so after four solid sips it's empty. Fries were pretty tasty almost reminded me of bowling alley style seasoning on a waffle style fry. I ordered a number seven without jalapenos and The burger itself tasted like the wet version Alpo dog food( only reason I know is I tasted it as a kid) with pepper jack cheese guaranteed to give you the bubble guts. So in the evening when you're snuggling with your boo turn your butt to the outside of the bed LMAO

PinkOwlJr 123

Love our PDQ foods always delicious!! And crew are Awesome!! We eat here daily during the week!!

Timothy Hill

Good fast food. Better than the big chains.

Erin Nunnya

I just left from there and I'm sad I didn't go ahead and get 2 orders because it was so good! Everything was freshly made, the fries were perfectly seasoned, and the staff was courteous. The price was amazing as always. Keep up the good work.

Jeremy Figueroa

One of the best little burger spots in town!! Quality food always fresh, and not to greasy. Simple menu, and great customer service, also they offer a military discount. I'd give it more stars, a shame that there's not more of this franchise elsewhere.

Austin Patton-Lee

Absolutely delicious, my husband and I constantly drive past and always are curious so we decided to try it. Amazing fresh food and awesome shakes. Also very reasonably priced. We found a new favorite place

Ty Q

Great customer service, outstanding presentation, and received our order in a timely manner. Everything was fresh and delicious! Keep up the great service!

Rosa Sanchez

Stopped by super quick to get a quick bite. I ordered the #1 with a side a fries and a drink.Loved their Cajun waffles fries- they were hot and crispy. The burger was delicious! Very great quality compared to other fast food restaurants. The staff was super friendly and helpful! I highly recommend you trying their fries.

Eric El camionero salvadoreño

I went there for the first time two days ago the burger was so good I went back yesterday!! awesome place and fast service!! I literally had my order in my hand before I even got my change LOL..... as a local truck driver is hard for us to find a good spot to go and eat where we can get in and out of the parking lot nice big lot behind them where you can easily turn around do whatever you need to do to get in and out with an 18-wheeler

Matt Thewes

Amazing quick service. After I ordered and paid (walkup order) I went to walk away and wait and they said her you go. I prefer over McDonald's and BK. The fries are like Chick-fil-A (waffle style) but with season salt.

wedfordjdh he hrhrus sherlock

The food here is so good.. gotta try the sweet potato fries

Big Lock

The food here is so good.. gotta try the sweet potato fries

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